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– What’s up, guys? It’s Corey. – And Bonnie. – And today we’re doing the
Mystery Bag of Slime Challenge! If you’re new to our channel, make sure you like and subscribe. If you want some shoutouts, make sure you follow us on Instagram. Guys, did you know we love slime? We’ve done some more slime videos. We’ve done mystery wheel,
we’ve done twin telepathy, we’ve done mystery box, we’ve done– – Oh my god, we’ve done so much. – We’ve done mystery wheel! I think I already said that.
– Yeah, you did. – We’ve done so many, we love slime. It is amazing. So, this is how you play. Inside these bags we
have slime ingredients, and we have to pick a
number without looking, and whatever number we get, that’s the bag that we get. – Okay, are we ready? – Yep, so let’s get on with the video. (bell dinging) – [Both] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! – Oh, dangit. – Okay guys, I’m gonna pick my number. I choose this one. What did I get, what did
I get, what did I get? Three!
– Okey-dokey. – Where’s bag three? – Three’s over here. – I hope I get a good ingredient. – Yeah. (bag crinkling) – Ooh, ooh, gold glitter glue! – It’s a little one. Whoa, it’s like a face. – There’s a nose, and the
mouth, and the hair added too. – Are those glasses, because the eyeball has a line connected. – Okay, I’m done. – It’s cute, because
it’s got a little mouth. – Okay, your turn. I’m gonna mix it up. – I’m gonna go down to the bottom. Which number? – Nine!
– I got nine! Mom is nine all the way down the back? – I’m not sure. – Yeah it is, okey-dokey, took my nine. – Mine actually looks like a squiggly man. – And I got a little Elmer’s Glue– (silly wiggle noises) – Red glitter glue! – I’m gonna do glasses as well. – Old Man Jenkins. – There’s not much in here. – You’ve got to squeeze it tight. (grunts) – Okey-dokey, there’s my smiley face – That looks so cute! (laughing) Okay, now I’m gonna pick
my number out of the bowl. What is it, what is it,
please be something good! 16, wait, do you got that? – Nope, you do. – 15, 16, and 16. Okay, so what do I got? (humming in anticipation) – [Both] Ooh, silver glitter! Gold and silver match, oh yeah! (funky upbeat music) Oh yeah, oh my god, sticky. Shake it all up in here. – Shake it all. – Rudolph the silver-nosed
reindeer, reindeer. (tape rewinding) What, he has a silver nose. You should have put a red nose there. – Oh yeah, shut up! – Okay, what one are you gonna pick? – Okey-dokey, you’ve gotta
put that back on the glitter, or it’ll tip everywhere. Oh which one? I’m gonna go to the bottom. – Please be something bad,
please be something bad! – 14, you’ve got it on your side. – 14. – That sounds like you
just ripped the bag. (bag crinkling) White Elmer’s glitter glue! I’m still mixing up my words again. White glitter glue, that’s what I can say, did it right this time. (sad music) – Why did she get white glitter glue? – White-nosed reindeer. He’s cold, got a white nose. – Oh yeah, freezing in the darkness. White glitter glue is the best. I hope I get–
– I made glasses. – like, a glow-in-the-dark one? – There we go, he has glasses. – I was about to grab 10, okay. – There it is, whoa! – That looks cool.
– Glasses and a white nose. – Are there any more glue in this bag? Because we have tiny slimes already, no slime glue amount, look at that. – I don’t think mine
would even be a slime, because it’s so tiny. – Okay, I’m gonna take
mine, shake it around, okay. Please be a lucky number of the day. – 10.
– It’s 10! – You’ve got that one. – I was about the put it back in the bowl. Please be something good. Mom, glitter!
– That’ll be nice. – Purpley-blue glitter. – That’s nice, I like it. – Whoa. – That’s a lot of glitter
already tipped out. That’s enough, that’s enough. – I’ve got two glitters so far. – Thank you. I like throwing bags, it’s fun. Okay, I’m gonna go on the top this time. Okay-dokey, I got 17.
– 17! I think I have that one. I feel like that’s glow-in-the-dark. Please don’t be glow-in-the-dark. (suspenseful music) – Nope, it’s purple glitter.
