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MY BOYFRIEND ISN’T DEAD YET? [] Funny Friday Videos #51

(Funny Friday Videos #51) MY BOYFRIEND ISN’T DEAD YET?
(Funny Friday Videos #51) MY BOYFRIEND ISN’T DEAD YET?
(Funny Friday Videos #51) Let me ask you something, Uncle Rizzo: On which day does domestic violence
peak in the United States? The answer will probably surprise you,
and I will have that answer here for you shortly. In the meantime, Cream Puff,
please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Bits of Real Panther
and I would like to thank each and every one
of you super tubu-licious people for making it by for another episode of
the “Funny Friday Videos #51.” Funny Friday Joke of the Day #51! As you may or may not have noticed,
we find ourselves in a new place of business here. The proprietor, an elderly woman with very few teeth, gave me a great deal on the rent here. She did say something about a “special
arrangement” and kind of winked at me a little bit. I’m not sure what that’s all about, but hey, the money was good
so I’m not gonna complain. Anyway, with that aside,we’ve got all of these things coming your direction — with a few changes — so go ahead and sit back and let’s get
the show started with the “Winner of the WeAk.” Today’s Winner of the WeAk is actually winners of the weAk: a Spanish mother and daughter. The mother was apparently swindled by her boyfriend out of a large sum of money. Naturally, she conspired with her daughter’s husband
to have the man killed and then to sell his organs
on the black market to recoup her losses. What could possibly go wrong with a plan like that? The daughter’s husband took the money and vanished. Tired of being cheated, the mother and daughter went
to the police to report that the hitman they had hired
had failed to carry out the crime that they had paid for. I’m gonna repeat that part… They went to the police to tell them that
the man they had hired to murder somebody
had not murdered that person! [Wow, what dumbass criminals!] As is probably a surprise to no one here,
the police arrested the two women
and they are now awaiting trial. Good job, Spanish mother and daughter!
You guys are today’s Winners of the WeAk! New Section:
YouTube Tips and Tricks for Beginners We now find ourselves smack dab in the middle
of a brand new section of the show known as
the “YouTube tips and tricks for beginners” — just a little portion where I share with you the little bit of knowledge that I have concerning the YouTube process. In today’s video we’re going to explore:
EDITING. Now I’ve seen a lot of videos where
people will be talking and they will cut and paste and splice this part with this part with this part. And then what happens is you wind up with this very weird, twitchy, jittery thing. What you should do what you is,
whenever you splice two portions of video together,
use pans and zoom effects to offset the video’s focus (i.e. the speaker, i.e. you), thereby negating that weird twitchy look that you get. Funny Friday Videos Fun Fact of the Day:
the longest carrot on record measured 17 feet in length! Consider yourself smarter! Now there is a piece of information
to share around the water cooler. Anyway there, Rocket Man,
at the beginning of this video I asked you on which day does domestic violence
peak in the United States? The answer: Super Bowl Sunday!
That is right, the great American holiday. Anyway, Donatello, if you enjoy content of this kind, please consider popping that subscribe button and then you can be the smartest, funniest,
and most handsome person that you know of! Lastly I’m gonna give you a little joke. When I deliver to you the punchline of that joke,
please do me that solid of posting a numeric rating on
a scale of 0 through 5 in the comment section below. OK there, are you buckled in? Are you ready for the joke? Funny Joke of the Day! Joke of the Day 2019 Funny Friday Videos #51 I walk into the gym and saw a number of
very, very attractive women working out. So I asked one of the trainers, “Hey, which machine here should I use
to most impress the ladies?” He replied, “Try the ATM in the lobby.” Please rate this joke below and have yourself
a most, most excellent Friday indeed, friend!

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  1. Always a great video with you. Really enjoyed this video. Keep them videos coming. Hope you have a great week.

  2. MY BOYFRIEND ISN’T DEAD YET? [] Funny Friday Videos #51

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    Today’s video:

    MY BOYFRIEND ISN’T DEAD YET? (Funny Friday Videos #51)

    The Winner of the WeAk:

    Spanish mother and daughter reported their own foiled murder scheme

    YouTube Tips and Tricks For Beginners:

    Editing Zooms and Pans

    The Fun Fact of the Day:

    World’s longest carrot

    The Funny Joke of the Day:

    Please rate this joke on a scale of 0 through 5

    Episode #51 of the “Funny Friday Videos” #funny #joke video series. I spent much more time in laying out a new template for this series, though my hope is to shorten the overall editing length for each of the videos in this series to around 3 to 4 minutes. Also, I’m working to substantively reduce the time I spend on the videos in this series, so I can resume (hopefully starting next month) more Monday (or maybe Tuesday) content that might actually re-ignite my channel’s growth.

