Laughter is the Best Medicine

Nauker Full Movie | Sanjeev Kumar | Jaya Bachchan | Hindi Comedy Movie

Please come in. Didn’t
Mr. Girdharilal come along? He never accompanies me. He accompanied me only on his
second marriage with me. Thereafter’ he has
been busy working. It’s good to be busy working. Nonsense!
It was Pappu’s birthday. I asked him to get
many toys for Pappu. But he bought some stupid toy
from somewhere’ which also broke. Since then’ he’s been
pestering me . . . to come to your
shop and buy toys. Come’ Pappu.
Move! What are you waiting for? Careful’ Pappu. Take whatever you like. Gaikwad’ show some
toys to the kids. Want this elephant’ kid?
Take. See this jeep’
it runs very fast. Take it’ son.
– See this train. It goes chuk-chuk.
Want this too? Take. What do you want’ kid?
– Mom’ shall I buy this horse? Shut-up! You have grown so big
and still want to play with toys? I won’t buy it for you !
Pappu’ buy that one too. Madam’ your packets. Take this horse.
– But. . . It’s a gift from me.
– You are spoiling him. Though you spoke in his interest
that he is a big boy now . . . and therefore should
not play with toys . . . but why are you giving
the world a chance to say . . . that he is your step-son? Take it. Pappu’ carry the parcels.
Move! The elephant died’
how can he fight now? The elephant broke his
leg and fell down. Papa has come! What have I bought for you?
– What have you bought’ papa? First give me a kiss. Look.
– What a lovely toy. Shall I show it to mom? Mom look’ papa has
bought such a lovely toy. Isn’t it lovely? People talk to God’ and my
Bitto talks to her dead mother. Wish my Bitto could
get a real mother. But if that real mother
is not good’ . . . her life will
become miserable. My daughter
doesn’t lack anything. I am her mother’ I am her
father. Right’ child? Master’ my hand ! ”With small dreams in her eyes” ”And wings of sleep on her arms” ”My darling daughter
swings on the moon” ”O moonlight’ rejoice! ” ”She is the only
bloom in my garden” ”She is the only pearl
I found in the sea of life” ”I will give her so much love’
it will become a phenomenon” ”O moonlight’ rejoice. . . . ” Elephants’ horses’ palanquins.
Hail Kanhaiyalal ! Master’ she is a kid now’
so you can dress her up. You are giving her a bath’
changing her clothes. But when she grows a
little older’ . . . how will you perform
a mother’s duty? I understand’ Dayal. When you do understand’
when will you get married? Papa’ when will I get married? Now give her an answer. First papa will get married.
A new mother will come for you. When will I get a new mother?
– First papa will select a mom. A procession will be taken out.
The band will play. Then’ your mom will come home.
And you will be very happy. Enough of day dreaming.
Now go and cook. Give it to me.
It’s my brother’s letter. And the other one is for master. Manmauji. . . . .come here
and listen to me. Go to the grocer and
buy two kilos of lentil. What lentil?
– Yellow lentil. Tell him he is adulterating
his products these days. He adds red colour
to red chillies. Adds yellow colour to turmeric. If he doesn’t give quality
species’ I’ll grind him to spice! Go and tell him that! He adds stones to the cumin. My brother’s letter. ‘ Hello’ brother. ‘ Hello. ‘ I am fine and happy here’
– As if I am unhappy. ‘ I hope you’ Mr.Amar
and Aarti must be fine’ Yes’ everyone is fine. ‘ I am sorry to
write this’ . . . ‘ ‘ but please send me
Rs. 100 more this month’ I am more sorry to hear that
I should send you Rs. 100 more. I don’t own the Reserve bank to
just withdraw money and send you. Send what?
– Sir. My brother has asked
for Rs. 100 more this time. How can I send him more
money when I don’t have any? If he has asked for it’
you’ll have to send. He is doing his graduation’
and Bombay is not a small town. Even water is bought
with money there. Did the dog
give you the letter? Yes. It was from Kamla.
She is coming for tea tomorrow. Kamla is coming?
Surprising. Avoiding the issue will not do.
We won’t take no for an answer. You will have to marry. That is my opinion too. A man cannot take a
girl’s responsibility. Having a lady in the
house is very necessary. Aunty’ shall I feed
a biscuit to the dog? Yes’ sure. Sister’ having a lady in
the house is very necessary. Even I am of the same opinion. You are asking me
to commit suicide. Is getting married committing suicide?
You are always talking nonsense. I’m not talking nonsense’
it’s a fact. Lord Ram went into exile
because of his stepmother. Kunal’s stepmother
snatched his eyesight. Take our neighbour
Girdharilal’s son. How much his
stepmother troubles him. Do you know’ the cruel lady once
burnt his hand with a hot spoon. Amar’ all stepmothers
are not alike. Even I had a stepmother. She had given me so much love’
perhaps my own mother would not. Even today when I think of
her’ my eyes brim with tears. He weighs everyone
in the same scale. I wouldn’t tell him
if he had many children. But she’s an only child.
Besides’ you are still young. That is why I’m insisting.
The house seems so desolate. Master leaves for his office
and Bitto goes to school. And I am left
alone in the house. When I get fed-up’ I start
barking at the other servants. Good you only bark’
don’t bite. See! He never takes
anything I say seriously. Even I give an
ultimatum today. Ultimatum? Yes! I want madam’
and Bitto wants a mother! I know Bitto needs a mother.
Even I need a wife. But I fear she may
make your life miserable. If you keep her in control’
why will she? An then’ that will come later.
I’ll manage. Right’ brother-in-law? Yes’ we’ll get a nice
girl for your master. I have a friend’ Shantiswaroop
in Bombay’ who has two daughters. They are very nice girls.
I have met them. You can marry
any one you like. There is a difference of about
a year or so in them. Both are beautiful’ educated’
and good natured. Write to them saying Amar
is coming to see the girls. Do write in the letter that
the prospective groom has a kid. Why should we hide’
we’ll take Bitto along. I have already told them this.
Just tell me when you are going. A few days before
Holi festival. I’ll call them and inform them.
– Have sweets for this good news. I’ll serve him. Dayal.
– Yes’ master? Do you know
what is the deepest? The ocean’ master.
– Wrong. The depth of the
ocean can be measured. Then who’ master? A woman’s heart. It’s
depth can never be measured. Master’ what’s the need to get so
deep into anyone heart or brain? There is. I will
marry only that girl . . . who will love my daughter. How will you know that?
– By posing as a servant. I will come to see the girl
posing as a servant. And who will be the master?
– You. Me?
– Yes’ you. You will come as Amar’
and I as Dayal. What kind of a joke is this? I am not joking. I need
a good mother for Aarti. And this is the only
way to check her out. Why do you need to
pose as a servant? I am a real servant. I will check her out.
