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Heh heh… Heh heh HU HUAUH There ain’t gonna be none of that here in this TRY NOT TO LAUGH CHALLENGE, BABY! That’s right yeah that’s not exactly how I laugh ok guys? I do not laugh like that. Fast fowarded: HEH HEH HEH HEH HU HUAUH Reversed and fast fowarded: HUH HEH
HUH HUUUH But yes, are you prepared for the classiest… The most dapper The most mmmmmarvelous d-dank memes? Because today’s theme is of course Th-The Try Not To Laugh Classic Dank Edition that I said (?) on Twitter *Breathes* Now you see now I-I don’t expect to see the classiest things Because When I say classy usually you guys do the exact the same opposite of what I want *Deep breath* Umm But we’ll see how it goes this time, I don’t know how it’s gonna go that’s the whole point of this It’s just whatever happens… HAPPENS in these The Try Not To Laugh Challanges here That’s, I think, what makes them so much fun for y’all *Noble laugh counter: 1* And for me too actually so umm I guess lets just get to it OOH~ *Noble laugh counter: 2* And that smug face as Darkness walks in, Fully fuckin but naked infront o- LOOK AT THAT F- Is that the face you would have when a girl walks in front of you Just dropping in Yeah… I guess that I uh I would be lookin’ like that too 😉 I’d be like *Don’t Pause* You can screen cap that Breaking news: Village boy learns to jump Thousands celebrated across the world *Noble laugh counter: 3* Oh my gOD … ? YES Oh my god yes would I learned that there was a jump button in fucking Breath of Wild I was like: “Wait a minute..! They finally did it! Nintendo finally gave Link the ability to jump on his own!” It was the weirdest thing EVER! That was like my first comments too man when i first learned about It was great! Wait is-is this some Yu-Gi-Oh? Oh DAYUM look at that Dark Magician Girl, lets be honest Dark Magician Girl is like what everybody like was fantasizing about When they were a kid, they’re like: AHhh~ Dark Magician Gurl *Slurp* Umm But.. wait a minute what’s this going on over here? OH MY IS THAT JOEY WHEELER PEEKING AT SOME- ALLRIGHT Joey… Gaaaaaaaawd daaayum it Joey he’s going for da goods there He is going for that bum bad-um This never happens In real life Rias: Please take my virginity from me Y-y-you know… … *Holds in laugh* That’s actually very true Oh man that is very t- ONLY in fucking anime Do you see scenes like these Like literally Come on man A-a-also those little bots on twitter that always say: “Heey~ take my virginity plz” Click this ObviouslyAVirus link over here Would you like your dinner? Or your bath? Or… 😉 *wink* 20 years in prison? No I- N-No alright that is a very obvious bait meme right there man Noble lesson: You do not go for the lolis alright? Especially not if they are dragons I warned you about this ok? I warned you all Gawd dayumit don’t let me get my Ravioli Usually, around 10% of the budget for an Anime goes to drawing the eyes uh-#8Anime And then you got Mr. Saitama himself! That’s the way its done there The quality Saitama face is right there Aw man, Saitama just blows everything away Doesn’t need purple spikey yellow-y hair that glows Doesn’t need like a fucking fancy-serious face Although when he does it does actually look pretty good But still like it’s fucking great that’s I think The reason why One Punch Man was so popular is because it blew all that stereotype shit away in such a spectacular manner Oh~ this is beatuful It truly symbolizes the simplicity between Life and Death Good and evil Right and wrong But in the end it’s still our paths that we take Uh on our own hearts That we hold in our hands. Truly a masterpiece It’s a Yu-Gi-Oh-Oh-Oh CARD HAHAHA *Noble laugh counter: 4* *Gasp* Ohh~ Ohh boy Oh man we are going for like a Yu-Gi-Oh edition going on here? Alright I mean its a nice Yu-Gi-Oh card I’m not gonna lie I’m pretty sure i just lost the challange on that one there But fuck dude A fuking Yu-Gi-Oh card *Noble laugh counter: 5* I’m sorry but thats great What’s going on here? Is that… OH~ Uh oh he’s about to… AND IT’S FREAKING KANNA GOING DOWN AND PICK HIM UP *Noble laugh counter: 6* J-Just (inaudible) pick him up and then nom-nom-nom *Noble laugh counter: 7* Would you wanna get eaten by Kanna let’s be ho- Ma-maybe I think Armin right there is a lolicon, alright? So That-that’s all I’m that’s gonna say about that That’s what happens when you lewd the dragons We warned you bro! Oh there is even a video for it here. Oh for fuck’s sake NOM And he just gets nommed like that Ok Fucking glorious Fucking G L O R I O U S OOH It’s a little Kanna 😀 I’m standing here with a boner. Sad life. Bye OH NO DON’T DO Wait a minute! Ok nvm its a boy OOOOOOOOOOOOH~~~ (Ultimate noble orgasm) NOOO YOU’VE JUST TRAPPED THE DRAGON LOLI Get you a girl who can do both Loli’s and big boobies And it’s Pff fucking Peashy of course it’s Peashy! Goddammit, alright if you want the loli you got the adult you get both of them together! Oh for fuck’s sake man Yellow Heart is uh I mean, I’m not gonna lie Yellow Heart is pretty god. *Intense Nutting* Only in anime Daughter… AND MOTHER Isn’t that the student council president one? I don’t remember the title but yeah I don’t understand how that works How come the daughter is so well “built” 😉 And the mothers are always lolis in anime What’s with the trending older lolies? I don’t understand But then again there is so many lolis in anime some of them have to grow up and get like a husband sometime I’m just saying alright? Be careful who you call ugly in middle school AND IT’S FUKING MARK AND ZAR- I HAVE NEVER- WHY IS IT MARK AND ZARYA? That doesn’t even (inaudible) *Noble laugh counter: 8* BUT it’s so stupid And it fucking made me laugh WHAT is that? Why does he look so serious there? Zarya looks less fucking serious I don’t even know Dragons… There is a nice crowd… And loli dragons *Noble laugh counter: 9* What the fuck is wrong with you people?! THE SPONGEBOB MEME IS REAL OH MY GOD Alright… alright yeah that’s pretty much the internet in a goddamn nutshell right now I can’t even do this Ok, we got Charizard blowing some fire Blastoise shooting water And then just Venusaur. What the fuck is Venusaur doing? His BEST! *Noble laugh counter: 10* OOH OH HE IS SO CUTE *Noble laugh counter: 11* What is Venusaur doing? His best Oh, poor Venusaur Alright look man, he is just trying to be cool alright? DON’T HATE POOR VENUSAUR Anime girls in hats… WAIT a minute! Wait a minute! WAAIT A MINUTE WHATS GOING THERE Who is that pokemon? It’s diglett NO IT’S UNCLE BEN *Stifles a laugh* *Noble laugh counter: 12* I GOING STRAIGHT TO HELL FOR THAT ONE *Cackles* *KEEPS LAUGHING, Noble laugh counter: 13* That’s just soo mean… Ohhh man that is so fucking mean *giggles* that’s so great I love that that’s great man I’m still going to hell The connection has been lost Thank you for playing Club Penguin Waddle on! Its as if millions of voices cried out in terror And were suddenly silenced *Noble laugh counter: 14* THE CLUB PENGUIN Yes, I know Club Penguin also shut down on my birthday IT MADE THE WORST BIRTHDAY EVER! *Noble cry counter: 1* Rest In Peace: Club Penguin Waddle on brothers… Waddle on… When you’re trying really hard to be the main protagonist OOOOOOOOHHHH MMYYYYYY GOODDDDDDDDD SOMEBODY ACTUALLY DID THE Yu-Gi-Oh HAIR LOOK AT THAT THING… LOOK AT THAT THING- IS THAT HOW IT WOULD LOOK IN REAL LIFE??? *Noble laugh counter: 15* That’s fucking crazy! HOW MUCH HAIR DO YOU HAVE TO HAVE TO DO THAT??? HoolY SHiiiT son *Noble laugh counter: 16* That’s just amazing I’m sorry Oh wow! Day 5 Noble still has a girlfriend What is this??? You guys are so mean to me Look it’s been more than 5 days let me tell you that alright? It has been way longer than that alright? So shut up all of you bitches out there Fuck you I’m on Tinder to make friends Sure, and I’m on PornHub to see if this plumber manages to fix this sink *Noble laugh counter: 17* Oh man Dude alright, look man When I was going trough Tinder back in the day There was some bullshit fucking stuff going Man I can just make a video about Tinder and its just It’s so funny seeing some of that shit on there man Oh man, that’s… that’s just one of the things that touches the surface *Noble laugh counter: 18* just looking at that fucking cou- That poor couch that got it bad WHYYY? WHY HAVE YOU LEFT ME HERE? I LOVED YOU! *Noble laugh counter: 19* Oh god, that is fucking gold I love that couch oh god [Sample Text] So, anyways I hope you enjoyed this here And if some of these made u laugh well then.. GOOD JOB That was the point of this here I guess BUT IF YOU DIDN’T… Well then, maybe you’re probably lying I don’t know… Either way you could share how far or how well you did at the comments below that’s absolutely fine But for now… Thank you guys so much for watching Maybe leave a like Maybe subscribe for some more quality goodness And I hope to see you beautiful sons of guns again… Next Time YOU CRAZY MOTHA-

