Laughter is the Best Medicine

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[Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] their warp when Zico taking him down Mel gets that pink slip incoming water looks bad how do you think it’ll take it like the sewage of my boy like a soldier no ketchup this is the worst last meal I ever had sorry Jackson here’s a warden oh sure glad to see you warden so the governor came through with that stay I knew we what is a very good guy sorry Jackson no weight from the governor yeah well I was sorry no no word no word huh well I don’t know who to vote for next time come on Jackson nice cozy nook also that’s it huh mind if I take a look I wouldn’t advise it you’re getting soft for dn’t gasps haven’t even put in electricity I don’t have Jackson Jackson I’m gonna grant you a special privilege not often given to a man in your position is what you asked for a chance to tell your story to the newspapers to get it off your chest thanks warden see you in a while Jackson I’ll be right here mr. Jackson I think you’re wonderful you’ve really got what it takes well I ain’t exactly a cream puff cigarette never mind thanks George might be a sauna oh well you’ve got what I call guts by the way I figured anybody gonna match yeah the way I figured if a guy feels in his heart he’s taking a phony rap well it’s not so tough to kick the bucket it’s not so tough to walk that last mile it’s just tough to light a cigarette that job said Jackson how’d you get into this mess was it up woman it’s always a woman you should have seen this woman skin like smooth satin beautiful blue eyes dark silken hair kind of a Galit make you want to give away your last shirt I borrowed this from the warden this girl how do you mean did she come up in your office did you fall in love with it wait a minute one of the time you may not know this but I wasn’t always a detective before they pin this murder on me I had one of the sweetest little rackets in San Francisco a legitimate business better than legitimate it was profitable my office was in the Trafalgar billing just on the edge of Chinatown Oh in Chinatown no not right in you know California Street from the hill it’s well coming down the hill on the cable car you could just see my office third floor front Ronnie was the name Ronnie baby photographer I’ll never forget that day for two hours I’ve been trying to make that little brat smile I threw the book at him every surefire trick of the trade this kid’s gonna grow up to be a sponsor it’s even wearing out the lights oh snap watch the birdie watch the birdie you are another masterpiece Sweden you’re wonderful you’re wonderful too mr. Jack well that’s because I was a kid once myself I’m just dying to see those proves when will they be ready all the first thing in the morning mrs. Fong and I’m sure you’ll like them well goodbye you little rascal you Oh doesn’t he get meat at home you happy little gourmet sweet though let me see uh-huh baby photographer a fine job for a two-fisted he-man like Ronny Jackson well I’d promised to have pictures of the kid ready by morning so I got to work and develop them must have been about 20 minutes later a half-hour or something like that when I heard a door slam in the hallway outside I knew it was Sam a cloud coming back to his office or a busy day pitting the goods and a few assorted crooks and murders Sam would cloud the coolest toughest private eye on the business you see I wanted to be a detective too it only took brains courage and a gun and I had the gun I’d figured out a way for Sam to hire me so I started across the hall already I could see my name in big letters Ronny Jackson private eye what I didn’t see was the small print underneath rest in peace [Music] yeah well don’t worry a little head about it baby I’m catching a rattler for sure right hi Sam listen baby it’ll take more than a couple of hopped-up gunsels with the chief fingers to scare me huh yeah yeah we’ll have to talk about over some money night in front of a nice warm fire I’ll bring the matches about it’s on your mind Ronny matches no I mean look Sam it came today license and everything now can I be your partner I told you before stick to watching the burden you’ll die of old age oh yeah but I was kind of for this kind of life all my life I wanted to be a hard-boiled detective like Humphrey Bogart dick power even Alan Ladd you don’t have those beautiful women coming into the office and those warm fires on those rainy nights that’s the kind of life I want how about uh Sam smooth huh say I can be about a help to you Sam look here’s my latest invention right here a camera with a keyhole lens takes pictures right through doors I’ve been kicked out of five hotels already how about it Sam can I go to work for you just give me a simple yes or no no but that’s too simple why don’t you give it a little thought I’m going to Chicago for a few days I’ll leave the door open so you come through and answer the phone well step I could go with you I’ve got a coat just like that I can help you out quite a bit in case you’re running in a keyhole worker you’re sure there’s nothing I can do for you yeah you can keep your nose clean that’s the last chance I’ll give him keep my nose clean answer the phone either go in business for myself Ronny Jackson the Private Eye I could catch those guns up pop CIL’s over a warm fire even if it wasn’t raining drink as much as he can I suppose you wonder why this way oh no every girl who comes in here does that I need a detective please say that you’ll help me yeah but look I’m just I please mr McLeod please yeah just call me Sam this is my type of case spill it sister my name is Carla Demonte hmm Berenice Monty have you as though someone’s watching me yeah that’s me I arrived here three days ago and the Queen of Peru with the Baron my husband oh you’ve got a husband this was taken the day we arrived who Carl cut in the San Francisco citizen he must rate I’m in trouble deep trouble what’s the wheelchair for my husband isn’t in blood he hasn’t been out of that wheelchair in seven years you’re in trouble keep talking at the dock I went ahead to clear