Laughter is the Best Medicine

New Jokes July

[Applause] jealous by my four-year-long girlfriend all right yes happening she's like Joe you're waiting to be analytical that's why she dumped me have to be analytical I'm gonna win her back though maybe it's cool seven column charts she really appreciated that wrote that joke about legal death see you have to laugh that man on my grandpa's old how old is he 92 [Applause] we're good at impressions you guys like impressions yeah all right so you guys come here you with work all right good because JC's for two weeks now you know this if you had your meet some stranger while you're dealin for us don't ask them if they're a cop because they also have to tell you have their caps way should you should ask a person they want to make out laying on a sooty super dirty fighter though black right right before the light I'm always like nothing below the belt and I put on one of us build your hand to the belt up here yes yes booty calls nobody if you ever get a booty call here's a nice piece of advice before they get there do some good improv warm-up exercises you're not talking about any problem warm-up exercises and Bigley this is a side play ball you ready to go makes you this right ball right here yeah make-believe it's super cool right okay so I'm balancing the ball right all right holy that looks great all right toss it to all your friends over here super all right you're like what the fuck's going on like show how this helped me get laid it won't but before your booty call comes your roommates will leave sweet the opinions are like assholes I'm surprised they live this long without one thankful every day all right you two it would be

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