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NEEKO IS A LESBIAN – Community reaction

evelynn is so Extreme Neeko Curious Why have you did this Games gone completely to shit. They just messed up this game. Why does she have to be lesbian? I thought she was american (i miss vine) Rule34 likes this It’s gonna be so good [Neeko “art” slideshow] Ok seriously how is there already lewd neeko art but no normal fanart? She’s been out for a day Was there like a secret hentai meeting among the artist What the heck why wasn’t i invited How do you know this How do you NOT know this [That other subreddit] Okay but why does the sexuality of a video game character matter I didn’t buy a game to see gay shit thrown at my face In china i bet her VO will be like “No. i like men and i like having a family” Oh god Actually this means yuri nvm [“Research”] Don’t let all the hentai distract you from the fact Neeko’s AOE ultimate does a flat 250 damage at rank 1 And has a fucking 130% AP Ratio It’s okay that she wants too smash nidalee Everyone wants to smash nidalee 130% AP Ratio is not okay What the fuc-

100 thoughts on “NEEKO IS A LESBIAN – Community reaction

  1. But honestly people are a mess, sometimes I want to kill them, especially gamers. Why was that in my recommended videos again?

  2. I’m typing a comment on mobile, and on the topic of the Rule34 community (in the video) I would be spamming as many goddamn Lenny faces as the comment will allow.

    Edit: Damn, this is nothing compared to Qiyana.

  3. Im not going to pursue pro gaming if by the time I reach they make this Shit normal in various games. And I finally thought gaming was the great escape from this bullshittery called real life, and these game devs be like no

  4. Wait i legit need that sub

    Wtf is it called

    I need it for purposes


    rift herald? Yeh let’s go wi- wait what the fuck, uhh nvm how bout ahri

    ye good excu- i mean good experiment.

  5. WTF why there is gay shit on the game this is so unnecessary also I will fap to neeko's lesbian fan pornart even though it doesn't make sense.

  6. Lets be honest tho

    No one cares if theres a straight couple in Starcraft. like Jim Raynor and Sarah Kerrigan, or Matt Horner and Mira Horner.

    But then OH GOD, Soldier 76 is gay?? OH SHIIIT

    Tbh I am also kinda a homophobe but thats because I am straight and don’t wanna see gay shit. Because its disgusting in my eyes. I prefer women.

  7. Y asi Es como descubrimos a varios homófobos porque no le deberían dar la importancia que se le da es sólo su sexualidad no va a decir mientras alguien juega algo como "soy lesbiana mirenme" no si bien puede ser una táctica de llamar la atención se debería ignorar … no hay nada de malo es lo mismo que una pareja hetero nada más del mismo sexo :I

  8. You know…. like it doesn’t matter if she’s gay or not. Like really. In the end as long as they establish it and don’t randomly throw it In 1 year after the character releases (lookin at you over watch) it don’t matter

  9. Why is there triggering. People be like ChAmPioN SeXULAiTy sHoULdnT Be IncLud3d but we got out zoe lux ezreal 3some going on for 2 years now. Maybe its just hatred of the lack of tarius ez buttfucking before we had a taco eater. And Evelyn seems like she will smash anything shes probably fucked the fish guy

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