our luggage through customs I was gone five 10 minutes at the most when I returned he disappeared a snatch job huh have you gone to the police no if I go to the police they’ll kill him who’s they that’s what I want you to find out look I have no money but this ring can be pawned anywhere for at least $5,000 look sister five grand is a lot of moolah you know the ring is nothing we monta is a generous if you will just find my husband I will be so grateful you will see I’ll bring the matches oh but this isn’t necessary what’s matter listen they mustn’t find me here oh well I don’t hear anything be at this address as soon as you can well five minutes be too soon [Music] we’re dealing with dangerous men be careful they mustn’t know you’re a detective don’t worry your pretty little head about it honey I’ll find your husband fool I am somebody’s coming up guard is never with your life [Music] [Applause] oh oh it’s you Mabel oh I’m sorry yeah come in the studio some night after hours and I’ll take your picture when everybody’s gone no charge except the negatives come right in prints are down the hair anytime [Music] huh well what are you waiting for you want to be a detective don’t you let me see what was that address the map my life smooth small bullets your camera running oh yeah thank you very much okay you don’t have to pull no gun on me to kiss me anytime well there I was on my own missing husband in the dark I dream boat up to her gorgeous lips in trouble what up our light and oh yeah that mysterious man the whole thing just like you’d read it in the detective magazine I had my car for the address the dial gave me that turns out this place is practically a sleeper jump from town anyway later that afternoon I’m driving through the gates in one of those upper bracket estates down in the peninsula pretty soon I come to another game that should have been my cue to put the car in reverse and then I got a load of the mansion all right what I joined must have been something left over from Wuthering Heights you know the kind of a house that looks like he’d been hunting quail in the hallways I didn’t know it then but I was gonna be the quail beautiful diadem oh maybe this is so beautiful it is day though but it’s late now me poor dr. Londo good afternoon sir good afternoon he’s met hey guys Baroness monta is expecting me pronto oh yes won’t you come in canto a nice cheerful place some time they bring the mummies out very amusing sir way down the Baroness is in a living room I’ll announce you never mind I’ll take it from here man happy with your overcome oh yeah pardon to see you coming yeah ruffian here we are thanks cuddles very amusing [Music] good eye each throw beside you miss Monta hello pretty song isn’t it yeah it’s pretty but you were so anxious [Music] beside through the winter store here beside you forever I’m not stealing daydream any crime [Music] [Music] like first I must know this are you a man who is afraid of danger no you can get as close as you like baby we’re in this together I’m with you too my dying breath please you must not leave any fingerprints my uncle mãrin Monty came to this country your uncle yes but I thought you said the guy was your husband well I I had to have your help I know men somehow they always seem to be more interested in the problems of young wives with older husbands Oh Oh it just seems that way to you please listen hmm my uncle came to this country on a very important mission so important that he wouldn’t tell anyone about it not even me your uncle huh so he’s not your husband well did I quote you any rates I may work cheaper you know please not now too fast huh okay uh tell me did your uncle have any enemies not that I know of uh-huh and how about this house who lives here it belongs to a major Simon Montague he was the former business partner of the Barons when my uncle disappeared I I was frantic so I called major Montague and he offered to help me mm-hmm and what do you know about it my uncle trusted him implicitly and still he treats me like a child tells me not to worry says that he’s handling things and all the time I feel as though I’m being watched and he’s been so sweet and kind ever since my arrival getting kind of dark in here oh oh we were just talking about you something flattering I hope maybe I should have listened to with it if there’s anything warms my heart it’s fine and our people like me as much as I like I don’t believe I’ve had the honor sir Oh mr. Craig oh hi mr. Craig let’s see yeah what I thought your name was crazy yeah I’m Craig – that’s quite a coincidence made you mad at you well I met mr. Craig on shipboard still a little seasick it’s a pleasure more news earn anything I can do for you while you of the country you just speak up oh thank you sir will you have a cigar no thanks I’m bribing cree-cree yeah a wave I heard that name before we’re doing it is it phone call for you please take the message after all colada it may be important yes you’re quite right excuse me mr. Craig all right sir now we’ll quit playing possum yeah how do you do mr. McCloud all right then Oh Craig is the name Craig have it how the ship Borden’s oh oh you know that you’re a private detective oh yeah yeah yes Sam just call me saya and just to show you my heart’s in the right place I’m gonna help you do a little detective okay this way huh come and dad I may have a little surprise for you you pardon us gentlemen yeah this is mr. McLaren mr. McCloud I’d like you to meet the man in the picture bear monta how do you do yeah but she she said you’d been snatched you had my word for it young man I’m not a mirage yeah but she told me she seems so I don’t get it such a lovely girl the very flower young womanhood to perhaps say dr. Munda I can tell you about her I believe you met the doctor oh yes we had a long talk outside beautiful day isn’t it I said that well mr. McLeod as you perhaps know it is not the habit of a psychiatrist to put on display these skeletons in anyone’s family closets however I believe you are entitled to an explanation of the strange behavior of Baron Montes wife wife but she just told me she was his niece last week