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Hey Guys welcome back to my Channel It is Salice Rose Aka Salse Rose Aka mama biscuit duh?! but you guys have Been requesting this video for a Very Very Very long time and What i mean Very long time i Mean When i first started social media and i came out Which Was like two and a Half Three Years Ago and You Guys are always asking Salice, When did you come out How did you come out tell us now as Always i grew Tell It eventually and i never did and you Guys Still Requested so i was like yo This is Perfect Let me Just do it Now Why not right so as always before We Get This video started enough Because you Got your popcorn Your Beverages Whatever it is you like to munch on or sip on to enjoy this video or that being Said let’s Get This video started In three two one Now let me start off by Saying The reason Why i haven’t made this video in a While is because To be honest there is no crazy Part To my story there is no Dramatic parts to my Story there is nothing Really interesting About My coming Out Story but with that being said i mean i stole went through a Little Bit of Rough Patches My Words Too Hard I’M Just being Honest i’ve Been through a Lot a lot of a Lot of Stuff in my life but as Far as coming Out That’s honest had never Really Been a problem but that means that i keep Rambling Let’s start This video The first time i had a crush on a Girl i was actually in eighth grade and Her name Was camille and i hope to god She’s not watching this could that’ll embarrassing but i was like What is this you know Why do i like her I’m supposed to like Boys Right That’s how it’s supposed to be okay huh So i Just i kind of made myself Forget about It i asked a Family member i was like hey i don’t Understand This But Why is it that i like like i don’t like her as a Friend i want to like hold Her hand i want to like be with her and they are like “No, no, no no No, no don’t Don’t You ever have that Mentality that is Very Very wrong You Better Snap out of It, that is wrong” and I was like “oh my god okay okay This wrong It’s wrong got it” and I’d like to forget about it cool I’m not gonna lie In high school i did have a Few Boyfriends yes and never Really Felt Like at like home and by at home i mean that i Never Felt Happy I never felt comfortable i never felt Like i could Be Myself i never felt Any Spark i never felt anything i Never Felt Any Attraction i never felt Like I was being Myself i felt like i was in a bubble it Was like i was trapped i didn’t Understand Why i never wanted to be around Them i always Got Annoyed with them Really Fast It Just Didn’t Feel right to me and i never understood Why he thought of me The thought of me Coming Out and never Even Crossed my Mind i know it Sounds Crazy, when I was in high school i was he goes being Kicked out of Schools That Was doing this, i was going to military School all this stuff So they’re Just like okay we can Just i Just don’t Have time for boyfriend right Now like i mean i Just don’t want It cool whatever and Everybody Thought about it but then i went to military School I Was 16 Years old Ending 15 Turning 16 Yeah long Story short i went to military school Because i was Fuck Up in high school and i Mean that in the most Honest Way i was ditching Class i was fighting Left and right i was hanging out with all the Wrong People i was doing really Really Really Dumb Things i was Just not in the right Place I was so behind on my credits on my Work because i thought It Was cool thing to do it’s always Just Doing Dumb Things Just Fighting After School Before School Drinks Was Just it was a just mess so at that time i was Yeah i Was in the beginning of Junior Year and Beginning Middle Ish and My Credits were so behind that i was Pretty Much i like a Freshman Level and They were like Your Credits are so behind You Need not go to school There’s no Way to catch Up but time you got Enjoy call Your friends i’m gonna be done graduated By Now and i’m like as embarrassing They Left my high school When i started home schooling Which i didn’t like i’m in the beginning then home schooling Kind of Depressed me so then My mom introduced me to something Called Somersault Summer season Academy Class 7 so i was down for a gonna change my Mind and then When i change my Mind my mom Super super Sad and i Was like okay i’ve made her sad my Whole life i have to point my mom my Whole life? Let me try to make her proctor one so at that moment When i changed my life i went to military School It was for six months straight and in there i Realized that i was gay It was refreshing Because for Once i Kinda like i Finally felt at home i was like wow like i Realized That i don’t like Boys for This Very reason Duhh?? Stupid Whatever But Then i went home i graduated you know yes went back to my high school and then i got Kicked out again Because of fighting i Mean i had my life together i Was Good i caught up on credits i catch Up to all my friends in a Matter of six months cuz i worked my ass Off in there coming back to my old old High School is my first test was i’ve Been to a lot of high schools Just Stuff Happened With me and some teacher then i got kicked out again Then Ended Up in home School again They Finished homeschooling so Fast That i was Already Like four or five Months ahead of Everybody Else cuz i Just Worked My Ass off so i pretty Much like i i started off behind everything i Got ahead Really Really dope and Then Here’s Where It gets a Little of Juicey towards the End Senior Year There was Prom personally I don’t