– Phew! – At least I needed glitter. – But that’s, still good. – Yeah, I like glitter. – Oh my god, yours is so plain, is it even gonna make slime? – Sticking to me, sticking to me. – Oh now it’s sticking to me! (laughing) Okay, I’ll just, stick it to the plate. – It’s a purple face! – Purple face! Oh that actually is so cool! – Look at this, like with the red, it just looks really cool. I know,
– Does it glow too? – it looks so cool from the bottom. (gasping) – It looks like a real
person from the bottom! I’m gonna choose mine. Please be a lucky number,
please be a lucky number, okay. I really hope I get 15. – [Both] Eight! – You have eight. – Yes, I do have eight. – Oh, I was about to put that back in! – You have it big, I
can feel something big! – We’ve got a big fish in here. (excitedly gasping) – You’ve got clear green! Haha, it’s like snot. – [Both] Snot! – Snot. (bottle squelches) – Is that enough? – I really hope I get
glow-in-the-dark, ew. – I need glow-in-the-dark. – Oh my god look at the blue glitter, it’s turned to dark green. – Some of the blue glitter is– – It’s blue in there. – Okay-dokey, mine looks really purple. – Why were you gonna put that in? – I don’t know.
(laughter) – Yours looks like a purple man. – I’m picking one.
– It’s like that movie. Which one?
– 18! – Oh, he actually has a
horn, but too much horns. – Yeah, he has three. Something big. – I hope you don’t get the–
– Silver glitter glue! Yeah!
(grunting) Why isn’t it coming out? It’s not coming out. Oh, there it is, big blob! – Oh my god, right next to his nose, it looks like a pimple. (bottle squelching) (smacking bottle) Oh my god, you are not gonna
make a big batch of slime. – Not really. (sneezes)
(laughter) – Ohhh! (laughing) – Okay, we’re gonna grab this one. Please be a lucky number. Five! – I really wanted five, because it’s my favorite number. – My favorite number is 50, no, 42. No, 46, I just really
like that number, 46. (gasping) (suspenseful music)
(dinging) Yay!
– It’s mine! That looks white for some reason, with a teensy bit of yellow. – It looks gross, but when you actually put it in the dark, it glows. (smacking bottle) I wonder what this is gonna turn out like. Okay, your turn to pick. – I’m going to pick this one. (upbeat music)
Seven! No, it’s on my side.
– The kit. (laughing) Oh,I thought I had it. – Okey-dokey, – Wait, who’s got number 18?
– I got… I did.
– Oh. – Black glitter! – That’s gonna take care of it, Bon. Oh, it’s like a witch! – So it’s, oh no, it’s going all over me. – Look at, the big nerds and
the black will match with it. – Wow, that is a big nerd. (laughing)
I didn’t see that. Now you’re evil. – Oh my god. Probably stop now. – No. – Yours is gonna be black. – What are you gonna do then? You’re like (gasps). (laughing) Okay, I’m gonna choose
a number from the bowl. Please be a lucky number with another batch of glow-in-the-dark. Four, from your side! – Yes.
– Again. I keep on getting your side ones. Oh, it’s under there, hiding from you. – Oh, I thought that was three. – Okay, what is in here? Please be something good. Oh, I probably got glitter. (gasps) – Green glitter, definitely booger. (laughing) – Definitely booger. – Booger. – Booger. (imitates sneeze) Oh my god, this green is so pretty. – It’s like a light green.
– Guys, look at that. Would you want that in the slime? Definitely! (gasps) Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I gotta get it all over here to make it look pretty. – Pretty! (giggles) – Pretty! Shake it up! Shake it up! – Ow. – My arm’s getting sore. Look at this, it looks so booger-y. – His looks better than mine. I shouldn’t have done that black. (laughing)
As much as I did. – Oh no, the nose is melting! – [Bonnie] Uh-oh. – Whoa. – Don’t, don’t, don’t. Okay, this is my next one. I’ve got glitter all over my hand. Six, from my side. – [Both] Again. (laughing) – You’re gonna soon run
out of new paper bags. – Don’t even have much glue. I don’t think it’s gonna be a slime. – No, no, no. – What’s in there? (gasp) – It’s probably gonna glow in the dark. Or not! – Blue, good it don’t glow. Oh, bye-bye bag. (chuckles) – (whispering) Get ready. (laughing) – She’s going crazy! Yeah, you need way more glue than that. – Whoa it almost fell out of my hand. – It’s like night-time galaxy. – Like, how’s, there’s
so much in this one. Okay, that will be enough. – That is totally like night-time galaxy. – Don’t fall. – If you look from the back
it’s an evil man in disguise. – It is? That is so much glitter, that
hasn’t sticked down here. – Okay, now I’m gonna choose
a color from the bowl, I was about to call it a deck. Oh 11! – You have 11. – I keep on trying to put
an 11, I’m like, eep nope. (gasps) Glitter again! Oh! Big glitter! – Stinky! That too big, that won’t look good. – Ugh.
