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Nerd³ Redecorates A Crack Den - House Flipper

I have bought a house I mean it's real world of course I'm a millennial that's an impossible pipe dream but I have bought one in this video game and I am gonna do it up because this is house flip for a game currently in beta oh they'll be I believe in man it's a game about buying a house doing it up and selling it on for higher price that's that's a I think I'm interested in because I am rapidly approaching 30 anyway I didn't buy that house is far too big I bought drum roll please stop the drum roll this house so you can see it's alright I think it's not quite you know the neighbors but it's right 47,000 it cost me full is a thousand for a house this size so clearly we're in America we're going to size this garden haunted forest that's behind it yeah 47,000 pounds for an American house in England GPA what could you for the 47,000 pounds a skip I mean just a pack of the crisp so I'm talking about the crisper they're very expensive now you see the price of freddo's a hundred and six pounds per fret oh right there was a little bit of garbage around the thingies but I've tidied up I've also leveled up a lot because I've actually been playing this game for about five to six hours now so I could afford this big house for the video so I know the fuck I'm doing I know how to flip a house I'm just worried about this with you because I thought we were fun to reveal it in the video because some of these houses are shit ELLs so let's have a look what's in the house that's not bad Jesus Musti what's inside here oh fuck okay so this is how Jesus that's not super bad and that's the back door yeah after the thing with all the doors open for now this one here terrible is huge oh I've never had to do any plastering in this game before I'll need to do some plastering I'll learn how to do that as we go and in the bathroom oh my god did they take this in a train station can I look at the garage there oh that's a bit of rubbish in the garage Oh fucking car I bought a car they're fuckin hell alright first thing I'm gonna do I've got a little this is my cleaning mop I'm just gonna mop down the windows and the roofie bits up here it's actually quite a clean house on the outside this is nice it's some furniture here little balcony thing what's it called them flat balcony quick tools we got cleaning tool painting tools selling tool soon point stuff and sell it build walls to build lintels wide and all they are demolition told Martha Chelsea is that yet and tiling and paneling and you can also do plaster with that one right so let's just get this car out here first okay I can't I don't think I can there we go okay and go there why don't you go there I was good it's not flat oh my god going in this street your collar go back to where you belong we can make this like a showpiece in the living room problem is it's not gonna fit in there money I'm thinking if I destroy all the interior walls and all the exterior walls and basically just build houses the place of this one because I think it'll be cheaper that way everything's gonna be disposed off we could do from scratch I like to do you see things that knowledge speed leads get deleted things that would cost money haha a little bit money to them alright that's the garage tidied let's give it a clean cleaning prompting just sweep the why just just dirt and leaves and things oh this isn't a sweeper this is a hyper lot or a hip-hop as the upgrades can call it which I thought was quite cute that's accidentally bill wall please don't build up with or don't paint that let's pick the car up scoot it forwards a little just so I can clean under its left some tire marks have you left I'm on you must leave the house like really fast in the morning pilot I clean the car I can I can clean the cars only runs but I can clean it that's fantastic I've got a car to stick in the garage it's gonna add a whole bunch of motor things I think just sell it okay other things gonna add that much to him I'll just sell I think no it's a display pace I'm gonna sell literally everything I'm gonna fucking go sell the dolls as well I mean there it to my head lay on yeah they're fucking horrible doors gonna sell the doors the light fucking pictures and things everything um oh if you if you grab a light move it around anyway it just equalize itself in automatically this these houses tend to be shitty hell holes but also technological marvels washing machines some things no radiators please stealing all these radiators back to a gun watch a gun other wardrobe gun this still gun just threw up was that was that was that bottles given everything's fine it'll self together for some reason Oh what's this nestled here like it's spider pies vignetting aside from the car I think I've thrown everything away no I haven't run door okay I think that's everything that is sellable has been sold I get a light from here I didn't know I did sweet all right let's get down to the clean in did it it did it did it did it did now paint over that be fine carpet in the middle of Carroll of that say well though if once it's cleaned up this floor is in very good naked I think I'm gonna have to replace that floor at all it's gorgeous that's a real win in this daytime TV show that I'm a very picky today you can share on a floor like 70 times and yet keep it really a big scratch your bump on it delightful delightful I've put the mini-map on in the top corner cuz I want to see some I want to see where all the things that are missing us although all the mountable things like your radiators and your toilets and the lattice oh shit that's going to specific places so I've got a month on that minivan up