really care for Prom and if you Guys like promise super dope like congrats i know it’s a Beautiful Thing but i Never Cared For It but I went Anyways Just to say That i went and i did it and I done did it i went with a couple of Friends and of Course i have my date Which Was a guy for that reason is because i Kind of wanted to think My Family Is Proud i wasn’t happy and keep in Mind i had i did not come out yet i Nobody Know that i was gay Besides Myself the whole time of prom I was so Mad I was So Irritated i was so disappointed i felt so Just i don’t want Say dis Disgust It Cuz nothing Wrong with men or Guys I’ve Know They’re all there They’re Great you know i didn’t Feel like Myself i didn’t feel at home that i saw a Bunch of My friends there and like It Was like at the end, it ended up being fun and then on the bus going back home this girl a blonde Girl Just gonna Talk to you we Exchanged Numbers as Friends But Then of course That turns a Little more And my phone is ringing so hold that Thought… That Pretty Much means is growing Up dating and Whatnot but that didn’t Work out so well Because It Just We Just Kind of fell off Like It Was i Guess we Didn’t take It as serious as We Should Have But Then Again i was only 17 i had Already Graduated Excuse me then I ended up moving to to San Diego and This Is where it all Happened Now When i was living in San Diego Was Only for a Matter of a Few months and right When i moved out there i met so many People i started dating a Few Girls Not At Once but next i started kinda Mingling and Whatnot i was like yo What Am i doing i’m not ashamed To be to gay, I’m not ashamed of me Why am i Acting like it have you forgot that you haven’t came out yet Salice first Thing that day, a Couple Weeks after I Moved to San Diego i I picked The Phone i called my mom you know, i pretty Much told her i was like ” mom i don’t know how you’re gonna react but, uh, I Like Girls i don’t like Guys and if You don’t accept me for me then That’s fine i’m still gonna be me but if you Do Then Great Like Thank you so much mom was Actually Very Very easygoing about It i mean She’s Always Been Very supportive of me and Like She’s my hero and It Was Actually Kind of Shocked and i choose She was Shocked yes i Mean any many mother you know be shocked But you Know Someway or different, That’s you Know That’s Just It is what it is but she was Actually Very supportive i mean It Was calm i will Say It was Kind of Rocking in the Beginning but Yeah My mom is is great as Well as all my Family members are Actually Very Very supportive about nobody even Cared They were like okay What’s your point do you want to cook here something like, I don’t even- What we don’t care and i’m Just like yo like it’s so dope me doing that Kind of inspire to myself. I wouldn’t Say Inspired Me make Myself sound all Highly but i’m not but Pretty much Inspired My Sister to come out Because My Sister Is also a Lesbian Now that went like super super dope but the only trouble that i Kind of had with it is Whenever i had came Out to my family i already came Out on Twitter on instagram This before i was like a Social Way to influence i would just you know Me like meet in my bubble Now my friends like, they were Really cool Except i had a Matter of like Three – Like Five Friends who are complete Excuse My language Assholes about it like oh my god those three to five friends a Couple of them Unfriended me Which i don’t really care because i would lose friends all The time but at the moment in time i didn’t Care about Losing them i cared about how Judgmental They Work Towards me and it Kind of Like Hurt me no way i was like Dude like i don’t That’s Crazy Like How dare you then the other two friends especially one in mind she Was like “Ew Salice, you’re gay? You Know That’s sin Right You Know That’s gross right?” And I’m like “you know my you know you’re Judging me right That’s a sin?” it’s Just they It just went Really, Really Bad Now so you know what, i was gonna let you Go Was like i thought i could trust you but I guess i can’t i’m not ashamed of me so i’ll take care and she Was like “you’re Disgusting You’re gonna Go to hell how could you like Girls i don’t even know how to be Your friend anymore Like This is really gross” and i was like dude, Shut Up like Who are you nobody Right shut up i got mad towards her and i Just Got Really Really Mad Because I’m Very supportive i’m Very Open-Minded i I accept anybody ever care if you have seven Heads If- who You like Everybody i don’t care like come here like i got to let me tell you i’ll be here for you and nobody Is so the Fact That This Certain Friend That I’ve Known her for a While can Turn against like That Kind of Sucks But Then again Get This What Happened What Happened Was two Years have Gone By Guess Who hits me up her guess what she told me? Salice um I apologize for Judging You I’m sorry i don’t know What has Gotten into me But I have something You tell you and i was like okay irrelevant But I was like- Oh wait do I have lipstick on my teeth? But okay what do you have to tell me that she Was like Well i can’t believe I’m Saying This right Now but i’m Actually Bisexual Now an I was like” OHHH OHHH WHO”S BISEXUAL NOW? WHO LIKES GIRLS NOW? The same girl was Judging me for being a Lesbian Now your one is that What you trying to tell me um yes so i was like oh? That’s Great What does that do with me i was still irritated of Course me being the Kind person that i am i mean I’m not trying to make Myself son all Holy in Kind because i have my mom with My Asshole moments