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NETH FM 8 Pass Jokes 2019.07.23 - සුදු පුතා චූටි කිකූ සොයයි

yeah gotta wake is about that I got a cap wrote dear God giving anybody my bacon hey Q we hammer gamma cutter my dream pop big dinner yeah ma you were there Oh hem Academy Jim puppet dinner anymore you think that the tympanic ojeda popobawa to go the other person gonna make our move on now daddy didn't go novena that amber it's called a mega mega mega my will give what he did on it won a CD but her idea come but we are gonna get him a dominating re re re mother Tony a Jim Popham been to my salon wearing is called end hey hey oh oh hey oh oh look at that didn't get any popular garden yeah in a macaque namizo dude I'm on duty hmm I'm my son rocky better about similar thing are the react now you're a monkey hey yo dr. Heaton Depa be Bajal ooh what about how thy pardon I don't either hi I'm Agatha Oh Dave old Italian for the third again episode would I do a target ticket you know I get a mama that I'm gonna get married I'm I'm Madhumita then again the Lebanese oh yeah woman again he may be saluting Abu what de la ma reading about that mm-hmm yeah me that I can be like you what happens I walk in that one I mean with me a regular guy that in again here I got the me a guitar Goethe cannot be the end hey mama Tina honey take a magazine with yeah well about all I can attend a karate mechanic you would look um you know what at the end never fun to pass you know they may be getting windier a day are you a sorry I'm again sir multiple one what a hemisphere Mahmoud Kanaan media malignity Megara people Adina Medina read Andy mega Eden daddy you have a device a common Sekou Makati indeedy-do Nagila a mimosa Eden did agony the Nimbus Eamon succeed him with the Box cholera trauma to it Eva see what to read Argan what Rinka Hagen Adina gr was a Galatea agony dogging me Kamara gate like a whenever I said please don't even Amitabh amiga God they get together in Gila do you know any again Aladeen whoo come on whoo singing whoo I got about you I got Ximena may complain again the bass was La Scala the era bell on you owe me a hug a duck cook them again even the moon colony processor again I said mama Paul what the worst steel Adam I mean do we are the whole deal nanana multiple attack Meryl of what a poor Paul what they up woody bunny yo Paulie lemon Annie I love what they've all not again and again Lisa luckily make either a holiday wetlands at the reddleman ready July man I get I'll marry Robin or Obama a guitar again I've already bought arrogance hi Kenny my youth the deadly so dude I got mother a diagonal diagonal damage and a bar is Surat and akhira allah ameen jawher bhasi my mama maybe you see pada pada mu all remedy any Melkor never get deep but mama nursed a doctor day when there again i will add a column holding mount and again one carry me oh yeah but Logan anyway his name is ninja middle part acidity nigga said oh god and agonda dun duuun dragna Okutama got a couple of Arachne you can keep that like a decagon Jim I dunno i can'tit maulali ha what do you mean Jim is right Dominican Potter series near my knee we can kill you again in the Milan a bit about worried have a thought now suddenly made people a minyan tamagoyaki tomorrow you stick around again a boo boo boo de bonne année here behind a mule to cut out about say my money staging about lady it was sang with a come on LI Guang me Panipat diggy diggy the monkey a Miami me then meet a girl in a cool upon like a mitten and older than a happy when the negative the any Ghana do you have any cool back you in any net that funny at a pass and we know need it Oh jingyan ha ha mmm Megan Sally olivine on in kilo hot regular monkey we are data me mmm Makara photonic EFT in the back you know that a knotty Serato a line muscle Cooley DNA you're the other enemy Canada Malekith a grand are a baby girl bet the dog anger but I got a gig in a bodybuilder them honorable that's a give again Gangadhar getting a baby bamboo quit me me i holla pollack about Danny not kanga by honeybunny me something back you drunk yelling it what again how did see a real 800 the gun debate at those welcoming who can reshape it and gave you done honey man you said W the W the Gila had a buddy dude was under a rock with a my pseudoknot gala I'm gonna master kaboom well gala junkie go together you know I don't you know that it's a wrap eternity like a boom but I made I mean you know that many but they're two dead cert again mechanically identically appeared on either one already never under any idea how policy that may make me swoon a golden age mmm happy make a desert again come on yeah I gotta give a eulogy I'm against ago salad in Dominica hallelujah gonna get me pollution lesson name is Edmond me Madonna di merda Yanni wait I got a day he's there what up overdose in one minute natural to me go me do an owl this is in younger women uniting metonym I would have getting a do it and and a gala ha ha I can come here gonna kick our feet and we need a dooba we need amiga lon meghamala deserve me pd amber and a premium Anatomy code under mini sambar and a megaphone and is evocative a cockney got me then you got me really into it in there what is going on I'm an inlet at Makaha reported on by Ronnie even isn't not a gamma nanny the gamma regime a duskiness uncle P net affirm at a pass

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