there as we've got a radiator washing machine sink shower toilet it's a really cramped bathroom actually our and yeah there's a radios missing ever as well but I think the house is clean now of cobwebs and goop except the ceiling I wish for your chisel ceiling ceiling shake feeling sick fucking ceilings how the fuck to get goop on a sailing you don't know okay so here's my plan for the house I'm gonna get all the interior walls except for the garage maybe I'll straighten that wall off of the garage there yeah I'm gonna get all the interior walls like all of them completely and I think we might even got enough money to Wang an extension on the side if that's the dual thing every plate with a building bit yet but maybe that's a doable thing so all right brace yourselves no time like the present who the fuck you lived here the Pope all right so I'm guessing from yeah the fact I can't see little small show think of me after wall its inner walls only all right that's fine I've still got a plan to destroy all the inner walls it'll be fine I'll be fine right see if this works it yeah yeah dudes OOP shit that's a bit stuck in the hang on a for you let me work the door now I understand if I smashed down a wall yeah neat don't have to tidy this oh wait no don't this is family fantastic well what happens I am Thor god of melon let's open up the bathroom we can't really move the bathroom I'm just gonna open it up for some reason maybe I put two doors on the front of it maybe I'll give you another entrance I don't know we're gonna squash every wall that's been around whoo we have a skill point oh I get a bigger hammer okay so I need to keep it where the shower goes however I can demolish every other wall that's nice to know I'll fucking hit the light switch it's an open it's a very open bathroom just see they're taking this shit staring at the postman every man's dream yeah they've lost a bucket at Vic's cavity honey you shut the fuck up I'm digging hole whatever yeah nicely done and take you other stuff away but they're doing an incredible job but you keep it up I think that's every wall I can destroy gone oh uh from the carriage one so do we want to steal keep the carriages the carriage for car hey man that things go good safety rating oh shit have got masonry on the vehicle I've gone it's fine okay that's enough come right down yeah into the bodywork there we go all right that's the last one done so the space that we're working with is this I mean it's a nice little space isn't it we want to break off the garage because you know exhaust Liam didn't knows in that sort of shit and we'll want to break off the toilet maybe well maybe we'll drag this over here have a wall that goes over here and then we'll fat on the floor as a light switch and right to the floor these are all the things you combine yeah we don't need any of those we need a toilet too a mountable starter or mountable toilet for fatties fantastic right where's the toilet slot you're the toilet slop fantastic high school no way oh that's the wrong bird in the things aren't we actually assemble stuff you have to assemble it dad toilets are easy shower let's get a shower on our angle for the shower but I feel like it'll ugh ah I'm kidding that's it spits and assembly de jure guys I didn't confuse me when I first got in to do okay I put my pipe in there squiggle it down put my pipe in there and then tap it and then plug it and then plug something else and then put whatever these are on that stops the water doing your thing and then yeah a sink and kick the basin and voila you have a shower so my plan of coming through here having a door here is absolute bollocks we'll have to have a door here just feel like the door hit we don't a sneak up on something on the toilet it's never a good idea I have to literally climb over the toilet to get into the thing so it looks like it's really moody outside they assemble some lights very quickly I have to put down this one it's about 50 light bulbs and that should do me fine yeah that should fuck it out yes I'd like one supernova light please let's build walls well we know they have to be which is there there there and there and then probably probably out will have a modesty wall around the shower people tend to people tend to go for the whole modesty thing like we're getting rid of a lot of natural light doing it this way though that's not as if that artificially shit like we're getting rid of that little walls on the top there okay there we go for those that's not bad alright so that's gonna be our bathroom you have to jump over the thing oh you know what it Auto jumps over the thing we're just gonna put the fat toilet in the toilet so see how crazy outside now it's night other stars oh wait oh my monitors just dead right next walls to be built our garage walls and I feel like I don't really want to go too far over there's a plug look at this we'll just avoid that see there's one on the floor makes it so we'll just help there we go we're gonna have these here we go all the way across and then have at the end of door yeah I can't see there we go another supernova light installed god the amount of fucking moths are gonna come in here nobody shoots you're like something I'm just freakin a car in I saw that one up so tell us to take in to you yeah y'all want to fucking around you're not fuckin brother fuck you up man fuck you right up I'm gonna get some spotlights in here ever likes this spotlight still no that's a modern thing that will go for a modern light switch one of them they're modern light switches I don't have it well have it on its side to be even more modern about it that way around down ease on down ease up like gonna be on so we'll have it here hey look at