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Networking Doesn’t Work for EVERY Job

– (quietly) I wanted to be a
pilot since I was a little kid. – (quietly) I just decided last week. – My name (chalk writing) is Captain Wilerson. Not dude, not bro, not teach, but Captain Wilerson, and I am here to teach you all (military drumming) how to be pilots, now
who here read the manual? Wonderful. Forget about it. Because being a successful pilot, it’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know. – I’m sorry. We do need to know how
to fly though, right? – Yeah, but in order to be successful, you gotta hustle, all right? You gotta network. – I don’t think the FAA
says anything about hustling or mingling. – When I was your age, I found myself in the co-pilot seat next to Karl Reinsdorf. Now halfway through that
flight, he got a heart attack, and guess who landed the plane? – A passenger? – [Captain] Anybody else? – You? – Nobody has any guesses at all? – Someone on Reddit? – You’re the co-pilot, right? So probably you? – No ideas? – You were the co-pilot, so you. – Who do you think it was? – We’re saying you, are you hearing that we’re saying you? – You’re all wrong. It was me. – Yeah. – Oh wow. – But, you knew how to fly. (swish) – Yeah, I know how to fly a plane, but the most important part is that I was there. – Oh, I actually had
a question about that. – [Captain] Yes. – So at the altitude that
the plane starts falling, how do you ensure that the engines have enough thrust– – Show up! – What? – Show up! – Show up to the plane? – Show up everywhere! You want to be the pilot who’s at the airport all the time! That way if somebody gets sick, who are they gonna look to? – (sighs) The person at the airport. – Huh? – The pilot that was
assigned as alternate? – They’re only gonna have
one person to look to, who’s it gonna be? – You. – Which person? – I feel like we’re saying the answer and you’re not listening to us. – Someone at the airport. – Just– – A flight attendant
who’s paying attention. – You. It’d be you. – All right, look. We’re just here to learn
the rules of flying. – Rules were meant to be broken! – But wouldn’t that mean crashing? – You’re afraid of rejection. Yes you are, you’re afraid. You’re afraid, look at you! Say it, you fear rejection, say it! – I fear rejection! – Oh, you didn’t have to say that. – I mean, just look at Sully! He crashed! And now he’s the most
famous pilot in the world. – I thought we were here to
avoid situations like that. – Wrong! You’re here to learn how to be great. And greatness is about embracing failure, make mistakes, people! – Yeah, but that’s putting
hundreds of people at risk. – Use those erasers, that’s
why you have an eraser! – That’s a pen. – That’s why you have an eraser! Here’s an assignment. I want you all to go out this
week and fail on purpose. – You want us to crash a plane on purpose? – Once you crash once, you’ll find out that it’s not that bad and you won’t be afraid
of it anymore, huh? Scaredy cat? Now how many Instagram
followers do you have? – What, I don’t– – [Captain] Come on. – Three! What? My mom, my dog, and my wife! What does that have to do with anything? – (laughs) What would you get, how are you gonna, I mean, nowadays, you need a following if you want to book any flights, son! – I think you’re confusing
this with something else. – You know what? I like the cut of your jib. You should move to Los Angeles. ‘Cause I’mma tell you what, I don’t care how good of a pilot you are, you’re not gonna get
discovered in Louisville. – Wait a minute. You’re the guy from the
commercials, the Pan Am commercials! Right? – [Everyone] Oh! – Now I like him! That’s awesome! We have to take a photo,
can I take a photo? – [Everyone] Wilerson!

100 thoughts on “Networking Doesn’t Work for EVERY Job

  1. You know, if the salty, brain-dead and completely unfunny people who leave comments here were in charge of this channel, it'd be just as unfunny as it is.

  2. I am subscribed to Disney plus hulu Amazon prime Netflix Starz VRV and DC universe. I can't do drop out The only show on there that AM even the slightest bit intrested in is troopers and WTF 101 And I'm not gonna pay a monthly fee just to watch 2 shows I think it's best for you guys to team up with one of the other streaming services that are already out.

  3. I bet Captain Wilerson likes Arabic roast coffee and enjoys a good cheese danish. He drives a Nissan.

    This is basically what you people voted up top. Great work.

  4. This is funny because I'm taking a business class that is ALL NETWORKING. My professor really stressed the importance of connections, requiring all of us to get Linkedin profiles. Something that showed up in nearly all of his PowerPoints was "People will connect with and refer job opportunities and other important contacts to those people they know, like and trust."

    All the assignments we get feel like a lot of busywork though

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  6. As an actual pilot, networking is actually important. In the industry you’ll hear this saying often “It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know”.

  7. Yeah but if you want a job with delta you better know someone at delta. There are too many pilots as it is. Because very one thinks it is cool to be a glorified bus driver

  8. This is so inaccurate and misinformed it's disgusting and certainly not funny. Networking is a MASSIVE part of being a successful pilot and the only way you get ahead is to hustle in the industry and you HAVE to move to where the jobs are! Not to mention this costume is a joke having only two bars which specifically signify he is a second officer/flight engineer which generally doesn't exist anymore…

  9. That relates weirdly to my issues when receiving management classes… my teacher wasn't a musician or a manager (at first) and made it big by being a "DJ" performer and lying to promoters and now he's like "Yeah, get picked up by a club in Ibiza, have a set on Tomorrowland even if it's the first one and nobody sees you, and then it's pretty much uphill from there".

  10. Knowing people helps in becoming a commercial pilot but if you want to keep being a pilot it's based on being reliable and consistent

  11. Networking is actually pretty important for training pilots, especially when it comes to time building or even getting most corporate gigs.

  12. It's like you know that a presentation not proceeding after the audience already know what's coming next is annoying but I don't think you're really taking that information on board

  13. Louisville actually has a big airport. And the biggest airport in the country IIRC is in Atlanta, not LA. Amateur hour, guys

  14. The very first time ive heard someone/a channel not set in Louisville pronounce Louisville nearly perfectly. Great job.

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