– You are good only in the kitchen. Girls are different. Before marriage’ all girls
pretend they are very innocent. It’s only after marriage that
their true colours become obvious. Tell me’ if kept on the head’
will this shoe turn into a crown? This shoe cannot become the
crown’but can help get the crown. And it can also make
one lose his crown. But master’
how do I forget my place? If you want me to
come and see the girl’ . . . you’ll have to do what I say.
– But master’ I am your servant. How can I order you
around in their presence? Alright’ forget it then.
– No master. . . we’ll go. Bitto needs a mother. Here she is. Papa’ when will we
bring the new mother? From now on’ call him papa.
– Him? Yes’ for a few days.
Or you won’t get a new mother. Say you will.
– Okay. Good girl ! Master’ come and take
this juice from me. Come and give it to me.
– I am standing on the 2nd floor. 2nd floor?
– Not 4th master’ 2nd floor. Look down. If you are laughing’
what will they do? Come here.
– How can I? I cannot walk. Seeing this gait of mine’
they will kick me out. Master. What are you doing?
Remove your hands. After wearing such clothes’
I feel I have worn nothing. Unless I don’t wear what I
normally do’ I feel I’m nude. Move your hands. Rehearse for
15-20 minutes and you’ll manage. And don’t call me master.
Get used to calling me Dayal. Alright’ master.
– Not master’ Dayal. That is what I’m saying’
Dayal master. Only Dayal’ not master.
– Yes master’ Dayal. Only Dayal ! Master. . . master. Sit down.
Drink this. Oh God’ I committed no sin. Yet why did God give
me this punishment? We are going to have
guests in the house today. And I had to get
this pain today! Press harder. The knot has gone.
– It has? Leave my leg ! Get up! Go! Go! Oh God’ you are the only
one who I can tell my sorrows. Despite having You’
I am an orphan. Am I not destined for
even one day of happiness? There was no salt at all. But Shibban’ without cream. . . . Yes’ madam?
– You know we have guests today. Look’ cook food
for Amar in butter. And if a servant comes along’
cook food for him in oil. You understand?
– Yes’ madam. Bansi’ add bathing salts
to Amar’s bath water. And for his servant? Tell him there is a
shortage of water in Bombay. That he can go home and bathe. And put him in the
room adjacent to Geeta’s. But madam’ there is
no tube light in that room. Shall I fix a bulb?
– Nonsense! We’re having power cuts. He’ll stay in the dark. What are you
making for breakfast? Whatever you say. Pattice’ samosas’ almond sweets’
and whatever else you like. Hurry up’ the guests
will be here any time. Don’t mess up the sweets.
– You make the sweets. Move that knife! I’ll make the pattice.
– Then come. Oh mummy’ master has
come to teach me. . . how to walk with an
enticing gait before the guests. Enough of your gait!
Go and get dressed. Master’ you please leave.
Come! I have never come
across a girl like you. Does anyone take so
long to get dressed? I don’t know what to wear. Wear anything’ dear.
You are so beautiful. Take’ wear this.
Wow’ this looks good. It does?
– Yes. Wear it and come down soon.
– Alright. You are still here? And I thought you must
have reached the station. Tiwari is not accepting defeat’
what do I do? I have a good deal today. Do you have a family or not? Madam’ master’
the guests have arrived. They have! Tiwari’ you
continue’ I’ll join you. Hurry! Welcome! Welcome! I am Shantiswaroop’
and she is my wife’ Durga. He is my master. . .servant’
Mr. Dayal. Not mister’ only Dayal.
Master’ seek blessings. Not me’ seek their blessings.
-You have a good sense of humour. I’ll take your blessings too. Come in. She is my elder
daughter’ Shobha. And she is my younger
daughter’ Sheela. And she?
– She is our maid. Come. What arrangements
have you made for Dayal? Geeta’ put his servant in the
room adjacent to yours. Go. Please come. This is your room. Here’s the broom.
Sweep the floor with it. Then put a mattress on
the floor and take rest. I live in the room
adjacent to this one. My name is Geeta.
What is your name? What a strange girl !
She gave me a broom and left? She could have swept. . .
– Did you say something? No.
I’ll sweep the floor. If you need anything’
call me. She talks so sweetly. First eat something’
then drink milk. Amar’ I hope you
are comfortable here. Don’t embarrass
me by saying that. Fragrant water for bathing’
wine for drinking. Saffron paste instead
of ordinary soap. I have no problems here.
Right’ dear? Take’ mom.
– Shobha has made this pattice. Please taste. Wow’ it’s tasty! I feel like
staying here forever. Sheela has made these samosas. Take’ eat. It’s pungent.
– Then have this sweet. My wife has made this. Almond sweet.
– You have made it? Yes.
– What has your cook made? Just the side dishes. How smart.
One must respect a good servant. Shobha’ serve Aarti.
– Mummy. . . me? Shall I serve you’ Aarti?
– I’ll serve myself’ thank you. Madam. . .
– Madam? Call me mother. Mother’ have you given my
servant Dayal something to eat? I’ll send something. Shobha’ ask
Geeta to give some tea to Dayal. Who can I complain to?
This was my idea. Tea.
– Wow’ tea ! It’s hot.
– It’s tea’ not a cold drink. Drink it slowly. Sit down. I wanted to ask you something. The two girls my master has
come to see’ are they good? They are very nice.
You saw them. I am not talking of looks.
What about their nature? They are good natured. Among the two’
who is better? Both are good. One of them must
be a little bad? No’ both of them
are equally good. Shall I ask you something?
– Yes. Is your master stupid? What is this you are saying. See! You cannot hear
your master’s criticism Even I cannot. My master’s daughters are
much better than your master. No’ you misunderstand me.
– I understand everything. What is this?
Only tea? Do you serve only tea
to guests in Bombay? Where is the samosas & pattice?
– I’ll get it. Be quick. Master. This maid is good. Forget her. Who do you
like among Shobha and Sheela? Who do you like? Master’ how does
my opinion matter? You should like the girl.
Who do you like? We’ll see. We’ll test. You go and rest. Master’ I’ll sleep there’
and you will sleep here? My heart breaks
just thinking about it. No Dayal’ it’s just a
matter of a few days. Go and rest.
– Shall I massage your legs? No.
– Just a little. I’m not in a mood for it.
– Just little? Go! I’m sorry’ Basmati. My name is not Basmati’
it’s Geeta. But every fragrant thing
has a special name. Because there is a special
fragrance about you . . . I have named you Basmati. Shall I say something more? You’ll make an ideal wife. You have gone nuts. Look. . .go and get
your brains checked. Where do I have brains
to get them checked. I only have Basmati ! Be careful in the dark.
If you trip and fall. . . I can see very
well in the dark. Sleeping in the dark? What are you doing?
