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#NAVIVLOG: Match vs Vega, haters gotta hate, Dota humor

Have you had breakfast yet? I have. Are you okay? My bet won! Off to the Maldives! So long, Stockholm! Put your shoes on at least. I’m already imagining walking on the beach. – I’m good to go. Are you jumping with me? – Sure. Okay, lift off! Hi there and welcome to our new DreamLeague vlog. We’re still in the hotel, the guys are preparing for the upcoming elimination match against Vega in their practice room. Dendi happened to be our opponent again. This tournament is kind of like a prolonged groundhog day for us. The same stuff every day: we wake up, have breakfast, head to the venue, play and go back to the hotel. Hopefully our team will deliver a good result today. We’re going to swing by the practice room and see what’s about. So this is our practice room, the door isn’t closed. As I said, the guys are watching replays and practicing. This is an important match, they’re breaking down yesterday’s games. There’ve been a lot of comments regarding our performance againts Tigers, I think we’ll be able to talk to Mag and he’ll explain what was going on there. Arrived at the studio. Jeez, being a reporter isn’t easy. This is our gear. Come on. – It weighs about 35 kg, nearly as much as me. – 15. Although, I’ve read a comment saying that I’ve put on weight. The one who did that, I don’t like you. It’s okay, I’m fine. – Do you like my sketches? – I do. Idan, we’re keeping in touch with our haters, and I have a question for you. Go ahead. “What is this? How come one day they’re playing well, the next one they look like a pubstack.” Why do you think this is happening? Shit happens. We just lose focus… Or rather, you’re playing, something’s not working out, then you start to think about it and it only gets worse. You have to keep a cool head during a game, if you do, then everything will be okay. Yeah, I think this is the most important thing about playing Dota. If you let your guard down, you’re going to fall short. Let’s do a 1v1. I’ll play Skywrath Mage. Once we win, I will. I promise. The one who loses deletes their account? I can play against you. Okay, you pick Riki, I’ll play Centaur. If we win DreamLeague, you’ll have your 1v1. Fellas, I have a question: how many players present at this tournament have played on NAVI? Post your answers in the comment section below saying not only the number but their names too. All right? – Put the camera way. We always lose when you’re filming. – What’s the connection? – No comment. The game is about to kick off. Finally, delays again. It’s 6:10 already. Vega, Danya, NAVI, everybody is here. Let the best team win. Guys, I read your comments and sometimes they make me sad. I’m going to answer some of them. “Haters don’t need to come up with anything, putting this stupid montage and Yana’s questions in your video is already enough” So insulting. On a serious note, we’re trying out new formats, getting feedback to see if people like it or not. If you don’t, you can just let us know. If you do, dropping a like would be enough, and leave a supportive comment would be nice, too. “This was totally expected. What were you thinking picking that crap?” Andrey might be able to help me here. To put it briefly, we shat the bed. We played terribly, we could’ve fourth-picked Storm Spirit. That way, we would’ve had a more balanced draft. Instead of Sniper? Sniper was last pick, we considered fourth-picking Storm, but we were afraid they would pick CC. Why on the fourth pick? Well, they had Undying, TB and Wyvern on the enemy team – zero control, whereas we would have Storm Spirit with Drow’s aura. Doesn’t matter what else they would’ve picked, they didn’t have so many options anyway, either Lina or Invoker mid. But the point is, Storm would be destroying them thoughout the game. However, our draft turned out to be somewhat passive, and we simply failed in the laning because of one lane. We’ve already discussed that and made conclusions. “Joke time” What does you girlfriend and vision on the map have in common? I have no idea. They both don’t exist. – What does Sonneiko and Papich have in common? – And what is that? Neither of them streams. What does Chuvash and Chuck Norris have in common? You don’t know? Chuvash was also brought to the world by two women. What does Crystallize and Tidehunter have in common? They both look like a watermelon? Tide also likes unleashing the Kraken. “Yana Khymchenko, you’re so fat in every video I thought you were already 3 months along.” Why so mean? That’s funny. My 47 kg clap along. Well, the thing is, it’s not always possible to involve the players in our vlogs. Sometimes they are extremely focused on an important match, and there’s pretty much nothing you can do when they’re just playing Dota 10 hours a day. So I’m sorry if you have to see more of me in the videos. Also, a huge thank you for watching and supporting us. Your support at this tournament is very important to us. – Is that right? – Huh? Yeah, absolutely. It’s so-so, they barely have any saving abilities. Axe is gonna be jumping in like he doesn’t care. One more now. The confidence was there. Did we do well in lanes? Yes, the laning stage was great. Anyway, in the TA vs Lina or TA vs Clinkz match-ups, where it’s all about consumables, whoever kills the enemy courier, wins. The opponent doesn’t stand a chance. – Did we kill the courier? – Chuvash did. Good job. This is called adapting to the situation. – Blizzy was under the tower, I had nothing to do, so I came up with this. – Nice one. I bought Boots and went about my business. I feel sorry for Vega, I really wished Dendi could’ve made it through, too bad we had to play each other in the elimination match. Well, it’s okay as we’re moving forward and our next opponent is Infamous, the game is set for tomorrow. How do you feel about this tournament? Well, honestly, it’s just a regular one I guess. We wake up, have breakfast, go into the practice room to prepare and discuss our strategies, and then play a tournament game. Are you tired of doing it every day? To be honest, I have energy to go on but it’s slowly running out, I want to have some rest. Some call you the MVP of the last two days for your Axe performance, is it your signature hero? We realized it over the course of the tournament. Actually, my signatures are Enigma and Magnus. Although I played two poor games of Enigma the last two times. I could’ve set up the tempo and we would’ve played a little better. I made a mistake by getting a Midas, I should’ve gone for utility items, like Crimson Guard or Guardian Greaves. Are you going to keep picking it? Yes, I’m still confident in the hero, it’s my signature one, I play a lot of Enigma, and the last two games didn’t break me. If our opponents let it through in the draft, we’ll certainly pick it. Speaking of tomorrow’s game, you’ve already faced Infamous at this tournament. Are you happy you have to play them and not coL? It doesn’t matter who to play, if we want to win the tournament we have to be ready to face any opponent. So it’s whatever. Infamous? Okay, then it’s Infamous. Thank you everyone for your support, it motivates us to play. It’s nice reading positive comments, hate is also welcome as long as it’s constructive.

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  4. Яна ты хорошо выглядишь! Если бы ты была маньяком и напала на меня в темном переулке, я бы не сопротивлялся.

  5. Хз почему, но мне этот состав безумно симпатизирует, может реально новая эра? Просто глоток свежего воздуха для Нави, имхо
    PS Близзи лучший

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    P.S. не обижайте Даньку. Он няшка

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  19. Even though Dendi is not playing for Navi any more, I still watch your videos from time to time and I must say they are always great. Navi does a wonderful job with vlogs and updates on their social media, I don't know why people are insulting you. Also, thanks for subtitles. I'm not a "real" fan any more, but I'll keep supporting this team. Thank you for your work and passion <3

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  30. если сонеич сделает рампагу на чененикогда не напишу плохо комента

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