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My Neighbor Custom Built a Canoe, here’s the launch! Wee Robbie Laughing Loon strip boat

so this is a laughing move wee Robbie
canoe built from the plans from laughing Loon Pat wanted to do little kayak and
I didn’t it snows up here a lot in the winter so I figured I could make one
fairly proficient woodworker that didn’t worry me the fiberglass part did because
I’ve never done it it’s ten and a half feet long it’s got a capacity of 250
pounds I had some cherrie that I had traded for the strip’s are actually 3/8
of an inch thick when you start well you put it around forms and any little bit
you have to do you can hit it with a heat gun by the time they’re done
scraping off the glue dots because you use hot melt as little clamps as you go
because it makes it go quicker you sand it all down and you put fiberglass cloth
on it and you put the resin on it and the design was all about being light so
I’m guessing the wood now is a quarter-inch that thick her up an eighth
of an inch thick or less but that just gives it the shape the fiberglass gives
it to strength and I used spruce for the gunnels because it’s a little lighter
than the cherry the bottom of it is actually cedar and if you see the dots
across the bottom since it’s below the waterline that’s where you staple it to
the forms to keep the shape you don’t see that on the sides above the
waterline because I used hot melt glue to hold it to the forms on the ends of
it it’s filled in those are air tanks just in case it doesn’t float here in a
minute we won’t lose it on the bottom and I caned to seat myself I did 3/4 of
it didn’t like it tore it out did it one more time and then I got talked into
doing a chair for a relative and then I threw all my extra cane away because I
don’t really ever care to do that again so that’s pretty much it in a nutshell
and they have really enjoyed the project and
there’s a little bit of work in that backrest
again that’s out of cherry and I’m not really a carver but that came out fairly
decent so if I ever built another one it would come out better and there’d be a
few things different but all in all for a hack I’m pretty pleased with it the black on the front and the bow and
the stern is actually polypropylene tape which is very tough and abrasion
resistant so that gives it a little little help when you have to push it up
into the gravel like that now I’ve lost 75 pounds since I started
building this boat mind you but I am technically right at the limit but I am I am too big for this canoe it’s so smooth isn’t it I would bring them straight out and I’d
put fill pieces in here and then there’s some spots where it’s just learning how
to do it I wouldn’t wouldn’t do the staples the same and a whole lot I think other than that
I would just be better at it

23 thoughts on “My Neighbor Custom Built a Canoe, here’s the launch! Wee Robbie Laughing Loon strip boat

  1. This is one pretty canoe.. I have a friend that would pay a lot to get a personalized canoe like this.

  2. Awesome craftsmanship. I have to say Safety 1st always wear a life jacket. Ma'am I say this because I care I don't want you to drown. Frederick thank you for putting out this awesome video.

  3. Im going to stop beekeeping an build one those lol i cant build a beehive who am kidding, ive always looked at any wooding boat in amazement

  4. Beautiful canoe. To bad he is to big for his own creation. Just love it. Thank you for sharing. 💗

  5. I got a friend really into kayaks, im gonna have to look into this foldable boat rack for him. Thats crazy cool! And man with a canoe that pretty, i dont know if i'd want it getting dirty, it would end up being a show and tell item. haha

  6. Beautiful wood work. Reminds me of the craftsmanship put into to the older surf boats we raced back home! I was a Tamarama Boatie! 😁😇

  7. That's a beautiful canoe for sure but it pains me to the bone hearing it run into the gravel. You should set it in the water where it has enough room underneath so that when you get in it won't hit the bottom. And I'm no expert but I think your paddle is to short. Your arms should be about the width of your shoulders. Awesome build that you can be so proud of.

  8. Terrific job! Nice work! Canoe and video! This small canoe is so lightweight that it takes a while to get comfortable in it. The weight of heavy canoe makes it feel stable from the start. Men carry their body weight high in their chest so this canoe can feel quite unstable at first. Women's weight is more centered in the pelvis, so this natural advantage makes an extremely lightweight canoe like this feel more stable from the start. The paddle being used here is far too short, it should be at least half again as long. Experienced canoeist and kayakers learn to use the paddle as outrigger to stabilize the boat, simply by transferring a small amount of weight to the water resistance, adding stability. So the 250 pound man is not too heavy, even though the canoe is lower in the water. Actually I would suggest he ADD weight on the hull bottom and he would find the canoe will feel much more stable. For more info go to

    All the best,
    Rob Macks
    Laughing Loon Custom Canoes & Kayaks

  9. Wow! What talent! And just in time for Mother's Day, too! What an amazing husband to do that for her!

  10. Rob has some amazing designs. I'm looking at tackling a matched pair of his Georgian Bay kayaks when I get my shop put together.

    He built a darned purty boat. Looking forward to his boat next Spring.

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