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Neck and Back Crack and Dry Needling for Neck Pain

Hey everybody it’s Doctor Blake from Doctors
Adolph and Kalkstein Chiropractic, your neck and back pain specialist, and we’ve got a
dry needling session here we’re going to record for chronic neck pain. Dave’s been coming to our office for years,
we’ve fixed his shoulders over the years, his neck, his back, and he’s just dealing
with some neck pain. I said let’s try to dry needle you a little
bit and see if we can get some more relief on this chronic neck pain area. So we’re going to show you the treatment. Predominately right side? Yes. Alright. Will you do the shoulder same time or not? And Dave how’s your treatment been over the
years in our office? Excellent. Did you feel that going in Dave? No. So there you guys have it, a lot of people
ask does it hurt? See if I can zoom in a little bit. Does it hurt going in? No, didn’t hurt. Ya so you can’t really feel it going in. There we go. And you know Dave’s seen some remarkable success
when he’s in our office. You know we love having him come in and he
can’t barely raise his arm over his head, and we do a couple adjustments and some ultrasound
on it. You can touch the ceiling again. So, there we go. So we’re doing paraspinal muscles here. Come a little bit farther out here. Good. There’s a good one Dave huh? So you know people ask can you feel it? Usually you can only feel that we’re in a
good spot. When you’re in a tight spot or there’s a muscle
adhesion or there’s a trigger point, so that top spot on Dave up here we’re going to drop
a couple more right around that area. Again, right there again, ya. So the needles are, you know it’s not acupuncture
where we’re going in, the philosophy or the systems of acupuncture. We’re not going into meridian points, we’re
not going into you know acupuncture lines on the body. We’re treating soft tissue adhesions within
muscles, ligaments, scar tissue, joint capsules. We’re not going to pierce the joint capsule
we’re going to get into the capsule. That was it going too hunh? Ya. You guys have seen some of our earlier videos
for using on CrossFit athletes, using it on Jonathan, using it on a back pain patient
with surgery. I can feel that one too. Ya that was a good one. So that needle went all the way down into
his trigger, into his TP out of its spine. We’re using a three inch needle here, it’s
not going all the way in, it’s still going in the two inches. So how many needles do we have now? We are at three, six, nine, ten, eleven. There are a couple, see if I can get that…
that’s right side, right where the opposite side is. So when you just Dave, there you go, we’re
adjusting his neck, we do his first ribs by bilaterally, and we adjust his upper back. And see some pretty amazing results with that
treatments, so for today we’re just going to dry needle instead of stim. Then we’re gonna put ultrasound over that
neck Dave and then we’ll adjust you afterwards okay? Okay. So the needle, we want to use, the max needles
we want to use is 30 per site. Good, one more right over in this spot. And this will relieve the shoulders as well? Yep. So I think a lot of Dave’s issues, you’ve
got some bilateral shoulder pain with some restrictions, especially when he does overhead
movement. You know, when we adjust this neck and it
gets remarkably better, so I think a lot of his pain is referred coming from his neck
down into his shoulders making the muscles tight through here, and so we adjust his neck,
we adjust his upper back, and his bilateral shoulder. So Dave you can relax, thanks for watching
folks, we’ll see you next time. Hey guys welcome back, so you guys remember
Dave. He was face down early, we needled his neck,
you saw that, then he got some ultrasound. How’d that feel? How’s it feel after you get needled? Very good. Ya so now we’re going to show you the adjustment
we do for Dave. We adjust his neck, adjust both shoulder blades,
and we adjust his upper back. Let that drop for me Dave, there you go. That was a good one. Let that left shoulder loose, good. Very good. Turn your head this way please, this hand
here reach this arm, hold on. Good. Turn your head this way, reach around, good. Now let’s go do that one on the table with
your hands on top of your head okay? So come on out, you can follow me Ashley. Have a seat, feet going that way please. Hands on top of your head, elbows in… Breath in and out. There you go, come on back in. That’s really good. So everyone on YouTube is like man I got to
get into chiropractic because I work on all these beautiful young ladies, but occasionally
you’re gonna have a stud like this guy. Like an old man. And old man come in, you gotta work on old
man. So how’s that feel on neck? Thank you, great. Much better. With no pain. Perfect so thanks for watching, we’ll see
you guys next time. Bye guys. Thank you.

13 thoughts on “Neck and Back Crack and Dry Needling for Neck Pain

  1. In a movie I saw the bad guy being paralyzed by the good guy pushing a needle into his spine at the back of his neck…right around where you're Dry Needling this gentleman. Was that movie correct and did you have to be very careful while doing this?

  2. Hey doc, I'm 17 years old and I haven't been able to fully bend my right knee. I have flat feet but my right foot is flatter than my left (my left knee has some pressure as well). I am athletic and not overweight or anything, do you know who I could go to for this? Maybe a specialist? I've been to the doctors before and they didn't see anything, my growth plates are still open too. Thanks for the help!

  3. I have a bulging disc and a possible stress fracture in my lower spine. I've gone to a chiropractor 4 times and he used this funny shaped spoon thing and rubs it around my back to like unwrinkle the "fo sha" I had relief whilst I was there but when I get home it's back to the way it was, I don't want to be paying a lot of mone. Should I tell them something to do specifically? I'm also hyper sensitive to certain feelings on my right side back. I wish I lived near your facility :/

  4. Also when I'm laying down, and make a kicking motion like a frog by extending my legs wide up and down I hear like a pop or crack write near my tailbone

  5. I got to say never seen the YouTube it actually commented on everyone's comments nice job you pay attention to your subscribers and commenters keep your job you're doing great not just on YouTube but also with your job

  6. Ok so I'm 16, slightly underweight, and I have tightness in my thoracic area as well as really tight atlas (?) tensions. I also had problems with my ribs pushing into my spine, that's a lot better now but when I move my arm downwards, just under my shoulderblade feels like it's in my ribs, I get pain.

    Been to a chiro already. do I just need to go again? I went around 10 times.

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