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My First Joke with Cameron McLaren

Hey, I’m your favourite comedian, Cameron
McLaren. Midland’s own. This is my first joke. So, my first joke I did this in my first-ever set and it worked well enough that I did it in every
set for two years, so I’m sick of the joke but at least I know it works. This is
it. So, I don’t know if you guys know this but I solved road rage. Yeah I fixed
it. All you have to do is you imagine that the person that’s done you wrong, that they are one of your grandparents and then you feel fine. It works. Even on the
way here today filming, a taxi driver cut me off and I was about to snap but I
thought, “Nah man remember your own advice.” Grandma’s driving that taxi. Grandma cut you off. Grandma did that to you. So I pulled out my phone and I called my
grandma and I went “What is wrong with you?!” Felt so much better. That was my first ever joke I did. It’s not good. Come to my comedy festival show. There’s better jokes than that. I’ve gotten better, slightly. Perth Comedy Festival, Regal Theater. Fancy Boy, 10th 11th and 12th of May. Good job.

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