and i You know it is what it is Genuinely Overall I am a Good person Nobody can Tell me otherwise no so i reacted i was like oh Really well What does that Mean with me how do you Feel Just like I’M Just Really sorry I’m sorry My Friends are Judging me now my family is Judging me they want to kick me out of the house i don’t know what to Do and i’m like Wow okay i hope you know how it feels now That You don’t choose to be gay you don’t choose, to like a Certain sex You don’t choose a Certain Life You are gay You are straight you are Bisexual You like What you like You are who you are it should Be always Proud of That I of course i gave her advice and cut her off again then We Became friends and Now we’re like The best of friends and I could Not be more happy to have her in my life and before you Guys even tell me anything salice it’s easier Said Than done even That All The Time Listen i know i know my message to you guys as cliche as It Sounds i know you guys Hear This all the Time? but Be Yourself no What’s Sad is that so many Kids Kids Teenagers Adults you Know all their People Elderly People Get Killed or They commit suicide Because They are so tired of being bullied Why are they bullied Because our Weird is They’re gay Because some Guys are a Makeup because Some Girls like Other Girls will Get Killed Nowadays in our Generation or They commit suicide Because They are so afraid to be Themselves and i fucking hate that Because Society is not Number One Place Number One spot Everybody Says Be Yourself Love Yourself Yes but Whatever you be Yourself They don’t like Judge You They hate It try to fucking hurt these People Get so depressed if they want to commit suicide away from the World Because They’re Just scraping Themselves That’s so fucking sad so i encourage you Guys i Fucking encourage You Guys a Hundred and Fifty Percent to always Be Yourself Whoever Doesn’t like it Don’t you ever Be ashamed of Who you aren’t whether you’re straight Bisexual gay Whatever whatever you like even if you Guys Want People Get sex Changes you know it doesn’t Matter Be proud of you because you are you Buddy Else Out There can do you the way you can do you only People hate on you because They’re either Jealous of You they Want to be you or you have some that They don’t? Have While Today You don’t know me they hate Because They’re Mad They’re Jealous stay Mad What would stay Happy on this side it’s Funny because so many People want To change in the World Everybody Wants a World to be a better Place but it all starts with you who are you Who are you when you look in the mirror you look good are you a Good person do you Judge People do you talk Shit To people online Because It Makes you Feel better about Yourself do You talk Shit to somebody Because They’re so Confident That It Makes You Feel Better By Belittling Somebody Else Who are you as a Person It all starts with You takes One person to make a change and we All come together Lesson of The Days Be Yourself of Your Stuff if you want to wear Makeup you are Makeup if you want to be different you like who you like You are who you are and there is nothing wrong with that encourage you guys to do something love Yourself Your Family Doesn’t Accept You Here’s My Tough Love for you guys deal with it till you Turn 18 And You guys can Go on about your life and do you but i had to deal with it too you know we all do Now iF your friends don’t Accept You Guess What They’re not Your friends Let That Sink in the friends talk Shit about you or Belittle You Try to put you down or make fun of You They’re not your friends so Instead of getting Sad and Out of that you Need to thank you god for showing you Their true colors Rather Now Than Later That’s Right Now People Will Always hate on you i don’t care you could be doing the most positive thing in life There would Still be something to hate on you because They’re so bored and They Feel so low that They want To bring you down with them don’t fight it chew It Yourself love Yourself Wake up every day look at The Roots and yell Oh great i’m Beautiful i’m handsome and This is my life and I’m not gonna Let Anybody anybody Ruin That for me And I’m not gonna end my life Because you don’t accept me I’m not gonna be ashamed of me because you don’t accept me and i am not gonna change my Ways Because You don’t like my Ways and i am not gonna try to change AnyThing Because i love me and i am proud of me and if you’re not your loss because i know i’m a Good person Wake Up Every day and tell Yourself Those Exact Words Go to bed and tell Yourself Those Exact Words Not Saying it’s gonna Make everything Okay it’s gonna Be everything Better but It will Help You the way you talk to yourself Matters What others Talk to you Just Doesn’t of Yourself When you love Yourself nobody else has negative comments will ever Affect you take This Time Yeah but Maybe You’ll be proud you are who you are if you love who you love and at The end of The day At the end of the day Matter Who tries to tear us down who tries to take Away our rights Will Always Win love Always Overpowers Everything of Anything But hope You Guys Enjoyed This video My Cassandra Doesn’t coming Out Story Was not all That Great Because it was Just Very like It was Kind of nothing Really dramatic Happened hope this video can Help You Guys my own Anyway and Just Let You Guys Know that it’s gonna be okay but Thumbs Up mother you Guys Enjoyed everything What does all of you either Enjoy it or it Helps you out on Anyway i would love to know oh is wrong wrong Mama gets It Loves you it’s Good