she was his little sister it is not funny major for the past six months miss Montaigne has been suffering from an acute form of schizophrenia accompanied by visual aberrations and increasingly severe paranoid delusions hmm and how is she mentally a friend mr. MacLeod is a Harvard man I am NOT from out high Libre won’t you sit here please I’ll um I’ll try to simplify the case all won’t make it easy on yourself I handle Ollie’s I miss Monta has an obsession that her own life is in danger and she believes that her uncle the Baron here has been kidnapped well GI I mean why don’t you bring her in here and show her the bear yeah yeah that’s what I do hide I know no say no it would be too severe a mental shock but my idea is to break down her fear with suggestive therapy well does she snap her cap very often I mean when you invite cut me for dinner do you take away your knife and fork she’s only dangerous if she’s emotionally disturbed you must have come across many similar cases in your business mr. MacLeod did you owe me oh sure sure I could take those skits those or leave them alone and usually I leave alone I figure that for this well I must get back to the office and file some fingernails I mean fingerprints see you then you know my heart goes out to that pool unfortunate girl her mind is all mixed up it’s downright pitiful I suppose is she even said something bottom half huh Matt yeah she even gave me one to hold for mysterious map missing uncle pretty corny you know there was something about the way she looked it made me suspicious but the way she looked I didn’t care what she kept the map oh sure why not she may not have it up here but hubba-hubba are you watching our son oh come in Colorado dear nutty as a fruitcake and with all that beautiful frosting are just seeing your friend mr. Craig at anytime he’s in the neighborhood he should feel free to drop in and have a julep with us hey you all excuse me oh don’t go major you know the old saying Three’s Company and two’s a crowd you take care yourselves on yeah well here we are hello at last goodbye do you know who that phone call was from Napoleon uh-uh her skits I was about to Freni ax why did I get up today I just spoke to my uncle that’s funny so did I who my uncle Baron want eh he told me not to worry but I’m terribly disturbed emotionally yes he said he was safe oh he’s safe all right I mean he’s safe all right but he’s not safe I know he isn’t at all no he’s in a terrible spot but I feel he’s in great danger yes yes he’s in great danger yeah but he’s safe for the ride he’s safe sound like an umpire don’t you see someone forced him to make that call someone who wants me to believe that nothing is wrong Oh mr. MacLeod I don’t know what to do I’m at my wit’s end hi pass there an hour ago what’s the matter with you Oh me here sister you better take the ring back but mr. MacLeod Sam you wouldn’t desert me not now no no I just remembered I got a date with J Edgar Hoover kid never makes a move without me oh you said we were in this thing together you said you’d stick with me to your dying breath yeah and I’m getting too close to it now don’t get upset miss Monta you just listen to the major he’s a very fine man and he he likes you oh no they’ve been talking to you they’ve been telling you things oh you’re crazy I mean you’re being silly nobody’s been talking to me I haven’t even been talking to myself I oh yes they have they told you something and you believed it oh no no I’m I’m on your side oh so no I know who’s at the bottom of all this major Simon Montague oh no no we’re in this together baby please don’t believe him Sam please then you’ll help me please please baby huh do it mama mama knows best darling promise me you’ll guard the map with your life yeah the map huh map the map yeah here let me take this oh oh you can open the mailman later gd6 o’clock already well I well slow well I get out of the house and was just starting for my car when I realize me and my dad had parted company holster and all I figured Little Miss screwball must have lifted it when she kissed me I started to go back for it but I changed my mind I spot a high window around the corner of the house and decide to climb up and take a gander I figure the only way to get the inside dope is from the outside dope so I scamper up the hill in about three jumps like any other goat and take a sneak peek and what do you know the guy who told me he couldn’t walk is out of his wheelchair and sashaying around chipper as a jaybird then I knew Carlotta wasn’t nuts I can opt my brownie and I’m all set to snappings Emma day when laughing boy gets out of his chair and starts for the window I figure he sees me but no he pulls up the shade right in my kisser Mike was ladies night in the Turkish bath I’m stymied but only for a second the keyhole here’s where my gadget pays off the greatest invention since the Albany night Pole this will do what I says next stop rogues gallery [Music] now watch the birdie click Oh Carlotta but what am I saying oh nice allah baron he took a picture a picture camera for i take the hide off there he goes [Music] all right close the gate hostage [Music] don’t step on it dropkick miss short come here too fast for hot rod cost you must have taken the other road turn around hey you make rode off buddy Oh [Music] [Music] holiday mrs. Joe Joe what a man he must be patently don’t wanna know from the finance company let’s remember this address [Music] that’ll cool you off Joe [Music] [Applause] uh-huh doesn’t think you’d do it after that bath we had you’d are you we both came through like men oh hello operator get me the State Police yeah I’ll hang on honey rugged smooth Oh cuddles huh operator operator never mind a cop very thoughtful of you to include the negative when I came to I was playing post office for the floor I had a lump on my head the size of my head inside Toscanini was conducting the annual course with real blacksmiths I looked at the bottle of old piledriver decided to stick the double malts and those kids with a hammer started pounding again but the thumping wasn’t in my head it was somebody knocking on the door and it wasn’t