that that looks that looks like a place where we will get murdered all right what's our floor gonna be in here I can have carpets panels ceramic square ceramic tiles gray I can make it something like cool I've green orange could be orange oh yeah whitewalls are in law slightly off-centre wine gonna plaster bucket and i'm gonna switch the plastering apparently and i'm gonna load the plaster on and now i'm gonna plaster this wall fucking nailed it son I'm gonna plaster that wall as well give me more plastic goop which I assume is just plaster anymore and along this wall I'm not along this wall down you built that wall oh yeah right I think that is them done right let's grab some white paint that's plants paint and plants very different things white paint and then let's get painting that's a mop look at my painting skills look at my painting skills actually a little painting up a lot it's pretty much the only thing I did at the start this cane just drill the stuff painting everything maybe the still the right hand fuck off it's great how it worked just go do the fiddly bits in here that's the secrets the secret of painting always do the fiddly bits yeah I feel like painting has more to give then do the fiddly bits you've only done the fiddly bits you have not done a good paying job and voila there we go that looks a lot less like a murder den now good to know right let's just get these out of the way pseudonym in this room anymore and we're gonna just pick a few things to put on the wall and then we can consider this room done to be nice actually hang on this is this stop those lights 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 and it does still quite bright in there a room without open good to know good to know other Sun is coming up a little clock I'm gonna stick above the door yeah in orange of course keeping with our theme of orange nobody can see lovely jelly what's in the safe nothing there's no safes don't come with like demo products here's some boolean oh I should mention on the left there that is put have been going up and down the whole time that's the different groups we could be building this house for so the top one is like businessman than family's their pricks than old people than lady pricks and they don't have different amounts of these you don't like a studio flat loads of kids beds in it nobody's gonna want that if you have to design thinking about one of them okay picture goes there so I've added some art in a smaller smaller smaller theme this is a picture of a cat looking at a window this is a picture of a bird going what a fox I can't doing and here's a tree with Diana and Charles on it right we could get a garage shelf to stick in here we go something fancy or but I'd like to point out that the greatest set of drawers in the world from Ikea are in this game just saying because they different that's clearly them was a nice bookcase we just went past that's a shoe cabinet with tree hanger all right first room John we've got the lovely paintings across the lovely lickable brick wall we've got an open herbal thing a plum which is now taking place in the safe who just moved over there and a little bit of storage and some blinds looking at upon a haunted forest this is the garage this is a nightmare I've got deal with now but that's the garage that's the same as that one it is No oh my god it's so much nicer all right let's just make the whole house this dude outside no just feeling a bit needs to marvelous miss tell us a little bit ignore it and now oh look at this oh hang on nearly nearly got it old nearly got it all there we go beautiful can I go outside no outside is pretty static it's a lovely flooring Oh looks gorgeous stop fucking painting over yeah blends in seamlessly you can't even see that horrible splotchy I could just leave that I can very just sell this as it is now yeah it's rusting with a lovely garage for my car but love it let's paint the bathroom real quick what paint to use actually we should probably tile the bathroom tiles takes fucking forever to do but we'll do it anyway because I am a perfectionist where are the tiles all tiles that makes sense now let's go for actually we should probably do the whole thing we should have floor different floor tiles for them just do the traditional the traditional floor tiles it's very traditional traditional after but erm yeah we gotta find that wall oh we should do that thing that everybody does but I have just one ball that's a wildly different color do everything well I tell you telling in the other room you have that you have the one feature wall feature wall yeah well have that's a blue wall and we're gonna get other tiles like white tiles for the rest of it everything will be good ones so right now they're kind of crappy looking oh they're nice so one square of tiles I pick up fills an entire wall like that or that section there that's both one tile so sometimes it's a bugging sometimes not so much I'm slightly worried I'm gonna have to buy a whole new set of tiles even though I'm not gonna need all of them to finish this wall off it's a big it's a big drama in my life right now maybe I'll just leave a bit of brick exposed just a little bit because then I've got a feature wall and this is this is the cartoon before the feature it's the newsreel wall fantastic just realize that and put a door on those internal tools oh they have oh shit wait what plate oh my god I can put down oh my god I can put um I'm gonna kind of like glass running all the way across the Garrity area yes you'll need to buy a better car for this to really work but whatever oh shit I'll keep all the worthies gonna go then I don't catch the problem with it building really you think you're done and