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My Husband Had THIS To Say About Women and I Couldn’t Stop Laughing!!Canada’s Dating Coach

Hello hello hello, everybody! I had the best conversation with my husband last night. So I’ve been starting to make a series of videos for the men By the way, Chantal Heide Canada’s Dating Coach. What I want to do today is tell you this hilarous conversation that I had with my husband when I asked him the question ‘What do men what to know about women?’ Now, the first thing he did was go into a little bit of a rant about how men have given up trying to understand women. He said and I quote ‘it has become a fruitless endeavor to understand why women do what they do and why they say what they say’ and then he kinda backtracked a little bit and he said ‘you know… I started to figure out your cycle because I started to time when you were feeling certain moods’ and he said it was like the weather he said women are like the weather and you just have to go with the weather I mean, you know as well as I do that when it snows you deal with it, when it rains you deal, when it sunshine you enjoy it. And so he described us very much like that and he said there’s a week where we’re super affectionate there’s a week where we’re, like, hands off and we’re grumpy and there’s two weeks where we are neutral. And I laughed and I said ‘you know what? That week when we’re grumpy we’re thinking it’s all your fault’ but in fact is the fluctuation of the hormones. And really what men have kinda figure out, the ones that are… have learned to coexist with us really well They figured out to just ride the waves with us But the conversation continued. And– And I thought these were some really good points that he made that men are really just sort of trying their best to go with the flow when it comes to us, women, because we are the more unpredictable sex. And so what I wanna give you out of this… Fix that up right there Hey! What I wanna give you out of this is just a few tips. Hi RJ! that are gonna– RJ you gotta do the replay on this, you’re gonna love what my husband said about what men think about us. A couple tips on how to help them weather our storms a little bit better. So the first tip is predictability. We do have those weeks where it’s standoffish, we do have those weeks where we are a little bit more grumpy, a little bit more reactive and one of the mistakes that we make very frequently is to take an exterior emotion and try to find and ext– I’m gonna start over on that. To take interior emotion and try to find an exterior source and so that week when we’re grumpy and maybe not quite realizing that’s because we’re hormonal we tend to pick a lot of fights. So having some predictability both in the morning and at night you know, that sweet little kiss goodbye, that sweet little kiss hello It smooths everything out because it also smooths out your own behavior so you know as well as he does that no matter what the ups and downs that you’re gonna have that day or the next day or that you had the day before There’s still that touch of predictability and predictability relaxes the brain, so not only yours but his as well. And it makes it easier for them to be with us regardless of the mood that we’re in regardless of what the weather is. Now, another tip that I have about all of this. Ladies, meditate. One of the things that I say is we need to meditate in order to be a little bit more like men. and it’s because our brains do a lot of multitasking whereas men’s brains is a little bit more simple tasking. And we all know if you ask a man what he’s thinking and he says nothing they know what’s nothing, we should believe them that it’s nothing because they can actually go into that nothing place in their head. So when we take on meditation we start relaxing our own brain and it makes us easy to understand this more relaxed space they tend to fly in. So smoothing out your emotions with meditation with that predictable behavior is gonna make things go better for the both of you in your relationship. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this. Gonna be a lot more coming. and I will talk to you soon. Love you

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