McLeod’s door it was my door my door in the other room oh it’s you yes here I am mr. Jackson Shh my head’s how did they come out Yanks for Cleveland seven now mr. Jackson a man of your responsibilities shouldn’t drink well whose drink and I oh that’s a bottle of bean bobber I want my baby picture yeah picture oh wait a minute where are you going just a second mr. Jackman wait mr. Jackie oh hey got it it’s gone it’s gone let me see I had it here and I took it in there what happened Sweden no no look mrs. Fong it’s not your baby’s picture here’s the negative that haven’t happened about printed someplace else please yeah I’m all the business top I’m retired remember that if you have another baby please Wyatt I’m thinking boy I’ve got things to do yes sir important things to do what am I got to do Carlotta [Music] hey there he is that’s the fella get it watch him he’s one of the gang all right what’d you do with a baron come clean you guns we mean business don’t we fellas I beg your pardon what’s going on here don’t try to look so innocent with those BluePoint eyes watch him he’s got a knife have you got a knife sure I’ve got a knife I’m the gone sir what’d you think I was last night a chrysanthemum you tried to prove me hold it but is there anyone living here by the name of Allah Labonte a lot of Monty who is Carlotta Montaigne you know who she is she staying here with major money you who is major Montague look this house belongs to the George krandalls they’ve been in South America for four months six months yeah then he’s subletting you mind if we take a look inside no please come along Rodney this way I’ll show you they’re probably all hiding in here stick with me hey hey what’s this looks like nobody home nothing personal about that I hope what do you think Sarge I think a rebuke is in order oh now wait a minute don’t get your badges in an uproar you got this all wrong they fixed my car they fixed the gate they fixed everything that’s their racket they’re trying to make people think everybody’s crazy yeah but with you they had a head start on our wait a minute you gotta listen to me you gotta trust me fellas this is the biggest frame of since whistlers mother all right thank you wait a minute I’ll keep moving you got a long drive back to town yeah well let me tell you something what I like long drives get going okay if your fatherís again I’ll personally punch you in the nose all right it’ll look like other people’s noses yeah well it might be worth it bothered you you’re not a bad guy four-cornered but I’m going to be a citizen I’m studying for my examination well yeah by the way could you gentlemen tell me who is the 8th President of the United States so long bud [Music] screen prompt back early you know what to do stressful what to do look at you fool why did he come back why does he want to search the house looking for clues clothes he wants a clue to call out his whereabouts see that he finds one this one [Music] I always look so easy in those Tarzan pictures [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] her ring Sealift Lodge so that’s where she is I believe a clue [Music] well I knew when the doll was my next move is to find her so I get back into my hot rod special and start off about an hour later I spot a sign see cliff lodge so I go in to locate the girl pretending out of just another guest looking for a little quiet relaxation the place is just what I figured a ritzy summer resort complete with golf course so yeah pardon me how do you get to the lodge from here LaVon that’s where I live straight ahead you can’t miss oh hey pardon me did you notice if a good-looking dark-haired girl checked in there last night can’t talk here to play these last three holes I’ll take you right there oh okay but how about my car they’ll send for it Oh drop into the name Oliver J Crawford well mines Smithers 9-iron can’t shoot first okay say this girl last night did you notice if she was alone I can’t make a small wager dollar hole all right say did you notice the cheated on and yet a full nine there’s water down there [Applause] mr. cap must have moved on me hey I feel like a pretty good round today myself yes Oh lucky I got it for those traps I didn’t see it right in the cup I’ll concede that Bank for a minute there I didn’t think you had a ball down clock old boy you’re one down where’s your ball right here nice slide right on the green yeah I can’t even see the green I can go say Smithers huh how about that buck you owe me I owe you dollar a hole huh nice rackets your guy Thanks George Washington where he’s staying here you know Oh got the room next to mine keeps me up all night long playing Yankee Doodle on his fight off-key why don’t you tell Petrillo about it hey you hurry up quick grab now they go I’m looking for you chummy we gonna see the doctor doctor sanitarium oh no you got me wrong I’m not crazy I know I know maybe you’d like some walnuts walnuts why don’t you grab those nuts that’s true too in the noodle I want you yeah but I’m ok I’m saying I’ll prove it to you watch this coordination it’s the wrong hand it’s well I’ll practice a little see you later come on easy that’s my pinball hand we gonna see the duck it’s no use but I’m not going with you oh let’s see the doctor doctor well Charlie will never get that down again oh that’s better that’s but there’s a part missing this thing like this could be permanent Oh cuddles hello do they have bellhops here welcome to see clue Heather calisthenics co-host Eddie Matt where’s the map you didn’t bring it with you that’s very bad look I didn’t expect to see you here get me out of this angle kitten very bad trying to choke somebody look I don’t know what’s going on here and I’m not scared see you got company man car bada ba Sam I’m sorry oh that’s all right baby Oh I have to go and do this now I’ve got you in this mess – ah now wait a minute don’t go feminine on me don’t go masculine either oh I didn’t know this was going to be formal oh I’ll be right with you boss move in sit down you were not gonna have a little talk yeah I’ll do the talk and you do the sittin I’ll do the talking how did the seventh the Marquise