– There is no bulb in this. I’ve brought a bulb.
Take. Be careful’ or you’ll
get an electric shock. Bansi’ switch it on. All the darkness in this
house is for the servants. Go and get some cold
water from the fridge. Switch the torch off now’
the bulb is on. Oh yes. Butter for themselves
and oil for the servants. But she doesn’t know that
I can ignore her orders. Eat well. I have cooked
it in butter for you. But that’s deceiving
your master. The master is himself
under a deception. Madam rules the roost here. What is the time in this watch?
– 1 1 : 15 pm. It’s so late!
Go to sleep. I’m not sleepy. That’s the problem.
Even I am not sleepy. How do the rich sleep
on these soft beds? Even a donkey
cannot sleep on it. Sing me a lullaby. My mom never sung me a
lullaby to put me to sleep. Sing !
– Alright. What happened?
– Sing properly. Okay. Don’t moo like a buffalo.
Sing like my papa. I cannot sing like your papa. I’ll do one thing.
I’ll take you to your papa. He’ll sing you a lullaby
and put you to sleep. I’ll go myself.
– You know where he is? Yes.
– Then go. Even the young ones
have started teasing me now. How do I go to sleep?
What have I got myself into. ”She is the only
bloom in my garden” ”She is the only pearl
I found in the sea of life” ”I will give her so much love’
it will become a phenomenon” ”O moonlight’ rejoice. . . ” ”With small dreams in her eyes” ”And wings of sleep on her arms” ”My darling daughter
swings on the moon” ”O my moonlight’ rejoice! ” ”I masquerade for you” ”I have suffered so much’
yet I keep you happy” ”I wander streets for you” ”O my moonlight’ rejoice. . . ” This is chess’ wife!
Chess! It can make the best
of men taste defeat. Knock off the best of men. That stupid Tiwari has never
been able to win against me. Save your knight. What fate! He dreams
of chess even in his sleep. Listen ! Shibban’ Bansi !
Get up! Why are you up?
– I accept defeat! Only in my dream.
– I am not careless like you. I was dreaming
of Shobha’s marriage. What did you see? I saw Shobha is already
married to Amar. Congratulations!
Morning dreams always come true. You’ll see’
Amar will marry Shobha. But will Shobha be able
to adjust with Amar? Why not? Amar is a very straight guy.
Infact’ he’s dumb. Whereas our Shobha is educated’
smart’ fashionable. How will their natures match?
– Like ours have. Was I fashionable?
– No’ but I was dumb. I am dumb’ and always
will be’ a henpecked husband. The damned milkman
comes so early. I’ve told him so many
times not to come so early. Come after half an hour’
then I’ll take the milk. You !
I messed it. I thought I was in Bhopal.
The milkman came early there. One does miss home. Did you sleep well?
– No. . .yes. You were comfortable?
– Absolutely. That is what I came to ask.
Please go and rest. Here’s your tea.
– Good. Biscuits too today. Yes.
I’d been scolded that day. Sit and have tea.
– Won’t you have tea? This. . .
– Is tea’ not a cold drink. Where had you gone
early in the morning? I’d gone to your
room looking for you. Aarti slept in my
room last night. I went to leave her in
master’s room. Aarti loves you very much.
– Even I love her very much. How many children do you have? Children?
I myself am a child still. Oh’ so you are not married yet. No’ but I do
intend to get married. But I still haven’t
found a girl who I like. What kind of a
girl do you want? A girl who doesn’t let Aarti
feel that she’s her stepmother. One who looks
after the house’ . . . and gives all the happiness
in the world to Aarti. The way you are talking like
as if Aarti is your child. She is. . .I mean’ my master’s
daughter is like my own daughter. Yes. Besides’ Aarti is a
sweet girl’ and very lovable. Some people are like that. So lovable that you have to
give your heart to them. Yes. . .that’s true. Shobha’ our culture
and values teach us . . . that a guest
is an image of God. To look after him
well is our duty. Who knows in what form
one may come across God. And then’ Amar
has come to see you. Me?
– Yes. You and Sheela. Whoever he likes among you two’
we’ll get her married to him. Daddy’ who he likes is important.
Isn’t even our opinion important? When has our opinion ever
been important in this house? It is your mother’s
opinion that is important. Ensure that the guest
is well looked after. Is the guest caged?
– What do you mean? It’s animals who
are looked after. Shut-up!
Don’t talk rubbish. Mummy’ his first
wife is dead. Now he wants to
cause another wife’s death. Moreover’
he even has a daughter. So what?
He is moneyed. Mummy’ money is not
everything in life. Then what is?
– Love. That will happen after marriage. And where his kid is concerned’
she’ll get married and leave. Then you will rule the roost. ”It’s a tradition” ”Lose your life’
but don’t break your word” Why are you sitting on the
floor? Sit on the sofa. Come on. What are you doing’ sir?
You’ll land me in a soup. You are the master’
I am just a servant. Times have changed.
Everyone is equal now. You cook so well.
How much do you get paid? I feel embarrassed
even it to tell you. You’ll feel sad when you know. Only Rs. 50. In a city like Bombay’ where
everything is so expensive? I have requested madam several
times to increase my pay. But she is unmoved. What moved?
– Unmoved. Give me some tobacco.
– Take. Is there no union
of cooks in Bombay? What union’ sir?
To each his own. I’ll teach you how
to get a raise. When some guest comes home’ tell
your master to give you a raise. Or else. . .
– Stop work? A complete strike! What act is this? It’s not an act’
we are on strike. Strike?
What do you mean? Hey!
The milk is boiling over. So let it.We went on strike after
keeping the milk for boiling. Give us a raise!
– Increase our salary! You’ll get a raise. Today itself!
– Yes! Let the guests leave’
then I’ll give you a raise. Then even the food will be
cooked after the guests leave. The house chores will be
done after the guests leave. What nonsense is this! Give us a raise!
– Increase our salary! Shut-up! You are pressurizing me at
a time when I have guests. Give us a raise!
– What if I don’t? Give us a raise.
– Increase our salary! How dare you ! Just you wait!
Listen ! . . . Listen ! Coming !
What is the matter? Settle their account
and dismiss them! What happened’ Shibban? Why are
you carrying that pan’ Bansi? We want a raise! Alright. They are right. These are inflationary
times. Give them a raise. Even we are living in
inflationary times. Give us a raise!
– Stay quiet! Try and reach a compromise.
– I will not compromise! Dismiss these disloyal men ! Give us a raise! Take your money and leave. The flavor of a local cigarette’
and the joy of your own room . . . cannot match this imported
cigarette and this bungalow. This Dayal. . .can he cook? Ofcourse’ mother! When the royal family
is having a feast’ . . . they call Dayal
to cook for them. He cooks so well’ people
chew their fingers too. Enough !
