Laughter is the Best Medicine


so I hope you don’t mind but I’m gonna
indulge in some self-care and just do a short little video here for my VEDAz
post of the day hey guys happy monday how you doing
what’s up I’ve had a good day I’m just feeling a
little tired at the moment it’s almost six o’clock and i still need to get
dinner together and clean up the kitchen a little bit, it’s going to be a very busy week so i just gotta kind of pace myself. I looked at the VEDA questions and the one for today was about snapchat and I do not snapchat at all. I barely understand how it works so i
looked ahead to the next day’s question and it’s about motivational quotes and i
love all quotes i think they’re really awesome i think that the right thing heard at the right time can really be transformational and I don’t know
if some of you have noticed but in my descriptions every day at the bottom I
always post a new quote so if you want a daily dose of inspiration feel free to
check that out and like I have a notepad and at the bottom there’s quotes and
when I’m done with the note part notepad part of it i kept the quotes so
like here’s a couple: action is the foundational key to all successes from
Picasso it always seems impossible until its done that’s nelson mandela the best
is yet to be by Robert Browning I could go on and on these are obviously
motivational quotes some of my personal favorites are: life owes you nothing, you owe it
everything; live well, laugh often, love much dare to be the change that you want to see in the world, i might be getting that one a little bit wrong well behaved women rarely make
history so yeah I just love quotes so that’s
what’s up for today thanks for just checking in, tuning in sorry this isn’t more exciting but it’s
what i got for today and I’m going to get back at it tomorrow and i hope you will too, hope
you are having a great start to your week maybe post in the comments what’s one of your favorite quotes maybe
let me know what it is I i love to hear it ok guys that’s it
for now thanks, talk to you tomorrow bye travel down the road and back again oh, a good one is facts of life, you take the good you take them both maybe post in the comments whats one of your favorite quo— blahbhabhabl


  1. A few of mine:

    "A man (or woman) who stands for nothing will fall for anything" – Malcolm X

    "For every minute you remain angry, you lose sixty seconds of peace of mind"- Ralph Waldo Emerson

    And yes please indulge away 😀

  2. Hi there! I'm a new sub. I need to do some binge watching after VEDA ends which is pretty soon. I love quotes as well and i agree a good quote can turn your mood. I need to memorize a few quotes. I recognize them but couldn't have quoted them. I think my current favorite that I heard this week is from Florence Foster Jenkins "They can say I couldn't sing but they can't say I Didn't sing" Carry on!!!

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