met didn’t have it on him Sam no hmm that kind of changes things doing it yes it does changed Sam boy recently I offered to buy from Baron Monday the mineral rights of a section of his land unfortunately the barrel turned my offer down he came to this country to make a deal with somebody else who is this someone else in what kind of mineral rights you’ll get into inquisitive son and that ain’t healthy now maybe a little colada here’s beginning to see the light you know I’m very fond are you call odda and I don’t like to see you holding out on me lay off for her you phony human you all it’s a good thing you’re here I’d be brutal Carlotta uncles Devon are you all right yes tell they haven’t hardened me hey is that your uncle he looks just like the guy in the picture I took shirt I held on to a son that picture – pawned everything for us light fleas got alotta salmon if you don’t mind I I’d like to acquaint the Baron with a few basic facts you see Monsieur Le Baron we have you we have your knees and having mr. MacLeod we have the man not judge your heaven yes but before the chrysanthemum blooms we will have it please put this away yes okay lady let’s stop fooling around some I want that map and I want it now what you want what you’re gonna get at two different things I’m not the given time Oh temper kismet temper don’t be so rough with Sam he can take it the poor boy sees he don’t know what’s going on oh oh oh I’m sorry honey I didn’t mean to get so fresh hi oh it’s you oh now where’s the map son oh is that what you want well why don’t you say so you don’t have to get up the hard way Sam don’t Oh what’s the use sale beat it out of us anyway we might as well tell him go on Charlie you tell him all right I hid the map in a water cooler in my office he’s lying I’ve searched his office no you looked in the wrong water cooler the one I mean isn’t huh we might as well tell them the truth you’ll find the map in a water cooler at the Ferry Building yeah yeah the Ferry Building in the water cooler by the newsstand third cup from the top we will fire him out tell me should take you about three hours to get to that Ferry Building in Barrett get going son doctor better register them as patients in case they should happen to meet with an accident usual papers will be filled out you see if Tony doesn’t happen to find that map [Music] James Collins [Music] Sam Sam can you hear me what’s up baby cigarette you saw me take from my uncle there was a message in it from him we’ve two hours to get out of here ha ha we’ve got nothing to worry about till Tony gets back you know they took all my clothes mine too they did well they did huh have you got a hairpin Sam this is no time to be thinking about your looks here oh good so how’d you know about that cigarette my uncle never smokes so when he asked me for a light I he wants us to get in touch with a james collins engineering facts corporation uh huh I’ve seen this done a thousand times who is this James tower [Music] it’s always so simple you just put the hairpin in the lock give it a quick twisted well come on in get up we can play jacks later quick oh it’s you okay take me when I bring you some grub I fixed it all myself all I haven’t got much of an appetite if I could take a long wall then there guys wouldn’t you let you you know show me I thank you yeah well you got a funny way of showing it I’m still trying to get the core puzzles to move back in I’m sorry you just don’t know your own strength you know Willie I like you too you do yes sir what a physique Boulder Dam with legs and look at those shoulders and that arm like a sack of doorknobs Oh recess recess recess yeah I’m just kidding hey show me do you care if I feel you’re a muscle – no go ahead look around it’s there someplace oh oh there it is mm-hmm it’s just like a woman yeah easy easy easy everything you touch turns to rigor mortis you know Willie with your strength I bet you could take that radiator and just pull it out by the roots and play it like an accordion huh wouldn’t that be fun or you can even take those bars and just bend them apart huh oh I don’t like to pray Oh we’ll go ahead and break all right oh that’s great Molly see you’re strong you want our shoot tear out the ratty hair no no that’s okay oh you’ve done enough you’re wonderful today oh you’re solid spinach you’re great I’ll buy your rabbit later thanks very much oh I’ll be seasoned well me thanks no he gotta be neat you know yeah yeah Willie did you hear that yes big detective outsmarted by an imbecile I’ve got to get out of here in two hours oh yeah we’re caught like rats in a trap well at least we’re a boy rat in the girl rat thank you are you struggling see I told you the mus know you struggling come on no get the keys huh I’ll be your nurse patient oh great here’s where I get some new clothes we’d better split up when we get downstairs baby in my car you can’t miss it it’s great convertible job at the heart that goes that bad it’s a conservative model yes but suppose they took the keys don’t meet him there’s a trick you can do with the wires somebody’s coming thank you nurse phenobarbital triplicate in the third – dude I think I do this – well come on oh wait let’s see what’s in here yeah there’s nothing here but this means your own piece of moths Bates my your so it’s pretty earth nothing we can’t use this hiya stranger how do you do my dear going around to the pretty nurse I see you’ll be getting out of here in no time see ya he’s one of us how many branches does our government consists of our government consists of three branches what are the three branches of our government the three branches of our government are huh the legislative the executive and the judicial Oh what does the legislative branch of our government do hmm it makes the laws what that’s the executive branch of our government to do it carries out sneaking out stranger it’s you know practicing again Oh wonderful take it easy cuddles cuddles look I was you I would you marvelous come here you coward look you can get in trouble why you dirty rat oh oh nothing personal come here hey friend how’d you get rid of him you just couldn’t stand the