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First things first INDIANS>:(( we have managed to fight back After I reviewed Billion Surprise Toys I gave it a zero they have then deleted the video Victory for the 9 year olds! Now, if only we can stop T-Series I will spare any Indian that joins my side which side of history will you be on? make your choice before it’s too late and smash like on this video 😤😤😤 now to something completely different, yay👏👏 handshakes, everybody how do they work??? :(( I don’t know! clearly I’m not the person to judge here, oKAY? maybe my track record on handshakes isn’t the most flawless thing but that doesn’t mean I don’t have the right to laugh and judge other people failing at handshakes which is one of my favorite hobbies so let’s feel a lil better on how awkward I am by watching other people being more awkward, yay!! :’) *evil kermit laugh* *intense music intensifies* *possible brofist* *failed* *the cringe runs deep* *RIP* You, you a nobody is gonna hit as hard as life But it ain’t about how hard you hit It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward How much you can take and keep moving forward That’s how winnin’ is done *epic cringe music* *Try not to cringe to this* *snek in hand confirmed* *horse skratta* A’right enough okay My favorite thing about Esports isn’t how good they are at video games It’s how bad they are at human interactions (I wouldn’t be talking) cause they are always forced to put that on the test as well Any time they go against each other, they have to finish off with some form of human interaction whether it’s handshake, whether it’s brofist #notabrofist whether it’s high five or HUGGING But rarely r a r e l y it ends well, and it leaves us with an infinite source of great cringe material Let’s start off Usually there’s an instigator, there’s a person that says : “You two!” “Shake Hands!” And they’re not ready They’re not ready for it
[host] You boys want a bit of a handshake over the uh *caption the cringe in the comments* [triggered] Why did you tell them to handshake? This is really purely the fault of the host How can you just assume that they are not gonna mess that up? [host] bit of a handshake over the uh I don’t even understand what happened, you know? How do you go from this to – MOVING ON [audience claps] Oh wait this, this is an older but it’s a classic Is that made shot? [happy music] Just love how happy they are at the end, you know Some things, you just gotta work for The- the reward and payoff isn’t there until you’ve gone through the pain and Jesus christ was that painful [happy music] [RIP headphone users in 3] [RIP headphone users in 2] [RIP headphone users in 1] *how does brad/sive come up with these??* I think the problem is there’s no… recovery You mess up there’s no recovery Unless you dab backflip or something I think that’s the only redeeming thing you can do pfffft What just happened? *2014 skratta resurrected* [laughs] He’s clearly going for a handshake Oh my God [commentary] I don’t know about this guy or his orientation but Fergus is openly homosexual okay? [pewds] okay So he’s going in for the clear handshake Now let’s see where things go from there wait.. is this Hagrid? Why is Hagrid commenting over handshakes? [Hagrid] …for the cleeear handshake now let’s see where things go from there Look at this *cringe alert : ding ding ding* What a motherfucker! Oh my Gawwwd that is absurd dude that is the most fucked up mix-up I’ve ever seen!! and he was not even ready [repeats] He was not even ready *heartwarming PDP laughter* What is happening? [commentary] Two in a row? OW -Oh he’s really thinking about it isn’t- Okay they find it, they find it. there it is *PDP cringe overload* ugghh – the crown back on da head Na nai nananana you don’t deserve that crown That’s the king of cringe crown I feel bad though cuz he tried to make it smooth you know That’s the thing Can we just not touch each other? Alright, this was literally yesterday i think 3rd of September, yeah it was literally yesterday Fortnite summer the upcoming games fresh cream Lupo he
might be doing well with in-game apparel he still needs to learn and I kept loop
I’m soon as he failed he just is like no PICK ONe and COMMIT!!! Ok??>:((
if you’re GONNA do the brofist, do the damn brofist I don’t even understand how
you mess up a brofist by the way, ok? It’s nearly impossible all you gotta do is
this there’s no how hard do I squeeze let it be known by the way I have an
amazing handshake ok well- nO ONE ASKED!! You don’t even HAVE
hands! People try now when they meet me they’re like can I please shake your
hand and I’m like yeah you can you know why ?? this is amazing there was one
little f-king kid in Japan I remember he tried he tried to trick me that little
Japanese son of a gun tried to trick me I’m gonna find it where
is it this thing’s really good grinds my gears oh yeah, this one is great. *large skratta* oh I love that one I just met Pewdiepie and he gave me a
~proper~ handshake. THAT happened. Come on yeah!! I found it look at this look at
this guy faking me out he tried– they’re filming I bet he’s
telling his friend like alright we’re gonna get him we’re gonna get him now we
fight- this is our chance like I’m crazy They’re conspiring against me!! Okay? They knew they set
this up alright? I’ll film, I’ll mess up the handshake no. Perfect. You see that? Perfect Even though he faked me out, I recovered Forget the handshake, awkward
hugs is where it at. Please don’t do this to me. Stop, just- stop. stop. oh there