How much you are praising him? People like you give
these servants airs. Gosh ! Gosh ! Listen. Dayal.
– Yes’ madam? Until your master is here’
you will have to cook. Me?
– Yes’ you. You are no king. You will be
a servant wherever you go. But madam’ I. . .
– No buts. Amar says you are
a very good cook. Mr.Amar said that?
– Yes’ he did. Now go and cook. And listen.
Fry the ‘ puris’ well. Yes’ mother? I have asked
Dayal to cook food. Keep an eye on him.
He may steal something. He’s not like that.
– Is he related to you? His master is a simpleton’
but he seems to be very smart. I doubt whether he will
be able to cook or not. Amar himself told me
he is a very good cook. You go and do
the house chores. And listen !
Keep an eye on him. He may add butter to his food.
Go. What have you done to the flour? I added a little
more water perhaps. Little more water? Mr.Amar has told mother
that Dayal cooks very well. Yes’ that Dayal cooks very well. That Dayal? Are there
two Dayal’s in your house? No’ I am that Dayal. My master loves
to pull people’s leg. He sometimes asks me to
exchange roles with him. You wash your hands
and cut the vegetables. Let’s cut the vegetables. You cut your finger! It’s not too bad. How compassionate you are. Humans should be compassionate’
or they are not humans. Our association of
just a few days . . . Just a few days? I feel
it’s an association of years. That’s how
good natured people are. You find me good natured?
– An angel. Why are you fooling me? Why should I?
I said what I feel. What else does your heart feel? My heart believes
you are very helping. Forget it.
Why are you buttering me? Butter is not applied
to people’ but on bread. After seeing your looks’ I feel
like asking you two a question. Go ahead. You know what bitter gourd is?
– Yes. How do you cook it?
– What? We don’t know.
– You don’t? Every woman must know this.
Cooking is an art. Art? It’s a fine art.
– Absolutely! A woman who cannot cook is like
a buffalo without a tail & horns. First saute the
lady fingers in oil. I will learn to
cook with your help. And I will find life
with your help. Shall I put the
lady fingers in the pan? Wait. . .wait. I asked you how bitter gourd
is cooked and you are laughing. How is bitter gourd cooked?
– The cook cooks it for us. What if the cook falls sick?
– We’ll eat in a restaurant. What if the
restaurants are on strike? So?
– So? The kids will go hungry. We’ll think about it
when we get married. But kids will be
born after marriage. And in my case’
I already have a daughter. Dayal uncle! She sometimes
calls me Dayal uncle. What happened to
your Dayal uncle? What?. . . Really? Mother’ why did you
ask Dayal to cook? The poor guy is sick.
– He’s sick? What’s wrong with him? His leg. . . his head. . .
he has an upset stomach. The doctor has
told him not to cook. What a strange doctor? He’s
forbidden cooking’but not eating? He’s our family doctor. If you didn’t have anyone’
you should have asked me to cook. You?
– Yes’ I know to cook. I’ll cook food today. Great!
You make wonderful ‘ puris’ Whether round or whatever shape’
what difference does it make? What are you doing’ Mr.Amar? It’s me who has cooked
all his life . . . Master’ that
harsh teasing hurts. Let Dayal be Dayal here. But’ Mr.Amar. . . Mr. Dayal. . . It’s mother who has
played this joke’ not me. She is not making Dayal’
but Amar cook food. One who comes along with
the guest is also a guest. You are not well’ you go.
I’ll manage the kitchen. Great cook! Is this a
‘ puri’ or the map of India? What are you doing ! Cooking’ and making
designer ‘ puris’ for you. You don’t bother’
I’ll make them. I am not just your guest’
but also your cook. I am sorry’ Amar.
I made a mistake. I’ll cook.
– If you say so. Dayal’ you go’
you are not feeling well. Take rest. Geeta’ you roll the ‘ puris”
I’ll fry them. Mother’ I bathe before eating. If Geeta rolls ‘ puris”
who will ready my bath? Go and get his bath ready. There she comes! What’s up?
– Help mother make ‘ puris’. Mother’ what should I do? Dance on my head !
Roll the ‘ puris” I’ll fry them. Dayal has an upset stomach.
Just give him boiled rice. Don’t give him anything else. Boiled rice.
– Boiled rice? But I ate that
even in the afternoon. You have an upset stomach. I have an upset stomach?
Says who? Your master.
– Master. When he has an upset stomach’
he says I have it. What is this?
Oil in boiled rice? Then will servants be given
butter in their boiled rice? Such discrimination has erased
the love between master & servant. There is no compassion
left between them. Come to Bhopal and see. Both master and servant
are treated alike. There is no discrimination. Oh yes’ I can see that. You live here’ and your
master sleeps in the AC room. I am staying
here of my own will. Or master wanted me
to stay with him. Eat the rice.
– I don’t like it. But I’m eating it to show respect
to a servant’s helplessness. I was also hungry. Why did you tease me that day? Am I crazy
to tease you’ master? Master’ how many stumps down? What?
– I mean’ wickets? Four wickets. Why did you say I
have an upset stomach? I said it in fear. Do you know what I had to suffer?
– What? What our cricketers are suffering. What happened?
– Rats kept running all night. In the stadium?
– No’ in my stomach. Out of hunger.
– I’ll cook something for you. You want our secret to be out? I will not cook. I will make
some family member cook for you. Not family. . . Did any stump fall?
– Stump? No’ wicket.
So where were we? Family. . .
– Not family. . .yes. . . You are not ready yet?
We have to go for a movie. Master. . . . Dayal. . .she says
I have to go for a movie. How do I go?
– Then go! Master’ please go. Dayal’don’t you know what happens
to me after having asafoetida? I get a headache.
– You have a headache? I’ll get medicine for you. Dayal’ a little harder.
Come down. Any more fall of wickets? What is it? Dayal’ what are you
doing on the bed? Master’ I was
massaging your legs. Get down and do it. Is the pain severe?
– Pain? Oh’ headache. It’s bad. Shall I massage it?
– No. How did you get a headache?
– It’s due to change of weather. The food you cooked
has given me an upset stomach. You are right. An upset stomach
does give one a headache. I’ve brought medicine.
– He doesn’t need medicine. I have brought castor oil.
– No’ not castor oil ! Drink this’ it is very
good for the stomach. Drink it’ master.
– My husband takes it every day. It is very good for the stomach. And look’
don’t have dinner tonight. Won’t I even get dinner? And take’ you also have it.
Even you have an upset stomach. Master’ it is very
good for the stomach. I’ll take it later. Master’ my leg ! My leg ! Master’ it’s come. Not from there’ from here. Alright’ go then. Just keep coming and going now. Nothing happened here’
but his wicket fell. Strange are your ways’ God. Sometimes there is sorrow’
and sometimes’ happiness. You are aware of everything. Since Dayal has come here’ I have
a strange feeling in my heart. Even mother’s harsh tongue
doesn’t hurt me anymore. I have never asked you
for anything until today. Is it possible
that even Dayal feels . . . Who is it?