details baby I just hope I didn’t slug him too hard it’s a good thing we’re downhill release the brake what are you doing now I’ll show you that trick with the wires Yuki what a time to hit the jackpot [Music] you do better with your knife shut up what happened hey I’m driving I’ll take it through here it gets a little rough Thanks as soon as we get to the city we’ll call mr. Collins or better yet we’ll go to your office and get the map and then we’ll go hold it hold it what’s the matter I got news for you miss Monta I’m bowing out but Sam you can’t I’m forcing myself this kind of life is too rich for my blood little I got left I’ll get to the map and that will call it quits tell me mr. MacLeod are you always afraid of old men with phony southern accents wait a minute what do I owe you all I know is you came into my office with a phony story no ring and now I ain’t got the ring and I’m stuck with a story put this top up it’s going to rain it never rains at this time of the year [Music] orange juice hey you are Ronnie Jackson photographer for babies yeah that’s me Oh where’s Sam my club he’s out of town which is a tough break for all of us except him so you’ve been playing detective yeah I’m through playing sister the last 24 hours I’ve been knocked out shot at beaten up knocked out again and put through the wringer and if I’m still alive it’s only because the insurance company doesn’t want to give up they’re afraid it would break them here here’s your map miss monta the right water cooler but the wrong office goodbye all right goodbye Stan I mean mr. Jackson by and I don’t mean see you later so long sister oh wait a minute you can’t go out like that here soaked to the skin I’ll manage Oh steady why do women always act like women their hair do you think whose things fine pick out what you need the ones with the lace are still at the laundry no it’s my room over here behind the screen you’re not a detective you act like one I lied exactly a creampuff sister I could use water wings in this business Oh Ronnie yeah I just wanted you to know I’m not really angry with you I’m very grateful for all you’ve done for me even if you’re worse than McLeod you couldn’t have accomplished more look don’t read Apple me from now on I’m gonna stick to watch the birdie you leave the chicks alone Ronnie I think you’re a very brave man I know a sniveling coward when I see one hyah snip but I have no one else to turn to won’t you help me no please oh no you don’t what kind of a sucker do you take me for just because you’re a girl and I’m a boy and you’re throwing those big blue eyes that mean you’ll let me put my arms around you and you let me hold your clothes even closer you think you can get me to do anything you want what do you want baby darling the first thing we’ve got to do we’re doing it we’ve got to find James Collins Collins yeah no no we got to get out of here this is the first place those characters are look I don’t want that cuddles playing mumbly peg on my throat take those off what I mean where’s my hat I’m sorry hurry mr. Jackson I’m very disappointed in you I know what take a picture of Sonny crying for the first time in his life and then you gave me the wrong yeah well don’t worry about a thing mrs. pawn I’ll give you your money back hurry here they come hurry hurry up come on let’s go while we’re still here I’ll send you check but you gave me the wrong negative [Music] well our next move is to contact mr. James Collins his secretary said he had a date that night at a spot called a pool a door from here and we had no worries Montagu and his cute little playmates they were washed up through lost in the shuffle well pull a door was our next stop but we didn’t look exactly like Cafe Society so I blew the bankroll a rented tuxedo for myself and an evening gown for Carlotta boy did she stack up I guess you only get out of a thing once you put into it an hour later we were at the full aid or one of those real swanky cafes were they make for breakfast [Applause] just a moment Whitehall has been wedding mr. Collins’s table he’s expecting us oh yes sir mr. Collins he’s fine do buy to win them oh yes yes Harry yes George this way please ah just omit a bunch like here’s a fin tell it blonde at that table over there she’s wanted on the phone canto certainly sir let’s move in I’d be sure you want another telephone bitch [Music] Oh mr. Collins we’d like to speak you for a minute I don’t believe I’ve had this shit down start talking baby my name is the Colorado Monday my uncle is Baron Martin about on Monday I don’t think I’ve ever my uncle told us to get in touch with you I’m sorry I think you have the wrong man wait up my check please is this map mean anything to you [Music] where is the batter Henry waiter said you had a phone call for me I will check it for you madam the madam had an important appointment this Wednesday afternoon in Washington Washington in his office at the pilgrim hotel Hotel someone must keep an appointment someone will but it won’t be the right Baron monta right my first move is to get their local police that’s it yeah you stay here miss Monday hey you stay here these men are killers yeah I’ll stay here too okay if we’re not back in 45 minutes call the police all of them check the 10th precinct police station’s closest goodwill call from there but the sooner we get this into the hands of the FBI the better FBI batter Montes appointment in Washington Wednesday was with the State Department boy this thing is dynamite look mr. Collins just how do you figure in this deal I’m a geologist I work with bear amante in San Dimas in fact I drew up this map for him it shows the location of a great deposit of cryo right well I don’t see anything it’s encode yesterday morning I got a phone call the voice exactly like Marin Montes whoever it was said that there had been a change in plans that the land was no longer for sale do you realize what that means well not exactly it means it somebody some other government perhaps is after that cryolite cryolite huh well we can’t let them get it hmm what’s cryolite fraud I it’s an or containing crypto ba crypto bar all well we can’t let him