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ozzie yes there's something I gotta let you know about me why I am the tic-tock master no way I've always wanted to meet a tick tock Master I am a tick tock master and today I'm gonna show you some of my take a talkes could you be my senpai I can be your senpai but only if you like these if you don't think these are funny I'm gonna die I think they're hilarious okay I'm sure I'm sure I will I find everything you do fine okay good good good good I got you a juicer right here Oh your carpenter I was not expecting that I was not expecting that's so good do you like my guitar strumming I'm trying to but it's nothing music no one's giving me a guitar so talented thank you Harry's dance moves all right on point he needs to show us he loves when I get hurt he honestly he really does you should do that at the club we should oh my goodness like you should fall then I should like give you a guitar and you should just stand up and like finish it off Oh Ozzie do you remember when you came over to my house and you did that hack video where you put the where you made a beautiful dress out of the pajama pants yeah well I tried it okay oh you're gonna look so good I can't wait I look fantastic and pants off those are the pants they are the famous pants that's not what I was expecting but Cassie how you get those I know I mean it's an all it's an alternate way you know if you're I like it cuz it protects you from the Sun it does doesn't it right yeah and it gives you a nice little facelift as well and no more hair in your soup exactly oh my god this is brilliant I love this this is actually the perfect hair catcher this is so amazing it can be wearing this to the club where we we can do the other half I'll take you to the club I'll give you these pants and I'll give you a guitar and I'll just let you do the work before we get to the next tick tock I just wanted to let you guys know that the sponsor for today's video is tick tock if you're watching this video you probably already have tick tock and are on it until 4:00 a.m. scrolling like I am but either way if you click on the link in the description you can get a free movie ticket as well as a Marvel edition loot crate by just referring friends and if you don't mind tell your friends to follow me on tick tock igloo dogs I'm posting a lot of new content that wasn't in this video some surprises click the link download the app refer a friend follow me go to a movie thanks tick tock I was terrified sitting on somebody's back is my least favorite thing I didn't want to let go of this door here I was like no I can't you've been going at it to play he's not playing her oh my god he's one footing you I know what one footing you look at that it's irresponsible that's or irresponsible he's one footing oh my god I don't know if this means something else is somewhere else but he's one footing you I've always wanted to be tall and I feel like this is definitely what I would look like so how was it was it everything you ever dreamed of an image let me tell ya it makes you feel powerful I like it really does it just makes you feel real strong plan three we bring our boyfriends to this club and take it on their shoulders while we're in the dresses while playing guitars while they did it perfect I'm down maybe good for $20 oh my god I'm impressed how you doing no I I went to ham with the with the tick-tock effects I was thinking my tickets were great but like now I'm like embarrassed good there's this other effect that I like way too much me and Terry our relationship has been on the rocks lately no I know what's sad hey so I made this video okay let's see I did love you at one point not anymore I think I went a little overkill with it I think it's perfect thank you thank you so you always support everything I do I'm glad you are supporting the break-up too it really means a lot weird no not not the break what just the memes okay just the memes it just means I love Terry you know when you're at a party and you just want to smell good and feel good and you get your friend to smell your breath to make sure that you're in kissing territory yeah I mean no so this is a true story okay okay I should start ready to go back to the party yeah Brett check it stinks it still stinks oh no what do you do oh it's a true story one of his eyebrows fell in the toilet actually that's why he only has one oh that's sad did you guys flush it down no I had to reach my hand in the toilet and grab the eyebrow out that's nasty all of this work just went into Carl doing the head tilts yeah and get in the fart oh I see it it's coming loose oh yeah it's coming loose it's coming loose Carl what where is he always when I come over oh he always always hiding away he's always wanted to go on a date with you I'll ask Jordi if it's okay okay thank you you'd really appreciate it let's go for the day the trick to this kind of to talk is me you have something extravagant going on extravagant like there's gonna be a big bang OH oh no you fell are you okay oh really gets you in the mood doesn't it the only thing better than one Cassie is five I wish she made it and didn't trip and fall and was able to dance with the other Cassie's I know right poor thing KC number five or which was number five which was original this was you Oh original Mambo number one Mambo dear five checking on me she's nervous she's real nervous she's like wait what happened you've met little twink before haven't you I know he's our little old man yeah our little old man I know he's so cute he can't do tricks so I did a trick for him okay he's red just a music poster he's bred dog he is super hard dog I he I thought that he was gonna get mad but he just stood there for a while and then he ate the bread nobody cares less than Twinkie he should write a book hard enough give me a freak the art of not giving a dog teaching me senpai last one now I didn't want to I didn't want to freak you out but this one is it's weird okay I was saving the weird this is the weirdest one saving the weird one for last I feel like you can't weird me up oh well alright we'll see I'm a unicorn regular horse never thought I'd see that day never thought I'd see the day but you know what here we are did it yeah here we are through the magic of tick tock here we are I want to see yours wait what's this bubble one you blow the bubbles out of the the soap dispenser and then like it's like nose bubbles it's like you have like a closet for Wow yeah that is so cool as he have a heck to give you one where you're like turning the phone all the way around oh yeah I need a tutorial oh you're a little Globetrotter and that's like answering canals of waters disgustingly dirty like I was like afraid I was gonna come up with a tentacle you went to great lengths water looks kind of green a Z it's literally disgusting like there's a rocks in the water and so I would have wore like three pairs of underwear hoping that it would help anything yeah I don't know % I was really scared of like a situation where I'm like check out my hilarious tip two locks then you watched and you're like I know it's just like this huh thanks a Z thanks for stopping by anything from views and thank you Tech Talk for sponsoring this video you guys have been so good to me really proud of these Tech Talks and I'm really proud of the ones that are coming so make sure you follow me there if you ever want to see me again make sure you hit push notifications and I will see you on the next one I'm a full-time tick talker part-time youtuber sometimes riddler signing off go to Aziz channel we filmed riddles oh I didn't shave my armpits rip neither did I but I'm wearing long sleeves haha lucky

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