– It’s me’ Dayal. I cannot sleep. So what can I do about that? I think there is some
feeling which I am suppressing. If I reveal it’
I’ll probably be able to sleep. Shall I say it? Yes. Actually’
since I have seen you . . . . I feel something. What do you feel? I don’t know.
It’s. . . it’s. . . Don’t you feel anything?
– Feel what? It’s. . . .forget it. . . .I think
I’ll have to stay up all night. No.
Tell me what’s on your mind. Geeta’ I feel I will go mad. I see stars during day
and the sun at night. I see you all around. All the time’ I hear only
these words from my heart. What?
– Geeta’ I love you ! I cannot live without you.
. . . .I want to marry you. Will you marry me?
– Quiet! Dayal’ madam will get up.
Mr.Amar will get up. Let them get up’
I don’t care for anybody! I will scream and ask
you only one question ! Do you love me?
– Yes! Yes Dayal’ I love you. But how do I believe it? I will do whatever you say. You will do whatever I say? Alright’ then come to the
garden with me right now. You go’ I’ll join you.
– Feeling shy to come with me? No.
– Then? The form in which I want to
present myself before you . . . to see that’
you’ll have to wait. Wait?. . . .okay.
But you will come? This is Your miracle. Dayal is asking me whether
I’ll really come or not. I can go anywhere in
the world with him. I’ll just be back. ”My veil hangs” ”Bend a little my beloved’
my veil hangs” ”My heart pounds’ my beloved” ”Straighten up my beloved’
my heart pounds” ”That is why I
am wearing a veil” ”Or you will pierce my
heart with your look” ”Bend a little. . . . ” ”Lips like rubies’
and fair cheeks like pearls” ”Lift your veil
and let me see this treasure” ”Straighten a little. . . . ” ”The beauty of the city I am
has become famous for me” ”Come into my arms’ and I’ll
see the whole world here” ”Straighten a little. . . . . ” What are you doing
with this fellow here? God ! Tell me’ why are you quiet? I will break your legs! You didn’t care
for our prestige? Hello.
– Bless you. I am going to meet Gopinath. Gopinath? And even Tiwari
lives along that route. If I meet him’
I’ll have to say hello. How cruel can you get? Will you do me a favour?
– Tell me. Check with the grocer why he
hasn’t sent oil and butter yet. We have guests at home. Hello’ madam.
– There he comes. I’m leaving. I seek your blessings.
– Bless you. Have you brought all the
things in the list? I have brought
more than what you wanted. Nonsense!
A grocer never gives more. I have brought pure butter. Alright’ go and
keep it in the kitchen. Madam.
– What is it now? Do give a thought to me. Alright’ I’ll give you a
good tip during festival time. Not during festival’ I’ll ask for
a tip on an auspicious occasion. Alright’ go and keep the
things in the kitchen. Where has everyone gone? They have quit and left. Quit and left?
And Geeta? She’s here.
– Thank God she’s here! Whether the others are there
or not’ who cares! Who are you? The new servant? No’ I’m a guest.
– Oh’ guest. Guest? Whose guest?
Geeta’s? No’ master’s. Oh. Then it’s okay. That means
you’ll be here only for a few days. She’s come. My eyes were craving to see you. I’ll break your eyes! Even after being blinded’
I’ll look for you. Hey mister!
Keep the groceries and leave. What is your problem? Geeta and me have always
been teasing each other. Right’ Basmati? Jaggu’ stop your
nonsense’ or I. . . Or will you break my head? I will break your head ! Mr. Guest’ you break a coconut. That auspicious
moment is very near. . . I forgot to get the coconut!
I’ll get it right away. Hurry up. If madam comes’
we’ll have a problem. What problem can be greater than
the one we already have on hand? Are you hurt? Walk straight! Shall I come?
– Yes. Thank you God’
for saving my reputation. Had anything happened to you’
what would I tell madam? What is Vijay’s room number? This is 4 2. This is 4 1. This is 40. But this is locked. Where has he
gone? Where do I look for him? Vijay has gone out. If you have any message’
I can convey it to him. I don’t want any massage. I said message.
I can convey it to him. So you have come?
– How would I not? Where were you
since so many days? A boy has come to see me.
We have guests at home. To see you.
– Yes. Worried? Shobha has chosen him’ not me. But the man is pretty rich. Is it?
What if he chooses you? Will you change your mind? Where are you going? Annoyed?
– You say such annoying things. Alright’ henceforth I won’t.
Come’ sit down. How are you’ master?
I mean’ Dayal. I’m fine’ but in bad shape.
This charade is too much for me. You got me into it. Now
we’ll have to continue with it. Master’ what are you doing?
– It’s become a habit. It may become an obsession. So better select a wife for
yourself soon’ and let’s leave. It’s not the selection’
I want to test her nature. Do it’
but make it fast. However long it takes’ until
Aarti selects her mother . . . we’ll have to stay here.
– Alright. Bansi ! Is anyone around?
– Coming ! Poor master! Can I come in? I have brought tea.
– Keep it here. Ms. Shobha’ if you don’t mind’
shall I ask you something? What do you think of Aarti? She’s very cute. I feel I
should keep her with me always. And Aarti’s father? When I like his daughter’
why won’t I like him? That means you
like Aarti’s father? But I don’t know whether
he likes me or not. I’ll ask him.
– Okay Dayal. . . You ask him and let me know. Your books’ Ms. Sheela. I brought all of them. Why are you standing? If you don’t mind’
shall I ask you something? Yes. What do you think of Aarti?
– She’s a cute girl. That means you like her?
– Yes. And Aarti’s papa?
– Mom likes him. You mean’ you don’t like him? Who cares about
what I like or not? But he likes you very much. He likes me’ he likes Shobha’
he likes Geeta’ he likes mom. You want to ask anything else? Tell me Aarti’ why has your
papa pampered Dayal so much? You are not to be told that.
– Why not? Come on’ tell me.
I’ll get you a nice frock. I’ll buy you sweets’
and a lovely doll. Tell me. You won’t tell anyone?
– No’ it will be our secret. My papa. . . . You brazen fellow!
How dare you beat the child. I’ll go and complain to your master.
Get out of my sight! Come’ Aarti. Mr.Amar’ do you
know what happened? Dayal slapped Aarti? Madam didn’t tell
you anything else? No.
What happened? She slapped Dayal.
He is crying. That old woman slapped my
Dayal? I’ll teach her a lesson ! Master! She slapped you? Tell me’ have we come here for
an alliance or to get slapped? Today she has slapped you’
tomorrow she will slap me. And then Aarti.