    And along the lines of editing, I used the video here as a kind of “bare-bones” guide for the adding of special effects, etc., to help me ferret out something of the ridiculously-long editing effects that yielded only very subtle “things” in some of the former videos that most people probably didn’t notice anyway.

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    Long naps with 2 purring cats

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  3. Awesome video as always man! The winners of the week is insane! How high were they? I like the YT tips & tricks segment of the show. I'm sure it'll help a lot of us youtubers watching your content. I don't quite understand what Super Bowl Sunday has to do with domestic violence. Haha! The joke was pretty funny actually! Here's 5 / 5 from me! Have a nice day! 🙂

  4. Omg 😂 the winners of the week YT tips and tricks very useful 17ft carrot 😀 SuperBowl Sunday who knew joke 4.35 out of 5 sledgehammered that like button and sharing to Twitter and a full watch

  5. How is that special arrangement ; ) with your new landlady renting you that space?

    I like the incorporation of the YT tips segment, and I think that could help lots of people. I get what you're saying about the jittery edits as those are so commonplace across YouTube.

    I bet you could make a lot of Campbell's soup from that giant carrot, but only if it's a certain kind of carrot, because Campbell's only uses one kind of carrot in its recipe. I read a law case in my contracts class about Campbell's suing a Pennsylvania farmer over selling this special carrot, in breach of his contract, to another farmer because he could get twice the price of what Campbell's harshly negotiated in his contract (due to really short supply of these carrots in the market), and that other farmer then, in turn, sold Campbell's the original contract carrots for more money and for a bigger profit. Really ingenious! And, the court ruled in the farmer's favor because of the unconscionable contract of adhesion that Campbell's forced on the farmers who had basically no negotiation rights.

    I'm still trying to figure out the whole Super Bowl Sunday thing here and why that is the peak. Is it because of alcohol consumption or more like "stop bothering me because the game is on" kind of mentality?

    The joke gets a 5 because that's pretty much true! Have an awesome weekend Shawn!

  6. hey how did you know my nickname was creme-puff…LOL…weird twitchy jittery thing… hmmm I know a few of those too…..LOL great video my friend… I always love your jokes at the end.. Thanks for always making me smile Shawn…..

  7. Wow, 17 feet!! That is nuts!….I give the joke a 3…..great advice concerning editing…Have a super weekend, bro!! Cheers :)))

  8. I think the very few teeth was a clue to payment 😅😅yeah wth kinda stuff is that glad they got arrested eff em (training day) denzel voice. Women get beat down during football season 😂😂😂4 on the joke gotta learn to swipe😂

  9. Lol 17ft.. carrots on steroids 😂 I thouht of shortening my future videos too as well.. perhaps recap or something. I am getting smarter every week compliments of your Funny Friday episodes 👍👍 4 on the joke 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Have a wonderful weekend friend!

  10. Gotta be wary of those special arrangements sir :0
    Oooohhh that joke was a real zinger, an easy 5 Hard ticket to Hawaii for you Shawn
    I will definitely come to your channel for video editing advice, hopefully some day soon my 2nd channel will be up and running with fun edits. Have a wicked weekend Sir Warrior of the West

  11. Great video thanks brother. Great fact. People don't surprise me anymore how dumb some can be. I think I will give you a 4.5 on this one. Hope you have a great Friday as well my friend. Keep up the great work see you in the next video thanks again brother

  12. Especially like the special effects around 0:33! I like how the word 'WEIRD' (around 2:52) goes nicely with the colours from this channel's avatar hehe! :-p I predicted the machine that would be mentioned as the punchline haha…it can have a 4! 🙂

  13. Thank you for another great Friday show, Shawn… yes,
    it's a lot of fun 😂 so I give you 5 ⭐ 👉🏻—–👍 cheers ~ Viktoria

  14. I know a guy who called the cops after his marijuana plants were ripper off …… Wow ….. You are such a card ……. I guess that's why my carrot in my spandex trick didn't work.

  15. Huh, my guess was Monday. Anyway it may be safer to visit that ATM than the arrangement that lady who got you the new place has in mind.