then just come up with a better idea you have to shred it all fuck okay that's got a little bit vicious now that's just dissolving it what the fuck oh I just painted in there but as you can see the storage solution looks fucking well okay so that's how many I could have thought so I need to have how many walls is that there – I need to have two walls on either side all that wall there and then we'll bunch of these oh I can't budge doors have to sell them shit shit shit it's kind of odd to attach masonry to the roof like this never seen it done before it's definitely a weird way of doing I like it I think it gives it character or character floors maybe just gonna fix this horrible bit of floor that's there beautiful beautiful before right and then we're gonna buy some doors that ones overlap for some reason touch the fucking wall fucking stupid stupid exam the right place now yes that one actually has a seal to the wall that is in the right place so many other side they put one in the middle and everything will be tickety-boo and there we go see it display your card you can go out in I'll fuck that was a real fucking way round mother there we go okay so that opens that way yeah wait you closed that way wait plus you close isn't it but you're closed you're closed oh fuck that's the wrong way as well these ones are definitely the front they flip I don't wanna give you so somehow flipped 118° another fucking oh it's fine it's done they're these just these two doors will open there and then this one open this way that's all that's exactly how I want it they're there and quick slalom there perfection I just turn the light on and see yeah look at that so that's a nice little feature room you got this when you sing you could mine your car I mean you will have to buy a better car that's given but that's I think that's nice it was it like from the inside as well the inside yeah I think that the brick exposed brick what works really well I mean doesn't cuz there's a shit hole out there anyway that was what was I doing I'll put your door on the bathroom that was it yeah there we go any mess in this bathroom is gonna be seen immediately oh she put a mirror up on the thing I think we can get a mirror Oh mirror mirror frame white frame nut I thought just look like nuts well there we go i am looking blurry today room dumb telling myself fucking half day mate alright so for the rest of this place let's have a kitchen here I think I'll have the kitchen wrap around that little corner there like that this will be the sort of sitting lounging maybe there's a TV here sort of area and then I mean we can extend it out and have maybe I'm sorry on TV in front of a window what's this it well you could have a desk here at the desk e sitting right in the area here actually if we draw a thing down there like that Sh whoosh now that is the bedroom just as a bedroom and nothing really else but you want to get a get out of thing if we just cut the budget out there like that so it's like a little corridor out to there yeah so we have boom boom bedroom and then this is just one big open office e lovely tasty thing no but office that's a thing but you know I may take my first step is I'm gonna paint all of this white just every single fuckin bit of it why I'm gonna get I think I'm gonna put some other color on there but we'll call this the under gun for now come with me big gallon of paint I'm gonna move you with my wine showers plop you there and then do I want to keep their house like that bit darker coming I could lighten the house up as well well fuck we'll do the outside of the house as well when we finished at the insight no no yeah well this is good I've decided this is white this will be best in it is why everyone agrees with me oh oh it's not painting over the plaster oh it's not painting over the plaster well I know where the wall stops then got a tile spare so I'm gonna stick some tiles on top of it yes that works and now I can paint it slip paint her a DIY ahh there's a cavity there that needs a bit of the old fix in so I'll switch to plaster in and then do that thing a little place I mean frosty swipe on also swipe on that's our plastering works there's no slapping off it tiling dialing dialing painting painting painting painting painting painting at some point but paints gonna peel off and the people who eventually own this house is gonna be like what the fuck is there tiles behind just to these random bits of wall I won't tell them audience will you no of course not fictitious I think that's it hooray okay so we have now painted this it's much nicer one painted yeah much nicer idea of what we're going for so yeah kitchen area here we'll have a little extra boo me bit there there may be a sliding glass door office here thinking about it now sliding glass door thing going on yeah maybe well ffensive of them have this bit open into a little corridor a bit well build this wall first because we know that one's got to be built because people go to sleep we want to kind of go to about they're going to be a small little bedroom but it's a yeah the bedroom is for sleep again then you fuck off and do things Oh Pierce get the hammer and that's the last little bit done okay so that's what I've gone for in the end I'm gonna put white paint around it so it's not a bleeding obvious thing but with the white sliding door I think is nice we just have a bed in here a little wardrobe by the house belt this tiny fireplace yeah yeah a little wardrobe thing here payment all-white lovely jubbly Kirsty Kirsty Kirsty if you'd like to see more painting on the Nokia Network feel free to head over thank you general where he's been doing his weekly vlogs and doing a little painting in it painting of