– Listen’ Dayal. We will not stay here any more. If you don’t come’
I’ll break my head. There is no need to get angry.
So what if she slapped me? She is elder to me’
just like my mother. I understand your pain. But
don’t do anything stupid now. Or Aarti won’t
get a good mother. Master’ the world is so vast.
There are so many other women. We’ll choose someone else’
but let’s leave from here. There is no
need to make an issue. I understand your pain. But one has to sacrifice
to get something in return. Now you calm down.
– Master. . . Calm down !
– Alright. Aarti. . .come to me.
– I won’t’ you beat me. Now what?
– Sleep is eluding. Go and tell your Dayal uncle. Not me’ my doll cannot sleep. Come. How do we put her to sleep? ”With small dreams in her eyes” ”And wings of sleep on her arms” ”My darling daughter
swings on the moon” ”O moonlight’ rejoice! ” ”She is the only
bloom in my garden” ”She is the only pearl
I found in the sea of life” ”I will give her so much love’
it will become a phenomenon” ”O moonlight. . . ” ”With small
dreams in her eyes. . . ” ”Along with the sleep’
a prince will come” ”He will put a vermilion dot’
and garland you” ”And then kiss
your pretty face” ”O moonlight . . . . ” Then what happened?
– I didn’t know what to do. But then I remembered
I had my exam after two days. On the pretext of
going to the library . . . I fooled both Shobha and the
guest from Bhopal’ and came here. Fair maidens. Big mansion.
– Not mansion’ hotel. Hotel? Where one eats?
– Yes. Sit down. You want water?
– No. Don’t you want to eat? It is good Sheela
didn’t come with us. You don’t understand. Mom is right’
you are a simpleton. Do you have a match?
– I have this lighter. People in Bhopal
don’t think I am one. Forget what
people say in Bhopal. What is the matter?
You look scared. What happened?
– Nothing. That’s Sheela ! But who is with her? Sheela’ let’s go. Yes’ let’s go! Sheela’ what are you doing here? I was going to the library
when I came across Vijay. He is a fellow student. Vijay’ she is my
elder sister’ Shobha. And he is Amar’
a rich man from Bhopal. He’s the one I’d
mentioned about to you. Oh’ so you are that man.
Hello. When in college’ even we used to
go to the lavatory like this. What?
– He means library. It’s great weather for studying. Yes.
– We’ll be going. We’re getting late. What is the matter?
Why are you upset? Let’s go home.
– But we have just come. What do I say?
I am feeling uncomfortable. Alright’ let’s go home. I’ve been waiting for you.
– I was with master. Take’ I’ve bought you
Bombay’s special sweets. For me?
– Yes. I’d gone to the market’ saw the
sweets and was reminded of you. It’s a speciality of Bombay.
– This must be expensive. So what?
I have bought it with my money. Take’ eat.
– Keep’ I’ll eat it. Why? Any problem if
I put it in your mouth? I didn’t say that.
– Then eat. Like it?
– It’s good. Got my money’s worth. I was
thinking if you don’t like it. . . It’s sweet too. Tell me’ what is the sweetest? Don’t know?
Shall I tell you? Love. You’ll have to eat all of this.
– Don’t you have? You ate it’ I ate it! This old woman won’t even
let me serve you sweets. Finish it’
I’ll be back. Brother’ you? How are you?
– I am fine. But when did you come here? About 10- 15 days ago. Shall I ask you something?
– Yes. How did you forget that you
are a servant’s brother? The path you have taken’
is it the right one for you? Before trying to
reform the young’ . . . . the elders themselves must reform.
– You are being rude to me! Did I send you here to study
or to romance? It’s no sin to love. What is a sin is to masquerade
as a rich man and cheat someone. To ruin some
innocent girl’s life. You tell me’
are you a rich man? Have you won a lottery?
What money do you have? Your brother has won
a lottery of loyalty. This shine you see
on a poor man . . . is all for my master’s sake. Master has come
to test Shobha and Sheela. He is going to marry one of them.
I don’t know who. He is posing as a servant
and has put me in a soup . . . asking me to
pose as master. And I cannot do a thing. Vijay’ I have never
cheated anyone so far. Nor have I ever
ruined any girl’s life. I accused such a good man !
I should be beaten. Don’t be stupid. It’s not your fault. Anyone in
your place would think I’m bad. Forgive me.
– Listen to me. Do me a favour.
– Just order me. Not order’ I request you. Don’t say that’
I can even give my life for you. Don’t say that.
May you live long. What do you want me to do?
– My heart breaks saying this. I am snatching your
happiness from you. But I have to give preference
to my master’s happiness. You move out of his way. So that master gets a wife
and Aarti’ a mother. Forget Sheela.
Forget her forever. I promise you’ brother. I will sacrifice my love for
the sake of Mr.Amar’s happiness. Look’ this is the groom’
and this is the bride. They are going
to get married today. This is mom’ and this is dad. This is grandma’
and who is this? Grandpa. Damn your play! Will you make her a maid too? You have grown so big’
and are playing with toys? I was only
entertaining Aarti. Shut-up!
Don’t try to act smart with me. Come’ dear.
Come with me. Don’t you dare play
with the kid again ! God’ what sin have I committed
for which I am being punished? Am I so lowly . . . that I cannot even
express my love to someone? I have come! You should not come here.
– Why? Because madam doesn’t like it’
she gets angry. Then let her be.
I’ll come here a 100 times. No’ you will not come
here at all. Go away. ”Don’t come to me’ my doll” ”My sorrow will sadden you” ”I am the one who has
come into this world . . . ” ”only to cry” ”What is my life” ”I only exist” ”I have no dream’
nor any hope” ”Don’t come to me. . . ” ”Your eyes craving for love . . . ” ”make me anxious” ”I cannot give
you a mother’s love” ”Even though I want to” ”I have nothing to give you” ”Don’t come to me. . . ” Hello. Greetings.
– Greetings. Come’ Dayal. Take. The ‘ paan’ is good. I have come to take leave.
– Leave? For what? We want to return
back home tomorrow. But you hardly
stayed any days here. Have we offended you
that you want to leave? No’ we enjoyed our stay here.
But there is a saying. . . ‘ Guests are
never welcome too long’ What is the matter?
– They want to go back tomorrow. Want to go back?
Why? It’s not proper
for guests to stay so long. People will wonder if we have
come here to select a girl . . . or stay forever. On reaching home’ master
will convey his decision to you. Why? Is he embarrassed to
convey his decision here? Look’ it’s my silver
anniversary on the 25th. We’ll think after that.
– What is on the 25th? Her silver anniversary.
– And not yours? It’s the same thing. We will
complete 25 years of marriage. She wants to celebrate. Is that so?