get that but what scripta bar it’s also uranium what’s uranium horrible now I got you I read Buck Rogers too you know uranium must be that right front come on you know I had a hunch this thing was much bigger than it looked that’s funny it’s okay come on hey hey mr. Collins were here good mr. Collins mr. what blood are they – rent keep it cool right Ronnie keep cool the murder weapon yeah partner huh find the owner of this gun you got the killer yeah that’s mine yeah Mike my god that’s got my fingerprints on it okay Shh I don’t care if she has got a girlfriend I’m going home and hit the hay I just don’t go for any blind dates I’d rather be caught dead I’d rather be caught well ok Carla ha ha hey you mean you don’t expect to get away with this – yeah but I said I didn’t do it I didn’t do it cause you didn’t do it this fire hydrant just sneaked up on you huh oh that let me see your driver’s license yep you got me all wrong officer this is my car oh listen – uh no I don’t drive I drink a lot I get nosebleeds and what are you doing here well I was just cleaning I’m fine are all that’s wrong oh no I wouldn’t think of it how far can I roll them beside some of my best friends are drunks hi how is just well I’ve got to go now it’s been fun – fast looks suspicious so long it’s been fun stop saying that well goodbye now I got a run now – sorry fella Hey heystop ah shoot [Music] now that takes care of him he’s a real help to us that boy what about the girl Carlotta’s no problem we have the map when I told Carlotta they rubbed out Collins it was quite a blow but the kid bounced back like a rubber ball a nice soft rubber ball too bad I wasn’t in the mood to play catch I was in for keeps now Ronnie Jackson wanted for murder well if we were gonna save the dolls uncle and mrs. Jackson’s boy Ronnie we had to get something on that gang that meant our next stop had to be Washington but we need a dough to get there little Carlotta came through we got the last two seats on a plane headed east and by midnight we were playing tag with the Rockies Carlotta was very sweet she looked at to me like a mother I guess she wanted to make sure I didn’t get away and for a disguise I was wearing at L o’clock shadow I had to play cagey the only thing that bothered me was the altitude I knew it would get me I get airsick when I step on a thick carpet we hit Washington about noon the next day and we grabbed a cab for the pilgrim hotel now this was the end of the ride the payoff Ronny Jackson versus mint julep Montague my brain pitted against his yeah he had the brain and I had the PIP [Music] suppose they haven’t got a room near my uncle’s suite you just toss that smile at him how do you need to give us the joint thanks Ronny look nice to see you get better thank you we went a hand there I guess so shortening bread joins him later I’ll see about that room say but we’d like to talk to you about yelling please you tell me the number of Baron Montez suite sorry’s out of town I’m mr. Dawson of the State Department oh yes he’s expecting you Suite 14c thank you yes Oh we’d like a room please something on the 14th floor sorry we have another say what about those rooms for Hennessy and McCoy and Kelly it shows oh yes would you please register I thought you said you didn’t have a room well you see if you were with the convention I could yeah yeah sure where were the convention well you certainly don’t look like a detective oh well I’m not exactly a detective I’m more of a stool pigeon well we must be off poor boy chilly Oh pip pip tap hole and all that sort of rot come Deborah come yes we mustn’t be late for tea no I hate soggy crumpets you know so do I don’t step up a budget read all about it get your latest read all about it police capture killer they got me New York gang Slayer jail it’s a New York murder yeah sure and I’m just a San Francisco murder how much more of this I can take you’ve had me in hot water so long I feel like a tea bag well why don’t you quit I can take it from here oh sure now that you got me over a barrel now that I’m wanted for murder for murder you want me to quit huh well let me did you hear that bell ringing what now just rang for ice water and 14c and who do you think is gonna bring it up me how much ever made [Music] hey hey hey mr. Dawson boy back mr. Dawson I thought you said all right major man again hey boy give me a hand with these bags open this ice water there’s a blonde in 1480 was on fire I thought comedy and get these bags just an emergency she says come on okay I’ll push me around my dues are paid to you though all right all right let’s go oh no yeah that portfolio office is in there Sam yeah they put the bags in ever over the portfolio in the office hey man how was it easy I handled mr. Dawson beautifully it nice having you with us again Parramatta will you be in Washington or not few days perhaps let me tell you about Dawson no no no it’s quite all right thank you yes back oh boy oh boy coming honey yes sir yes sir the Doubletree will not be on set you know that’s all thank you and the other boy just a minute young man well give this to your breath oh thank you sir Hey Hey okay sucker haha have been proud of me I tell you not kids man he’s never proud antibody [Music] don’t him well Barron’s a stubborn old man he still hasn’t talked he he pretends he doesn’t know the cold give me that well give it a jump look Willie we’re friends pals remember sure I like you here let’s go tell the fellas yeah nobody know they’d ruin everything we’re friends let’s be alone here have some wallets are then you’ll slip this into your body [Applause] you know I like walnuts better than almost any just forget that you ever saw me nuts [Music] hey you know who I just see at least the part that’s in cold quiet what are you doing cracking nuts guess who give him to all sit down he was right out stop interrupting but I just want to shut up that ain’t no nice way to talk all right just for that I’ll keep quiet any luck Oh thought you looked a little thin anything in the portfolio just this they’re too smart to put anything on paper huh huh I’d go out there and shoot it up for them but it’s so messy