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NEVER Ask a Comedian a Dumb Question

I heard you have a terrible theory and I want you to say this so your theory on Boston is let's just wait till LeBrons old you don't want to be aggressive and get players I didn't say that what did you get misinformation what did you say why would you say I have a horrible theory without checking with me first it's like you already threw me under the bus well I get it you got a big desk I have one question why morning after morning do you sit up in your bed watching us talk about nothing could it be because you're addicted to watching us talk about nothing like so many viewers on what are you gonna say that can be wrong and keep the same so many Blake when it comes to LeBron James how many times is this man contradicting himself so your Christian background is is part of the the shower yes and I wanted to talk to you about Jesus after well maybe he went a little too far you know as far as what well they thought that maybe you were being disrespectful to the Christian religion reason I'm telling you you need to go go oh good lord respectful or just you you were just having fun with some of the crucifixes and stuff like that I don't even know what yeah I mean we did maybe two juries about that yeah exactly don't you think the Catholic Church went a little too far more so than my cartoon and listen putting up with jokes I know this is a morning show you can't bring up all those crimes you know what technologists they just sort of kept moving them around you know like those killer whales at SeaWorld that kills a trainer they'll then move it up to Seattle they don't give them their background I am not totally following but I don't know what I'm talking about it's a morning show I understand hey lasted how long nine years hundred episodes you gave it up I didn't cancel you okay well that's a big difference between being canceled and being number one okay I'm sorry we'll be right back B movie opens B movie we'll be right back buddy made me think about you good oh yeah you lost your father in 9/11 yeah you know every great movie I just started crying yeah experiencing all the things you're experiencing with nobody to talk to about it yeah yeah you are beloved by comedians does that mean more to you what would you say okay I'm gonna do stand-up for the next year I'm going to bomb everywhere but comedians will love me what matters more to you no I don't want to Bob I would take the not bombing options yes what are you writing a bike man you see people need a bike why I would think a guy like a god that's all right guys I got a I got a heavy foot there's a real stream-of-consciousness thing happening here no yeah it's called conversation what's the worst place like a bomb another very weak weak question do it at 35 years yeah to elementary your comedy prime right now like this is you got about eight years let you judge that because that your energy level is high you're nimble I mean dude and what do you what do you do it I'm not like an athlete I'm gonna blow out and Achilles and I can't write a joke anymore what do you do all with all your times I got the same amount of time you got well I'm working y'all used to I mean it's oh my god you'll need to work though yes I do yeah what do you think what's your ideal life doing nothing you dated a yes we did was just fun yeah we let me have sex thrown everything man it was great so no we had asked you are you from Southie no that's a good will hunting question that I've answered for 15 years ever since that movie came out do you good at math do you like apples where did you play the cop on Breaking Bad Breaking Bad thanks I wasn't a cop and Breaking Bad I had my head shaved on my first question you didn't do your research you were so busy worried about this matching this and now look at you I lived in a city safe suburbs Saugus wait do you really beautiful Crawford yeah wasn't a cop I was a piece of shit I was like a con man a con man yeah I was stealing money I stopped a train but it was on Breaking Bad right yeah I was kind of a big show okay I got nervous you know pretty good shape but but why respond to somebody's being negative to you on on Twitter because it's fun I don't do any humor about prejudice I don't know why you think that you think that humor is about prejudice oftentimes yeah you should probably see a little more of what I do because it's I don't I don't have any of that well give me an area you know see that wasn't we had a good exchange there and then the thing is you hit me with another specific the key to your job is specific things the worst thing that interview an interviewer can do is say just talk about yourself then the person they don't know if the person doesn't know cuz you give him the whole world about three minutes just go in there and tell him told us a few minutes and you can cut in your question to me if I was your boss's boss I'd fire them you go back and tell them they're fired can you get fired in Sweden or no the government won't allow it this is same thing I got a five out of five afraid to do one hmm right yes but I did most of the work can women be funny yeah of course some people the hard time saying yes so there are a lot of angry young men on the internet they're like women would you guys just fucking grow up and just sit down and write your own horseshit and come up with it slowly well I'm an entrepreneur I'm a what the fuck up and as note makes no difference whether you got a dick or a twat all right just do what the fuck you want to do and hopefully people respond to it to do now there was a there was a squabble between the producer Simon chow and he killed Bruce Lee and then years a years later he killed Brandon Brandon do you think that's a complete bullshit I don't like the wait you said that okay it's not fucking bullshit listen man you've been on the show several times you've got beat down on several occasions oh we've never lost that's the law my word of the day fabricate how about how about that 100 v8 is that better well you say bloviate we get it from because you didn't know about it until I said first of all you don't do I got it from with one of the words that you pull out your behind oh that's what you do man okay thanks for nothing Google what I wanted to show you is how easy it is to watch yourself and other live streams on your tablet device on the computer on the computer yeah go ahead and hit play there okay so simple you see your face oh yeah it's me with a huge fat fucking face yeah I didn't want I didn't want to be the one to say it yeah I've been having a lot of trouble my doctor he said he's not a very nice guy he said open your mouth and say oink yeah you need to get better insurance snort insurance he was call me a fat pig well I mean nobody's gonna disagree with him oh I'm sorry I've got an acid tongue you do you're an acid tongue DARAB question do you guys have a problem was you saying these comments I do I'm trying to figure out won't you lower your voice lower your voice you're not talking to her you gonna give me the respect that I deserve don't talk to me like I'm a man go ahead I have a problem with what he said I'm trying to figure out how in God's name I'm done with you Steve max well clearly you

30 thoughts on “NEVER Ask a Comedian a Dumb Question

  1. Jerry Seinfeld is really full of himself huh!? Talk about being super defensive. Larry apologized and Jerry was too busy patting himself on the back and then insults Larry. Douchebag!

  2. Dude casually smelling his own armpits at 7:54. Then trying to play it off like he stretching. Slick bro.

  3. Fuck I'm in stitches at the chinese lad near the end ๐Ÿ˜‚ "yeah I dont like the way you said that" it's not fucking bull shit ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿƒ

  4. Jerry seems like a shitty guy to be around….. โ€œwhatโ€™s your ideal life? Doing nothing?โ€
    U know what jerry…. have a nice ride…… hope u get hit by a cab

  5. Classic Seinfeld episode 1:55. Love it. Only put this comment here because of the comments talking shit lol

  6. for the people that are saying, โ€œyou guys donโ€™t understand Jerry, he was clearly jokingโ€

    i came into this video trying to be as bias as possible towards the comedians, trying to look for the joke, there was absolutely no joking tone in his voice. heโ€™s clearly just an asshole in these clips.

  7. I rarely hate, but Jerry Seinfeld is one of them. He is one person who got lucky and has a big stick up his ass.

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