Then I’ll ask master to stay. We will surely join the
silver anniversary celebrations. Bhopal may be a small town’
but it’s a lovely place. Every person there is nice. Everything about
that place is lovely. And what do you think of Bombay? If I say anything about Bombay’
a bomb will explode here. So let it explode’
but you do tell us. Then listen. In Bhopal’ when we have a guest’
we give him a warm welcome. We offer him everything
that we have. Over here’you ask a guest whether
he’d like something hot or cold. How can a guest
say what he wants? Master’ our departure
date has been fixed. When master. . . Dayal? After the silver anniversary
celebrations of master. I don’t understand. It’s mom’s silver jubilee
anniversary. And that too’
on the 25th of this month. Hublee?
Can’t you pronounce Hublee? Not Hublee’ it’s jubilee. What an illiterate man you ! Will you have a party?
– Yes. And music and dance?
– Yes. Then your party
will be a memorable one. How is that?
– My master dances very well. Is it?
– He sings very well. He’s a great dancer. Yes’ I break the floor. He’s joking. And when he sings’
he receives accolades! Music is in his genes. See how well he sings. What note was that? Angry note.
– I think it the note of ruin. ”I have been to many parties” ”But this is
something different” ”I have seen several beauties” ”But your style is
something different” ”This evening is an
evening of revelry” ”It’s a celebration to remember” ”An enchanting night” ”O bartender’ I
got a drink from you” ”But also let me
drink from your eyes” ”Let me drink from
your eyes today” ”Your eyes are more
mesmerizing than any drink” ”I have been to
many parties. . . . ” ”You are asking for a heart
that is not worthy of anything” ”Your heart craves for
something it can never get” ”All your fantasies. . . ” ”will find a cure’
just let that day come” ”Let that day come’ my beloved” ”My heart is not the cure” ”Your cure lies
with someone else” ”I have been to
many parties. . . ” ”It is my desire’ that
I see you always” ”It’s all in the hands of fate’
you or I cannot do a thing” ”My eyes say there
is no one like you” ”There are so many beauties
here’ but you are different” ”There is no one like you
in the whole world” ”How do I say” ”What are you” ”My beloved” ”I swear! ” ”What you have. . . ” ”You understand?” ”What you have is
something out of this world” ”I have been to
many parties. . . ” Basmati. . . no. . . . Geetu. You have addressed
me so lovingly! Where has everyone gone? For an outing.
– Wish they never return. Then it will be just you and me. What do you mean? I mean’ that we can openly and
without caring for the world . . . talk of love. Really?
We’ll talk of love? Yes Geetu’ we have both’ the
atmosphere’ and the opportunity. You brazen fellow! So you’ll act tough? Jaggu’ leave me!
– I’ll show you how to love. Jaggu’ leave her!
I said’ leave her! You?
– Yes’ me. How did you dare to come here?
– How dare you misbehave! No one dares to
cross swords with me. It is better that you leave. And no one dares to misbehave
with a woman in my presence. If you care for your life’
just go away. Don’t forget that you
are a guest in this house. I have been coming to
this house since 10 years. No one has objected. And then’ this is my personal
matter. She is my fiancee. I am going to marry her.
Who are you to interfere? Stop your nonsense or
I’ll punch you in the face! Your threats don’t scare me. I will not spare you ! Are you badly hurt?
– No’ it’s nothing. Show me. You are bleeding
and say it’s nothing? I’ll clean it.
– No’ it’s a minor injury. You unnecessarily made
enemies with him because of me. After seeing his behavior’
any decent man would do the same. He will never dare
to tease girls again. I’ll never forget this favour. It was no favour’
it was my duty. This milk is for who?
– For me. No’ it’s for me. I’ll ask you something. Will
you give me an honest answer? Yes.
– Look at me and say yes. Yes. What do you think of me?
– I like you very much. Very much?
– Yes. And what does Dayal think of me?
-I don’t know. You don’t know?
But I like Dayal very much. And my papa? Not your papa’
I like your servant’ Dayal. He is my papa. Dayal is your papa?
. . . .And Amar? Amar is the fake papa. Why so?
You won’t tell me? No.
– Why? I won’t get a
new mother otherwise. Not papa’ call me Dayal uncle. Aarti’ does Sheela love you? Yes’ she does.
– You like her? I like Geeta. Geeta?
Yes’ she is a nice girl. You like her?
– Yes’ I like her. Then make her my mummy. How is that possible?
– Why not? She will marry someone else. She is a maid after all.
– Can’t she become mummy? Yes’ she can. I’m busy. You can work later.
I’ll only take two minutes. Tell me. Children are so innocent. They don’t discriminate
between class or status. They treat everyone equally. And in their innocence’
they speak without thinking. She was telling me yesterday
that she’ll make you her mother. So what did you say?
– I. . . .I. .tried convincing her. That we are only employees. If you don’t mind’
I know of a good boy. . . . . Enough ! I don’t need
anyone’s pity or favour. Okay’ so I saw a dream.
Where I saw my destiny shine. But when my eyes opened’ . . . I realized that a
dream is only a dream. Thank you very much’ Mr.Amar. You don’t need
to worry about me. Leave me to my fate. ”I masquerade for you” ”I have suffered so much’
yet I keep you happy” ”I wander streets for you” ”O moonlight’ rejoice. . . ” I seek your blessings’ madam. Madam’ your silver anniversary
was celebrated with elan. But I didn’t get anything. What do you want?
Shall I give you Rs. 2 1? No’ madam.
– Shall I give you Rs. 5 1? No’ madam.
– Then what do you want? Just give me
Geeta in marriage. Geeta? Yes’ or that Dayal will
take her away . . . and I’ll be left
standing and staring. What is this you are saying?
– That’s what is going on. She wants to marry Dayal. If she wants to
marry a petty servant . . . I’d rather get
her married to you. Madam’ thank you ! May you
celebrate a golden anniversary. Shall I fix up a
date for marriage? Go ahead. Did You watch me being made
fun of? Are you happy now? Are You satisfied’
or do You want some more? If You want some more fun’
have it. You are a spectator. You love
watching people being humiliated. A poor girl is being tormented’
and You do nothing about it? If You are God’
show me your miracle. What will You do? You are
deaf’ dumb’ a stone idol. Even Your heart is stoned. You have no love’ pity’
mercy for anyone. Listen. . . Doesn’t my leaving hurt you? It hurts me.
I have no one but You. You are my mother’ my father’
my friend’ my guardian. You mean everything to me. Alright’ don’t speak.
Even I won’t beg before You. I won’t plead for mercy. Even I won’t cry before You. O stone statue’
I am leaving. Madam’ I am leaving. Where are you going?
– Wherever my legs take me. I know. You want to run
away with a petty servant. Neither with the master’
nor with the servant. I am going alone.