it is- with me *wheeze* I didn’t even know I didn’t even know I
thought he meant I should sit down oh yes that’s what you get Conan that’s
what you get that’s what you get for messing up my life that’s what you get
for ruining my life I’m shaking I’ve never been this upset in my life my
mouth is salivating we got a little sidetracked let’s keep watching ALRIGHT I DON’t ACTUALLY CARE ShAkE mY hAnD let me explain what happened here this
guy most likely I’m not saying I’m just speculating, most likely he has some form
of phobia and he doesn’t like touching people
hence the posture of that you don’t shake my hand this is the posture of I dont want to shake your hand and I dont want to touch,Riiight? I can respect that but the reason I know this is cuz I I met a fan
and I was gonna shake his hand all right this is not a handshake fail by the way
it was a handshake win but I didn’t realize he had some form of phobia cuz
he was wearing gloves it was clear afterwards cuz marzia saw it
and she told me and she was like he didn’t want to shake your hand cuz he
has the phobia of touching people or something like that didn’t you see he
was wearing gloves and I was like oh yeah that’s right oh I remember he didn’t
want me to take his phone now I remember that’s what I IT WASN’T A HANDSHAKE FAIL tOLd yOu I TolD you I’m so passionate about this subject hehehehey I love
this clip and I’ll tell you why cuz he just makes a list like a UH hand gesture
it wasn’t a handshake gesture so the guy gets confused and he’s like okay thumbs
up to this guy and then he gets confused and he’s like oh do you want to shake my
hand oh wait what but this guy on the left absolute legend because as this guy
points out he obviously gets a kick over of awkward this was you know it fuels
some people it gives him strength it’s a buff for him I bet he played
better after this cuz he just dominated this guy alright what else do we got oh noΣ(°△°|||)︴ AWWW AWWWWW this guy is like why are
you touching me HEheHeHe(´ ∀ ` *) EEHeHEHeeHEEhe LOok aT hIs fAcE what are you doing\(〇_o)/ what’s wrong with youu(•ิ_•ิ)? look he’s ruBBing his hands („ಡωಡ„) hands like I need I need at least
someone to touch him I just need to get rid of this cringe
please it’s a tough life to live I get it we’re all gonna die and here we are
just we can’t even touch each other bla bla bla(ง ื▿ ื)ว you see an untrained eye might hav-might have
missed that one I bet an expert level five handshake
failed cringe compilation guy spotted immediately here you see he goes in and
they kind of wait bless the man who did the camera work
cuz he spotted it as well he must have been a very high level rank as well he
cut away from the handshake to spare this man of the cringe and it
almost got away with it so I applaud that good job you guys eSports has been
getting really big lately and a lot of professional video game players are
actually getting pretty famous here’s a guy who goes by the name of
Seagal finishing up an interview at a competition this week and check out his
cool handshake at the end watch thank you wait why is Jimmy Fallon stealing my
idea(°ㅂ°╬) Jimmy Fallon٩(╬ʘ益ʘ╬)۶٩(╬ʘ益ʘ╬)۶ don’t make me challenge you٩(╬ʘ益ʘ╬)۶ don’t make
me add you to the list of the nine year olds enemies you know what I bet you
there’s some cringe of you Jimmy first of all this clip is amazing I feel bad
for Seagal though I’m sure he’s laughing at it in his grave because he’s dead you
can’t survive this quaint (pewds laughing(*꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ) if Jimmy Fallon is laughing at you that
that’s not you let’s say you know you mess up miss that that’s deep I guess video games help with a hand-eye coordination but not hand hand
coordination good joke Jimmy who wrote that for you Jimmy Fallon and shake
failed all right come on give me something all right well he’s sweating he’s got
pit stains so yeah joke’s on you where’s this Indian no it’s Tai- Taiwanese shake look at this guy
instigator shake dance visual where is it where is it
show me the French take me to the cringe it’s sometimes you just gotta throw your
hand out and see where it lands and so how I touch boobs for the first
time all right moving on wait what is this handshake fail Indigo Prophecy wait it fails the handshake I failed the
handshake is the game over hey games over not an even video games
kid hit look he died wait I play this game did I that I failed the handshake
ah man can someone please look that up it’s
possible that I didn’t even play this part cuz there’s a bunch of different
routes in the game right oh man please like that yeah you go
forward we go side that’s the thing if you mess up a
handshake new abilities unlock on you this guy got so angry That’s not me
editing that by the way yeah you go forward we go side all right that’s it
that’s it that’s it for the fresh handshakes as always if you find them if
you find any cringe send it my way and I will review it this has been PEeeeewdiEpiee hand shake
the screen right now if you enjoyed the uh uh Uh uH UH uh

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  2. I'm Indian and I just watched this video. Realized within the first 20 seconds, I'm on the loosing side of history. Thanks PewDiePie.

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    Boss: Hey, good job chang. Keep up the good work.
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  9. This one time someone tried to give me a high five and I shook his hand. That happened like 6 months ago and it still haunts me.

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