walls and things it's basically this but real worthwhile funny there we go alright slide a door that's nice so this will be the bedroom there and the frame rate is starting a wobbly tank which is never a good sign but anyone I'm looking in that direction it's bring the lights hang on a bit thank you brilliant right okay you think the Sun isn't setting stop fuck I need a bed I need a fancy fucking beautiful sleek modern see that's nice I think like super this that's more expensive that looks nicer that kind of I like the modern level it's very modern looking house it's that's the winner that's the winner right there I'm gonna have it in white no vengi what's vengi you've ng ng looks alright dresser Andy color white doors are mirrored fantastic thank you dresser Andy thrown way around isn't it yes I could have done wrong and lovely jubbly now it's a bedroom fucking good reflection I mean I mean I'm no idiot I'm a vampire and that's fine as a color called sleepy blue fuck it I'm gonna paint detect you the painting I just like to paint memories the fumes I just have one one wrong one wall color back just one you know just adjust the color one striking bit of blue like that it is dreadful let me come in and oh look at the blue look at that little flash of color to make you look less boring than you actually are and we'll put a nice I've got back to that picture that picture sideways no right in the middle there so beautiful so personal modern light switch going on this wall of late let's test halogens in yeah nice it's not super bright but it's not super dark they go you can have a nice sleep mmm Albany blinds fuck when he blinds the bathroom whoops Avengers Assemble my IKEA furniture I've decided to put this one on closed she can't open or close them you never close the window behind them but have that closed when you close you want to close the other way because people can just look in this way I'm taking a shit people can see me cuz the other way Jesus Christ simple stuffs picture a red square a small picture of a blue square what does it mean it means that's all the art they had in the store fantastic I'm considering this dumb for now until I come back and change loads of stuff laundry hamper dresser etc mirror thing and then that boom close it forget about it let's do the main room right front door is on fuck way that's one way around I'll put the knocker on inside fuckin peace fuck alright let's go for the kitchen X the kitchen accident think I'm gonna need you you were told have a bucket of use plaster I'm eBay there's some beautiful like already built kitchen things like this thing which is just like just Bob it's fucking huge plus I want to move my kitchen plans around which I fucking don't over here Bobby nice place my kitchen actually oh god you 50/50 on the flop okay get rid of the shit I'm by more oh my god that fits in that I can have a little kitchen separate kitchen area there look about ah this is my kitchen actually five that looks gorgeous oh fuck that looks gorgeous it's the wrong color or anything after seven buy a new one and lose like 200 quid but fuck it Oh God come on game hold together I'm not done yet attempt to save the frame rate I've put the the setting to real time so it's just in the morning now so it's not dealing with lighting engine well Carly we have white sheep what the fuck is tuna get the fuck in there and tell me what color to Therese kind of fucking shooter urea oh there we go black tabletop with a bit of white that looks fucking great alright so the kitchen is now going here which is cool refrigerator there so you come through you a big fridge there home appliances please double door refrigerator yeah let's not have it in red well white and then front can be dark how does we talk in just pictures of dead babies no no that's fine let's go through everything and see if we haven't got we have got a toilet roll holder oh fuck is it oh shit was even gonna go there and I think we're good fuck yourself we're gonna turn it round all that absent has to go got met little bathtubs I've never seen place I can mount a bathtub a sink with a camera now I can just put things anyway good mine beds we could have a crib already is my crib you know I'm saying bed with a desk oh my God look at this desk oh I want this desk over the radios in the fucking wife fuck you radiator oh fuck you so hard ready ater alright mouse and keyboard you can't get computers as well which is great so yeah that one looks the fanciest stuck background I can't put in there and they're annoyingly there's no monitor there's just speakers I could just show you fuck it there's your monitor welcome to the future can't tell you how much I'm really starting to hate this door but I think I can destroy the walls that are in the way another four out of it I mean it's the shower that's if I can put one of those on yeah fucking die door okay I decided to take that door and replace it one of those just to keep you know the look going I don't know I've hit an issue now because I need to take it one more do I want to be more weight on that side of this side well I feel like this side will be better cuz that side of might you might walking into a shower all right fine yeah I got some white paint on my roller yes and oh fuck I've got a tile again after okay open on the correct side there we go there's no lock you'll need a lock the fucking needs a light switch as well and there's a light switch it'll lock but it feels that feels bigger now feels better when it's closed it feels feels like you fucking exposed to the world and Boosh I think that's the same tiles oh those there this isn't us oh god my panty freezing I was like wait a minute that's all fine just notice how off the