– It’ll look like a brain. – I’m not sure what my
color’s gonna turn out like. Yours are gonna turn out black probably. – Probably. – Comment down below if you think Bonnie’s will turn out black. – Okey-dokey this is cool. – And comment down below what you think my slime
will turn out like. (giggling) Boo-ger! – Thir-teen, thir-teen! – Wait is that from my side? Yeah. 13 here it is. – I got glock, blegh! (laughing) I got gold glitter! – (gasps) Whoa, oh my god, I
can hear the birds outside. That looks so pretty! Okay, mine looks like, pretty booger. (gasps) – I did too much, didn’t I? (chuckles) – Yeah, probably! I think just a little bit too much. Four more left. Okay, I hope I get a good one. 15! – I need more glue, save me some glue. – Oh my god, this is a heavy one. – Oh, it must be glue. (celestial tone) – Orange glitter gl-
– I need! – Orange glitter glue! You don’t need it, you want it. – Please more glue. – Okay I’m gonna stop. – I need more glue. Your turn, this one. Okay, I hope it’s more glue. I’ve only got one bottle. Two!
– I can’t believe they make, orange glitter glue, that’s so cool! Wait, what number did you get? – Two!
– Two! Two-no! – Two,two,two,two,two! – Uno, two-no! – More glitter? – Oh my god. – At least it’s pink, hmmm? – That is actually really pretty pink. (paper bag crashing against floor) Yo, that is so pretty! Go on, look at your blue glitter glue now, it just turned in, oh my
god, you got it on me. It just turned ’em black. – (coughing) I ate some! I ate some!
– Okay, my turn! I bet Bonnie gonna get that one, ’cause it’s the only one left. – I guess I have to, so
I’m just gonna open it now. – One, I got that one! Switcheroo! – We all know what mine gonna be. – Oh it’s probably gonna be glitter. Oh mines glue! – Come on! – I think this is silver
or gray glitter glue. – Can we swap? – Uhhhh, – Because I’ve got peach. – (laughing) I already put it in. – It’s not even gonna be a slime. – Or will it? It will be a little batch of slime. – Guess I’m gonna add a lot. – Whoa that’s like pale. – Okay, that’s really enough. – Mine, look at mine guys. – It’s kind of gritty. – It’s so glittery and glowy and snottery. – I might as well just see
if there’s any more glue in my glue bottle thingys. – True. – Cause I don’t have much. Come out, come out, come out. – Oh my god, I see a little
bit of galaxy down there. – Come out, come out, wherever you are! – Don’t do that, it’s
gonna fall on your face. Okay there’s really none left. – Yes there is, there it is, it came out. That should be enough. Oh no, oh no, oh no. – Okay guys, we’re gonna activate and you’ll see our slimes in, – [Both] Three, two, one! – Oh my god! – My slime’s like hard. Guys my slime’s like really
hard when you do that but look at this, it’s super stretchy, when you stretch it out
like that it’s super soft, and look at that! – Can you see him properly? – Guys my slimes like goldy, – Yellowy. – Yeah, goldy-yellow? – And mine like, it’s
really hard, like that, like Corey’s was but then’s
it’s like really stretchy, and mine like, looking up
close it looks like orbeez. They’re really cool, because like, (slime crackling) they make my hand really sticky. – Did you hear that? – Oh I did hear that, oh
that stuck to my hands. – #Goldwins if you think mine won. – #Glitterbomb if you think mine won. – Make sure you guys like and subscribe! – [Both] Hit the bell button so you know when we post a new video, bye! – Hey guys this is Corey! – And Bonnie! – And today we’re doing,
wait can we start that again? Comment down below if you wanna, okay just forget about that. – Comment down below, (laughing) I don’t know what to say!

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