  16. Have you been working out lately? It looks like it!💪 I wonder how you can do all of that editing! 😊

  17. 4 on the joke. It's sad but true.
    The weak section is a STRONG part of your videos.
    The heat wave increases…dangnabbit.
    Got a glimpse of your long hair when you turned your head. Hot weather time means ponytails, braids or buns.

  18. Like.. 👍 for your excellent video, my friend! 😁
    You have the power to put everyone in a good mood with your sympathy! 😃
    I wish you a Fantastic Weekend and I give you 5 ~ hugs, Patrizia 🙋😁

  19. wow on the first story..what a dumb mom and daughter!!! great tip on making vids cuts!! wow long carrot..:-) i had no idea on super ball sunday..makes sense tho!! joke was a take care my friend!!

  20. I come to watch the Funny Friday videos to be called silly names by Shawn 😹😹. The wieners of the weak should have purchased their hitman from Costco where they have a liberal refund policy, lol. Ha ha for the first time ever, i rate the joke a 5 out of 5! The ATM never fails to impress da ladies 😹😹👍💞😻💓😍💃

  21. I cant believe it! Mom and daughter go to police….and nice joke . No number but i like it , so true……Have a wonderful weekend my friend:)

  22. Speaking of gett'n naked and with a wink and a nod you got a special deal.!!… Way to go bro.. Lol.!! Thanks for sharing the knowledge.!!

  23. here I am so late for the Friday Party I almost missed it lol the Winners of the Weak were a vicious bunch (allegedly)! Great editing tips! Unfortunately, the twitchy technique is the vogue.. ..4 for the finale joke hehehe Enjoy the new week, Shawn my friend!

  24. ha ha ha l.o.l that joke deserves a # 5 1/2 too funny and the murder for hire duel women R E A L L Y ' that is about
    Hilarious seriously deserved the winners of weak ha ha awesome job here as always great youtube tips and tricks
    outstanding video great job we hope you had a awesome Friday and weekend x o
    ⓑ███─▀█▀─█▀▀─█▀▀──█▀▀─█─█─█▀█─███─███─█▀▀─█──┈┈┈▕▔╲┈┈┈ ⓑ█─█──█──█───█────█───█─█─█─█─█─█─█─█─█───█──┈┈┈┈▏▕┈┈┈ ⓑ█─█──█──█───█────█───█─█─█─█─█─█─█─█─█───█──┈┈┈┈▏▕▂▂▂ ⓑ█─█──█──█───█▀▀──█───█▀█─█▀█─█─█─█─█─█▀▀─█──▂▂▂╱┈▕▂▂▂▏ ⓑ█─█──█──█───█────█───█─█─█─█─█─█─█─█─█───█──▉▉┈┈┈▕▂▂▂▏ ⓑ▀─▀─▀▀▀─▀▀▀─▀▀▀──▀▀▀─▀─▀─▀─▀─▀─▀─▀─▀─▀▀▀─▀▀▀▔▔▔╲▂▕▂▂▂
    T H U M B S – U P & ★★★★★

  25. I would watch out for that special arrangement. Winnerzz, lol. I don't think even Bugs Bunny could eat that carrot. I would have to give this joke a solid 3.5. Have yourself a slammin week, my friend 🙂

  26. Haha uncle Rizzo. What a cream puff, this is unbelievable. What fools. Spanish mother and daughter. Hahahaha omg hahaha paper clip the video. Rocket man lol 😂 you edit is great. 5

  27. Stupid criminals, gotta love it LOL! Wow 17 ft. king of carrots 🥕 Super bowl Sunday most violent day … I would not have guessed that! Joke rating … 5 😆

  28. Complaining to the police about you hired someone to kill someone. What a bunch of dorks. I just love your videos and channel. Keep up the amazing work my friend. Thank you for taking the time to come to our channel.

  29. Wow that’s a new level of stupid. #dynamicdumbasses. 😂👍🏻👍🏻 love this. Happy hump day! 😎🎼🕺🏼

  30. 😀Great work my dear friend! 😀 Ciao have a nice weekend! LIKE#1957👍 🙏 For the Joke… 5 points …….😂😂😂 Ciao

  31. Hey bro, I have just found your channel and your videos are really cool! You have such cool content, and I would love to see more from you! I support you with the bell, so I won't miss any of your cool videos :)) You are simply doing amazing job! Love your commentary

  32. OMG can't believe they contemplated how to kill him. and wow they ratted themselves out lol.
    Nice editing advice
    17 ft is a large credit.
    wow superbowl sunday i wonder why??
    3 is my rating for the joke.

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