  1. I'm bi sexual and idk how to tell my mom and dad idk how they're gonna react they are open minded and they are very supporting but idk how to tell them

  2. Bruh I think I'm bisexual. But I'm Christian by choice and love being in my faith. I feel very conflicted. I mean I have flirted with guys b4 but I'm curious about being with a girl. I feel lost. Idk. I know God loves all of us unconditionally regardless of who we are. But If he made me in his image why am I attracted to both sexes?

  3. We all came outta our momma so people need to shut up bc we r all human like cmon people 😂🤷‍♀️

  4. She says to not commit suicide. Many people who are suiciaul are in there teens or something. I’m 8 and have to deal with people saying that I and stupid and my dad is one of the reasons I’m suicidaul

  5. yo this is totally irrelevant to this video lol but i jus wanna say i dont usually like ppl who do what you become famous for sharing their tbh for nothing..but you my girl are mad funny and watchin ur vids i can totally see why youve gotten the following you have to be one of the realest ppl ive seen on YouTube w. a presence in well..evrr lol. and i kno im like noone even compared to you but keep doin what ur doin girl dnt change for noone.

  6. Some of my friends are lesbian or bi and I am completely supportive of them like you can't control. God loves you no matter what and supports every decision you make. My friends that are bi or lesbian are depressed so of course I am there for them but it's not ok. But I wanna let anyone know that if your parents are not supportive of you for being lgbtq+ come to my parents because they are always supportive

  7. The only person that can change you is god or yourself.
    Some body bring you down you stand back up and shine as bright you can.

  8. im so proud of you for coming out because imagin if you didnt, you would be living a lie you would be unhappy and sad, you have no idea of how much i love you!!!!

  9. Omg luv your make up it's in point. An the clothes you were on your videos an YouTube. They are gorgeous. Great talent.🌷🌷🌷

  10. Like how she talked about being ourself and all that at the end. She really is an inspiration and someone to relate with and look up to. I'm not into girls but I support those who are and no matter what your human and you have the right to like what you like or to be different in general without getting bullied for it. Just accept yourself and know that there are people out there for you who will have your back and be real.

  11. I am not actually sexually confused but I am scared to come out for my religion, where I live everyone believes in god and I am a Wiccan. Wicca isn’t bad but people like to think that we worship Satan so I’m kinda nervous for everyone’s opinion

  12. If being gay is considered a sin and jesus died for our sins JESUS DIED.FOR THE GAYS! Suck on that homophobes

  13. I’m bi. But my mom has me scared cause she told me that if I ever dated a girl that was the biggest sin ever and I would piss off god. But one thing I have always remembered from my grandpa is “god will accept you now matter what. Don’t ever be anyone but yourself.”