– No’ you cannot go anywhere. Your mother had put
you in my care. Made you my responsibility.
Made you dependent on me. My mother may have made
me dependent on you. Maybe she put me in your care’
but only to serve you. Shut-up!
What nonsense are you talking ! I am not talking nonsense’
I am asking you. Who are you to fix
my alliance with Jaggu? What right do you have?
-You are talking to me like that! You dare to argue with me? What are you doing ! You are saying this?
– Yes. Now you are speaking for her? When torture goes
beyond tolerance’ . . . . even stones
break into speech. Geeta’s mother didn’t tell
you to get her married . . . to some idiot like Jaggu. I will get her married to Jaggu.
I have given my word to him. Over my dead body! I will get her married to Jaggu.
Let me see who can stop me. Master’ Geeta
was going that way. She was even carrying baggage. She should have left long ago. Why? God should
never orphan any child. Geeta is the daughter
of Durga’s friend. She was only 2 years old
when her father died. And after a few days’
even her mother died. Before dying’ she put
Geeta in Durga’s care. This shameless woman
promised the lady . . . that she’ll rear Geeta
like her own daughter. But she has tormented the
poor girl in so many ways. Where will the poor girl go?
I’ll go and get her. You don’t brother’
I’ll go and bring her back. Are you inspector Wagle?
. . .I am Durga Mathur. My maid Geeta has eloped
with the servant of my guest. His name?
His name is Dayal Thakur. I don’t know what she has taken. But she has run away. Catch
her and bring her back to me. Vijay’ come and tell Sheela
that you cannot marry her. Even I will tell Shobha
that I don’t like her. Then master will
marry any one of them. Come on. Have you changed your mind?
– No’ not at all. Where are you going?
– Wherever my legs take me. The world is vast.
– I won’t let you go like that. I don’t want anyone’s sympathy.
And then’ who are you to stop me? I may not mean
anything to you . . . but I have realized today
that you mean everything to me. You are imposing yourself on me. I don’t want to do
anything with a lair. Let me go.
– No’ Geeta. It’s true that I am a lair’
but my Aarti is honest. And she has accepted
you as her mother. Won’t you return
even for her sake? Amar’ am I dreaming again? No’ Geeta. Oh great!
You two look like one. Dayal’ you bashed me up that day. Today’ I have brought
so many people to bash you. You were you a grocer.
Since when did you become a goon? I’ll teach you a lesson ! Police! Run ! Where are you going? Inspector’ that goon is
eloping with my fiancee. Why do I see only half of you? Because your one eye is shut. Is your name Dayal?
– Yes’ and she’s Geeta. I’ve received a complaint that
you are eloping with the girl. Come with me. Why did you have to
call up the police station? Did Geeta steal anything? She has quit the job.
It’s her wish. Whatever I have done is correct. You don’t need to worry. What is it?
– Look who’s here. Who is it?
– Kamla aunty. Welcome.
– Welcome. Where is Amar?
– He has gone out. Who did my brother select?
Shobha or Sheela? He hasn’t told us anything yet. Kamla’ Shobha has given
her consent to marry Amar. But that servant of yours
has brought Amar disgrace. Disgraced Amar?
What did he do? It’s nothing’
she’s talking rubbish. Oh yes! He’d complain only
if Dayal had eloped with Shobha. Who did Dayal elope with?
He is a very decent guy. That decent guy has
eloped with our servant. Mother. . . .sister’ greetings. Where is brother-in-law?
– He’s on tour. You have become a gentleman
coming to Bombay’ Dayal ! What game is this?
– It’s no game. I am Dayal’
Amar is my master. He asked me to
pose as master . . . . and he posed
as the servant. But why?
– I’ll tell you. To test our daughters. So that Aarti
gets a good mother. Madam’ Dayal was
eloping with Geeta. Tell them’
isn’t Geeta my fiancee? What are you talking?
Dayal is my brother. And the one who he is calling
Dayal is my master’ Amar. Inspector’ Geeta is not
his fiancee’ he’s lying. Put him behind bars! Madam’ why don’t you say
something? She is my fiancee! You claim anyone
to be your fiancee! Brother’ you had come
here to select a wife. Then why this charade . . . of you being the servant’
and Dayal the master? I did all this to select a girl. So who did you choose’
Shobha or Sheela? Sister’ Shobha likes Dayal. And Sheela loves Vijay. Shobha likes Dayal
thinking he is you. And who is Vijay?
– Dayal’s younger brother. Damn !
Even he is a servant’s brother? He’s doing graduation.
– So what? I cannot tolerate my
daughter loving a servant. Whether you tolerate
it or not . . . ask your daughters
what they want. Why are you two quiet?
Speak! Yes’ I have accepted
him as my husband. Even I want to marry Vijay. Shut-up!
Quiet you brazen girls! I’ll kill you both ! See what your brother has done? Why don’t you
marry this servant? Yes’ I will marry Geeta. But I will not get my
daughters married to any servant. Shobha will not marry Dayal. Dayal chose to be a servant. But you have forced
Geeta to be a maid. Geeta is your
friend’s daughter. And Dayal’s father
was my father’s friend. As luck would have it’
my father became a rich man . . . whereas Dayal’s father
died a poor man. With his death’ Dayal was left
with no means to progress. He has worked hard to
make something of his brother. I wanted to help him. But he became my servant
instead and supported me. I love Dayal more than
I would my own brother. That’s absolutely true’ Durga. Sister’ I’m telling you today.
Even Dayal doesn’t know this. I have transferred my toy factory
in Dayal and Vijay’s name. All the income of the factory
will belong to them. Master. . .
– Call me Amar. Mother’ Dayal is a man who
is rich and compassionate. I ask for Shobha’s hand
for my brother Dayal. And ask for Sheela’s hand
for my younger brother Vijay. No. . never! I will never get my daughters
married to these paupers. I will ! I will get Shobha
married to Dayal . . . and Sheela married to Vijay. Forget it! Who are you to
get my daughters married? Who I am? I’ll have to
tell you today who I am. After 25 years of marriage
you ask me who I am? I am the father of these girls.
And your husband ! What are you doing !
Who are you to say anything? I am not saying anything’
the father of these girls is. Your husband is saying this! What are you doing !
– You don’t interfere. What do you want? You want
Geeta to marry that rogue Jaggu? You want to reject
these good men’s proposals? What are you doing ! What I should
have done long ago. What do you think? I don’t know
how much torture you suffered? I ignored everything she did’
but she thought I was meek. But things have
crossed limit now. I’ll skin her alive! Beat me if you like.
But please forgive her. No dear’ she will
seek your pardon today. Come on’ go ahead ! Please forgive me. I have troubled you all’
troubled my children. Now’ in your
happiness lies mine. Yes. ”O my moonlight’ rejoice! ”

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