pattern is it's not directly in the middle is it's it's kind of okay it's done it's done fuck you I think that maybe the orange is a bit too much for how white the rest of the house has got so maybe we just do it like gray it's gray just a calm gray yeah looks a little a little caramel isn't it looks a little better looks a little worse back to orange and also I'm gonna paint the orange it's a good matching orange sunny yellow fiery orange all that one well that one is the same one and that one it's not the same in any fucking way what was i fucking thinking sunny orange sunny orange is the one who want fuck you in the eyes all right I've done the orange all about the wall I'll see that I like that more I like that more it's it's stupid and it's garish but that makes me admire it there's a commitment to how orange their garage is now yes the orange will stay there something to give this some color everywhere as well maybe orange maybe that's that that's the color we fling for everything I guess splash of color in here nice bright orange – really something there's some things but only every now and then like just that just that little yeah yes yeah it looks like shit change your plans back to right back to white back to our backs point cuz what I'm gonna do instead because I'm gonna gonna paint orange on all the places that there are dolls because behold that looks pretty fucking good that lisslow but whatever be some orange over here don't that the theme this house became I also like orange but it happened and you roll with it that's how you decorate that's how your design it's not you have to plan the plan first this is a terrible idea there we go that will orange as well that looks nice like every place just gets one the Laurent wall that's gonna be a bit too well maybe I need that one oiz maybe ah fuck it and then we got a ditch the brick come afraid it's just one too many things going on this little dab it needs to be orange just does just got a vibe that needs to be orange maybe that just needs to be a legit door thinking about it but nice so we got that there that one there that's why it may be that one needs to be orange but then that one need to be orange as well well maybe that's it maybe it sort of alternates white orange except for this corner here sure let's see well that's like okay sir this is there the orange in white house oh it's really nice actually the only thing I don't like is the fucking doors it's just an off-white let's Frank maybe you should stick a wildly different color door on it'll look nicer and that just seems like that might work cuz well I want a front door with a knocker as dark and there's wary white of its internal that's not white your life fuck how is that white know why looks like a fucking choc-ice okay the darker door works better that has to be said that darker door works better I feel like it should have a white flourish around the inside this should be white this four here white and white and white not you who said you could be white nobody that's a little bit of white there we go that looks better that's better I think I think so I think that's the painting done the office done kitchen needs a little bit of decoration of detail that we need a TV here sofas lighting on the outside oh fuck we go for turned off hours and out fuck these blue tiles and fuck the way I don't like either of them I'm gonna just paint the bathroom and if you get you know water on the walls this is what proof paint mixed waterproof mascara and paint together to make this so you know it's heavy duty ship to answer question a fair few of you will probably have when this game launches if it does have like much bigger houses yes I'll do a complete series on just one house cuz this little fucker is taking me literally two and half hours so far and yeah it's a series in there I think with a bigger house it's sort of a watery boat sort of themed painting ah aha couldn't be more perfect if it was upside down boom and there is and there is the bathroom finished for the second time orange tiles everything keeping in the theme keeping in the forms to love it to bits alright display and I've got shit I can tell the TV on oh wait can I put the other one on now that's a piece of shit TV there we go one have a nice big orange sofa time staring about alright and there's our little sitting area got a chair got a coffee table the little bit so far and a coffee table and then a TV and a little thing for the dog next to the radiator to just snuggle up in now I need to fling some blinds on fucking everything two three four five lines the best part about finishing this game is why don't you finish the house you get to Sally audible see how much value we've added to it that's the whole point of the game you know not just doing this because it's fun and it is fun but that's not the reason I'm just doing it all right all the blinds are in now I think of the ones with every room yep blinds are in looking lovely jubbly got the thing there right I think it's just time for fine detailing and we are done Oh a little so these shows because I need them in my life they're beautiful although they're much fucking sure than they are in the real world but our bathroom I think we got everything in the bathroom beds yeah we dumped beds carp is gonna fuck my carpets ceiling lamps up piss I've gotta get halogens all over the place and we have lights they're yelling let's switch you scatter on the place by doors etc that one next to the fog think we should slightly worries me but I think it'd be all right and also they're slowly wonky and all that kind of shit because it's an absolute fucking bull like to get an accurate deep psychology the secrets of 1971 the rare plants and