Laughter is the Best Medicine

New mafia comedy web series | Funny scene!

Sir, maybe this will cheer you up
my vocal group finally chosen a name. “Placebo Domingo”.
Sounds like a Mexican dish.
You get the reference though right? Diarrhea? You know what a placebo is right, sir?
Yes, one of those like wooden shacks people put in their backyard.
Yeah, you know like, ‘Oh hey, Tino want to eat in some wooden F’n baby house you can’t even use in the winter and then in the summer traps all the heat with
the roof, with no walls to keep the mosquitoes out?’ No, no I don’t. I prefer to
eat the f’n normal house you know, without all the rickety little things out
there, without all the bugs… I think you’re describing a gazebo, sir. What did you say? Makin’ money every day that’s some gangsta sh..
Moving product by force that’s some gangsta sh….

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