100 thoughts on “MY TRY NOT TO LAUGH CHALLENGE (Dark Humor Edition)

  1. i only have one thing to say to these memes `its a beautiful day outside, birds are singing, flowers are blooming, on days like these humans like us…. SHOULD BE PRAYING FOR MERCY`

  2. Either though my middle/user name is Drake, the type of Drake my middle/user name is supposed to be a serpent like dragon that has no arms type of drake, not a male duck and a wyvern that steals pudding.


  4. Wow… I've been sitting here waiting for "Dark Humour" only for the first slight example appearing at 7:45 …. dude… wtf

  5. Anyone else think that noble is part lolicon due to the body pollow with lillie form pokemin sun and moon on it?

  6. Kimihito Kurusu is also rarely seen with normal eyes throughout the series… and there is that mob psycho who looks like Saitama but with hair.

  7. I’m sorry the Joey face caused me to die. Damn it it wasn’t even y’all it was his edits that made me laugh.

  8. Would you like your dinner? Or your bath? Or 20 years in prison.
    Me: let's go with prison *BANG*!!! NOT INTO LOLIS

  9. I see this in my recommended, click it, and i am greeted by a giant waifu cutout and like thirty waifus in bakinis in a display case.

  10. Noble, what's the deal with that well hidden anime girl body pillow in the background? Seriously dude…

  11. someone pls make a savage meme compilation something that would contain that dead uncle Ben joke just completely not giving a f#%^

  12. When the Yugioh card popped up I thought it was fanart of Frisk and Chara from undertale
    Note: I haven't watched Yu-Gi-Oh in 2 years

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