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NEW *SUPER OP* TIPS AND TRICKS TO ABUSE..!! - NEW Brawl Stars Funny Moments, Glitches & Fails #42

what's up guys and welcome to another episode of the bro stars highlight series today you're gonna see some new tips and tricks that you can use to have a better chance to win playing against gene you know that sooner or later you're gonna get pulled by the magic hand and if we're playing Jesse well just hide behind the turret genius in for a nice surprise you cannot say that this wasn't a great solution Bible you this must be one of the best movie tools I have ever seen in bro stars Carl made the Pipers look like movies always watch out for LP most unexpected jumps and especially in bra ball cause by the time you blink the balls already in your net get over here I don't think that the ending of this match could have been any closer after this one I'm sure the DeLeon didn't start up the game for a long time No let me just remind you guys if you don't want to miss any of our newest content please hit the subscribe button surprise mother calm sometimes karma can be lightning-fast why I honestly think that sometimes not even five players would be enough and yet another case where karma is almost instantaneous get over here and again this was a very close match thankfully for the blue team the piper landed just in time take a look at the spinning mortis he thought the game was already theirs then watch what happens next this was some next-level game playing for Darrel the Dynamite's got completely deleted also guys let us know in the comments below what you think of this video this Rico service team in the last possible moment [Applause] your last one complete the mission and yet another action with a nerve-wracking ending this time all the respect goes to Carl [Applause] we said it many times just asteroid can get pretty dangerous and this is another example of that and for the last clip we got some great neater and better cooperation it saved their life more than just once [Applause] [Applause] and so that's all for today's video guys we hope you enjoyed it I will see you next time

24 thoughts on “NEW *SUPER OP* TIPS AND TRICKS TO ABUSE..!! – NEW Brawl Stars Funny Moments, Glitches & Fails #42

  1. 6:30 the difference is
    Im dead against just two teaming dynamike. The are so annoying
    And here he/she handled 4😂

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