I’ve looked all through the filing cabinet huh we got to get something on the baby or we’re dead ducks we gotta get something baby oh we’re dead ducks yeah I said that what is it that’s a recording machine who repeats what you say you know for a guy too fat to hold a secretary in his lap do you know how to work it sure you just speaking of this Mike and make a record that’s it that’s why you work the machine I’ll get them to talk this is one of the best ideas I ever had marvelous but you can do it I think okay wait a minute [Music] I don’t know [Music] well cold water a chambermaid ah huh you see she’s dangerous we’ve got to get rid of her oh let her go we don’t want the trouble yeah but that’s no trouble I put her in a trunk ins unit to my brother in California I said let her go Oh will you handle it a Sydenham colada sit down sit down whatever happened to your friend there what was her name mr. Jackson head fool that embassy he never knew when he was mouth shut you were too smart for him no I’m alone and too weak to fight any longer there’s really nothing to fight about honey yeah I’ll show you what I mean Carla I once made you a mighty generous offer concerning this connect yes the matter now I’m repeating that over there there seems to be something missing here the cold you get me the code to the uranium deposits in San Dimas and I’ll let you both go you mean my uncle and me I see otherwise well you know what we did to mr. Collins do you mean we I did ours politically when I do a job I do it I don’t think we oughta waste time I’ll be in between ourselves kiss me alright well I got to take it over for a minute it’s a very big decision I don’t like to be kept waiting girl no we don’t did you hear me call other well did you really kill mr. Collins who do you think did it baby photographer debt and phony detective huh don’t you like that such a neat job an artistic job in she thinks an amateur did it yes yes stop taking bath I’m not taking any vows I’m still waiting Carla did you hear me kismet I can’t believe that you killed mr. Collins like I did I killed him I killed me by killing you I have to say that doesn’t that doesn’t stick up up stick him up easy cuddles one move and you’re a dead midget didn’t recognize me huh give me that map come here baby you lousy in the crossfire get your friends in here hurry up brown Finn you’re so full of holes you look like a fat clarinet come on get him in here get back there make it snappy nice work baby all right ours you can come in now come on all right yeah come on easy does it fellas I got a bullet in here for each of you and one left over in case I can still hear breathing you know those dicks downstairs tell them I’m giving a little party in 14c hurry you’ll be alright alright this is my type of work huh laughs against the wall hurry up I got you covered back up all of you I said back up [Music] okay then I’ll back up come on fellas be sensible Alicia I think of that before huh come see this record it’s a little swing number and you guys are gonna do the swing it will it what about Willie shredding walnuts I don’t want to hurt you why you coward use your feet huh [Music] look you come one step closer now I’ll break this record into a thousand pieces oh wait a mintue side of my god please fellas I can’t go any higher of the ceiling I’ll blow my top now forget the record I know itchy nuts Oh finally ha ha dad’s been here [Applause] what’s going on huh I’m gonna see Oh lieutenant boy am I glad to see you arrest that man he’s a crook and a murderer they’re all murders by yeah thanks you got here just in time what is this one of the young fellas a little mixed up officer I want you all to meet run ejection who’s wanted for the state of California for the murder of one James color just a minute you listen to that record and you’ll see who killed James Collins yeah I get the record will plate whose record oh oh come watch listen to this come here yes sir he’s mad that’s not all I’ll show you I’ll fix these character come here it’s plum cruise wait you hear this I’ll send all these guys are the cooler that’s right Ronny you may be having detectives convention but I’ve been doing a little sleuthing myself in the modern way with a recording machine need any help give me that record back away gremlin gentlemen the records you’re about to hear not only clears me of a murder charge but also exposes a tremendous international conspiracy a conspiracy gentlemen which seeks to destroy civilization listen this isn’t the record I’ve been framed they switch the records aren’t very no wait a minute if I just live in here before you take them away in that pocket he has something that belongs to me give me that map but it’s not his it’s the Baron Mantes ask your Escala come on come on let’s go killer yeah well that’s about it you know the rest quick trial Carlotta never showing up nice deal women hey reminds me yeah well night you’re late but five minutes I’ll be the late Ronny Jackson we got tickets for this thing remember I’m doing this without a rehearsal yeah it’s that too tight can you breathe what’s the difference what is this thing doc and is they stethoscope stethoscope still beating warden any news from the governor open up come here son you and I are gonna take a little walk [Music] study Jackson now I lay me Thomas Lee I love how they got you – you look a lot where are we well look Carlotta Carlotta you double-crosser why don’t you come to my trial why are you bet honey honey free I should I’m free yeah but how I’m gonna you did with your own little keyhole camera look say I’ve got this mrs. Fong and he claims the rest was just a routine I can you hold shot of the phony bear so you’re the McCoy young man I want to thank you for saving my life hard was nothing and I did it I knew I had it in me hey maybe I was supposed to be a detective huh yeah that’s it Ronny Jackson the private I know all Ronnie no I think you’d better stick to taking baby pictures oh I forgot to tell the executioner it’s all off Harry yes [Music] will you’ll take any kind of apart [Music] [Applause] [Music] you

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