ancient civilizations were only in 1971 he needs a whole fucking book for I don't know but she coffee table book all right the inside is now officially done so I decided just to paint the outside white I know painted house these both have like a would have fecals unfollows but now fucking White Fang wait faint all the way every day sometimes quicker I do other shit to do today just opening this something make sure I'm not gonna fuck the painting up on the inside by a thing works now go para oh shit that was one piece ha ha I didn't take a lot of pain at all I was come as a different texture though I was fucking yeah I went for it this walls going orange possibly two walls going on the front the front should be white orange walls on the side and white on the front I like it downside of course is the orange walls gonna attract wasps like shit the final wall I'm doing here this is dumb house is done finished 3 hours of my life to house it's a proper dinner I took a chill man into a proper house and we are done let's sell the paint and let's have a quick look seal around the house look at their line there fuck you fuck you fucking piece of fucking filth well here is the finished house you can see there's a few little orange details highlighting some of the places we go around here this is a nice orange wall beautiful from the back here look at this beautiful you can see there's a really strong color theme throughout well orange oh fuck I'm done that B I'll fuck orange accents highlight the pieces we'll just go around here look at this it's I think there is a word for this and it is excellent let's go inside shall we and see what we can see well go through the main door it immediately you're greeted by a nice big open space huge gorgeous space with some spots that take the framerate to shoot them try them yes oh the orange ahh look at this the books the personalization they've added of some random people's pictures in this lovely little sitting room with the television it actually lights up the place that's pretty nice I just through here you can see there's the car in the garage carriage is beautiful and lovely and storage space is all storage box there I need a better car but it's been cleaned up man overrun it's more of a decorative piece that go through here we have the dents we land with a lovely speak system and it may be a bit of the typical manner whatever and here is a picture of someone by a field or a desert or something good that's a lovely the blinds at our agency and you go through here and here's the kitchen we've got a nice little chopping block but everyone got from Ikea through here's the cooking comp with kettle thingy little clock as a coffee machine in the microwave here sink beautiful sink lovely a new picture it's a beautiful thing there's a through here's the bedroom the only bedroom in the place this is the blue wall which I'm keeping gives you a bit different if you need the escape from the Orient you've got this room become two don't kill the ball don't get the wall I was a few little pictures they're lovely lovely a beautiful reflection here it's maybe outside today which i think is really weird and impressive but I like it a lot a little hamper there for your clothes and I think you this you can practice your helicopter ticking out the here we have a thing I can't do fuck all with apparently so here is the you need a picture of a bottom in all modern houses that is a rule that's called inside here we have the bathroom beautiful open spacious lovely little everything a nice picture of water just in case you forget what water is and that's the house that's everything in the house I think it's fucking lovely and now a comparative slide show stupid fucking thing you just saw as I was going in the fucking thing paint that paint that paint that paint that now the house is down there we go alright we're gonna have this now over to uh well it has to be appraised oh you're shitting me I'll just shut myself in a door it's long me out no oh my god I don't risk saving it fuck it selling it selling it that's it that's it house done um I gotta close on a fucking door right I bought the house for 47,000 pounds discover um and yeah and I spent some money on it I've been working it for two hours 58 minutes and 14 seconds I don't know I need this kitchen for eighty five thousand that's not bad that's not bad tenants I'll you two bathrooms one squish them in there our bathroom why only one see ya there's no price myself that was the price there's a bedroom right there's only one bedroom ninety three thousand I mean this is bad they sick sales on holy shit we're doing the right oh come on break a hundred k breaking under k I love flowers wouldn't see here any there were farms plants I like order what do you think this was chaos babies love to do what what the fuck does everything used to beat up on it was a family bought it no no I live in it no I'll get it living it I live that no I don't I accept it I want it I want the money hey so that took three hours and I made a little bit of money and the game just crashed

32 thoughts on “Nerd³ Redecorates A Crack Den – House Flipper

  1. and we never did get that series ;( also they need to add coop for this i would play it for hours if that was the case

  2. About an hour west of Chicago (low traffic/good day) a house in that condition of that size on that size of a plot of land costs over $100,000.

  3. After watching this about 11 times, I have decided that I want Dan to redesign my house.

  4. Eh I’ve seen worse houses for $40,000. Long as their isn’t any mold, foundation is good, and electrical and plumbing is mostly intact you got a great deal.

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