  14. God łövës us for who we r! He wanted us to change nothing ever abt us! His words lift us up and will always love us no matter problems and stuff he wants us to trust in him … i like this kid in my private school ( i ain't bi or anything ) but i like him and im afraid to talk to him or anything and i just need äđvï§e abt it bc it's almost the first day of school 💙

  15. Wow im…..crying. Thank u. I came out to my parents today.( they kicked me out but i live at my friends house now) it a real relief. Do it, no matter what happends. Do it, u wont fell the way u did when u were in the closet.DO IT!
    no one will read this but if u are, if they dont support you i do!😁

  16. I love being pansexual my family knows they don't like it cus they are heavily Christian but idgaf I'm agnostic so I enjoy myself no matter what I stand up no matter what and I encourage you all to do so cus it's releiveing – Jackie Alvarenga

  17. You go gurl, who cares what sex gender you like. I’m straight and have gay friends and never judge them. Like my girl Laura I surprise how meeting as coworkers we became best friends not caring if she a lesbian and me being straight. Respects and love to all. This Sunday going celebrate her birthday at six flags going have lots of fun. You are the best Salice like your videos helps a lot and a joy in my life. Take care duces.

  18. I'm not trying to be rude but I love having gay bff or bi,les. Bc there are like different . But no offence tho I love everyone the way they is

  19. My best friend bailey. He is gay, and people judge me bc I'm friends with him. Bailey is so happy about who he is and I'm always gonna be there for him! I love him, he's my brother, he's my best friend till I die. I'm so happy he told me and I'm so happy that he is my best friend bc I never wanna lose him!

  20. i support you cause you’re cool asf but you cannot die and go to heaven if you have sin in your heart. being gay , bi , or lesbian is a sin no matter what. you gotta understand that you can live however you want on earth , but are you living for god ? homosexuality is not okay in Gods eyes but yes he still loves you because his love is unconditional ❤️. read the bible abt homosexuality, you’ll understand more. but i’ll pray for you a Salice ❤️🙏

  21. I thought I was bi and I dated 3 girls but I didn’t actually like them so I’m actually straight now and my exes that are boys are getting people to bully me because they think I was lesbian but I wasnt

  22. Thank you salice this video has almost helped me decide to come out as bi to my friends and parents. The only thing I'm still worried about is deciding if I am bi i haven't found out for sure if i like girls yet but it's hard knowing that my parents dont support

  23. hi Salice Rose!! 😜🌈 at the end of the day we should just be who we are!! love is love!! I bet its a reilf when you came out means you can be your true self!! I am a pre op trans man, that is why I say be true to yourself!! your beautiful never let anyone put you down!! keep on making videos!! your just amazing person!! and you have really cool tattoos!! I want a whole lot more!! hope you have a good day!! 🙋‍♂️

  24. Thank you I love you. I’ve been so scared to come out and now I’m not anymore and you are such an inspiration. Words can’t explain.

  25. Damn I was about to say she is speaking some real shit. She dope. Than she threw up that 666 sign. She elite.

  26. I’m 11 and you inspire the f out of me and I am lesbian but I just found out and I don’t know what to do😭🏳️‍🌈

  27. When I came out to my mum as pan she was all like
    Oh I know. All mothers already know if they really pay attention(that might sound creepy but I was going through stuff so she paid a lot of attention to me soe)

  28. God doesn’t make mistakes EVER 💕💕💕 Be proud of who you are in your heart because God loves you no matter what. Thanks for sharing, Salice !

  29. I’m straight and I wanna be bff with salice ur story was little but meaningful I love U gurl 💖💖💖💖💖

  30. I think i should when im like 15. Its not that my parents wouldn't support me, its that if im less than that they would think im too young for a relationship with ANY gender

  31. When I came out as Bi it was hard for me to accept it. I always thought people would hate me and say terrible things to me. But turns out it's cool!😄

  32. Preach love each other doesn’t matter if you like girls,boys if you have 5 heads and those people that discriminate against everything either race or status or gender GO FUCK YOURSELF or not I don’t give a fuck

  33. I am a Asexual Panromantic Trans man and life is tuff but so what?

    I'm happy to be who I am even if I have much to change and improve I'm doing the best I can with what i have what was given to me when I was born and what i've recieved as I've grown up

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