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NEW Video Of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Smoking Crack

so I just came back from Toronto Canada
and apparel I miss all the fun are Rob Ford caught up in another crack scandal no not not the first one okay we have apparently a second video
now over him smoking crack in his sister’s
basement which by the way is a classy way to do it if you to smoke crack I mean look you
call up your sister like a service want to get loaded near Batesville would
crack pipe apparently his sisters also a drug
addict now they say in the past mean there’s
apparently some video saying perhaps in the present I so let me quote the the globe in the
mail basically I Globe and Mail much the same can adapt
the clip which was viewed by two Global Mail Reporter shows mister for taking a drag from a long copper-colored pipe exhaling a cloud of
smoke and then frantically shaking his right
hand I am not a crack at Exxon or that shaking the
hands all about how he burned himself but this is interesting and different
because in this one he’s using a long collard a
copper-colored pipe I metal pipe as opposed to the last time
you smoking pakrac the wood glass pipe okay I just
when you thought you knew all Rob Ford’s positions switches up on you my gold medalist that
now the Globe and Mail refuse to buy the
tape which the drug dealer who was selling in there drugs apparently secretly videotape with
no audio and wanted to sell for six figures yeah
but they did by and the say that they bought a couple
still shots from that word appears that he is of
course holding that metal pipe and now we don’t know that it’s
definitely cracked the drug dealer says is crackin other hand is a drug dealer i
pp and by the way I me no honor among
thieves this guy trusts you to bring is cracked
im is the mayor here in a solemn out like that am
secretly recording trying to make more money offer that tut tut tut so a now we don’t know for
sure that it’s crackin is a spoke you were saying look we could have
been marijuana seems like a poor defense okay you know the similar reelection
campaign for those who don’t live in Canada you probably be shocked by that he never
resign the crack mayor she stayed in office and in reporting
this story go over male as talks about how he seek have some
erratic behavior in public since then from but he said he was so that that time that he was on crack I just
got really drunk that night and he hasn’t gone back on crack since then no no his main problem why he acts or
attic sometimes gets loaded in the middle of the day all that makes me feel much better well
with going to get reelected by the way he’s in polling badly I can
said I just came back from Canada Mike any and that the people there were tell me
about the polls and he’s actually was doing fairly well until the second episode now of course
are his brother had said of fit me he is
making to my cat is the voters don’t care about stuff like this really the bar is no mine that their current mayor is fun crack
horny the one thing is a man look youthful indiscretions and you smoke
mister that area and no Paso one where do who cares right or you
had sex with this person or that person the pass whatever the guys on crack while being your mare notably its like cars and concern used
sure he’s making the right decisions in his sisters baseman as the Sydney
crack pipe so for the first time they’ve actually
taking some action I am Toronto Mayor Rob Ford spokespeople say
that any paid he himself says I have decided particularly from campaigning and for my
duties as mayor to see immediate help in my sister’s
basement okay hit another less poor okay as my
mom was a thanks God highly something has gone
through 20 wear your collar on camera twice smoking crack that might
be time to get some help K now will the good people to run to
reelect him anyway look you know what’s funny is that as I
was going to Toronto for film purcell in the old days you know when you said
you wanna Vegas or Miami Beach you got all may your boarding a great we said
you’re trying to be like ahh okay our own try to have is: right now there’s any wrong with trying to put
in a while they measure anything like that now when I say I’m gonna drive like
our dude you’re smoking crack access who do with that information what you will a
good citizens a Toronto but that appears to be your new reputation
as Rob Ford continues to be your mayor so put that in your pipe and smoke it

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  2. I just came back from the US  travelled to 6 states and live no where near Toronto. The minute people heard I was from Canada; I got the 'Rob Ford' crap thrown at me. And these were all high end professionals. I finally said with much success how the rest of Canada feels about him and Toronto. And suggested they would look more knowledgeable and perhaps more worldly if they actually knew some worthwhile facts about Canada other than the 'Ford Family of Fools'.

  3. What he does on his own personal time, I don't care. He's actually doing a decent job as our mayor and isn't under any influences of the time. He's doing better at his job than the previous few.

  4. Poor guy didn't take the job for the money at a net-worth of 50 million for his family business. I think America is just jealous we have a truly hilarious, open, and blunt political figure who is also a comedian.  I find him very funny how he speaks his mind and annoys others trying to raise our taxes.  He may not have the best people skills but that again all media is trying to portray a negative image to make $ of hits.  He is trying to be accepted by his citizens, many politicans lie to us.  Who honestly cares about his personal problems everyone has them. I do not support drugs but everyone has negative traits that the media would love to expose if you were in his position.  He handles things like a man and doesn't break down. Just the type of guy that should be in charge of a big city with many problems.  He also does not raise taxes and is a person who lives within his means even though he is a multi millionaire from his dads business. I believe we need more open political figures to help us establish just where our money is going and why our taxes are being raised.  Its about time we get some answers and Rob Ford is our best chance.  Besides many other politicans take the job for the power and use it to make money through their connections using our tax dollars. This is not why rob ford ran as he was brought up with money. Americans need to remember "I swear on behalf of the United States of America that I did not have sex with Monica Lewinski".  I found him to be funny and that did not influence my decision on the guy.

  5. I'm not surprised that the "good" people of toronto are still supporting this guy. The people of toronto sold out their morals and soul a long time ago.
    For a one cent a year reduction of their tax .. they would vote in Hitler.

  6. TYT is the worst news show.  Elaborate more on how blown away you were that he used a copper pipe apposed to a glass pipe. 

  7. Cenk missed the most important part of this latest incident. The drug dealer said that Sandro Lisi was present–and that the mayor beat Lisi up. Beat on him until he cried. Ford's sister apparently had to drag the mayor him off Lisi.
    Sandro Lisi–for those not from Toronto–is Ford's close friend and erstwhile driver.
    Lisi is strongly suspected of getting Ford his crack. As well, Lisi has been charged with extortion for trying to use coercion to get the original tapes back from the first set of drug dealers, before the cops and the press got hold of them. Lisi is facing a felony charge as a direct result of trying to shield the mayor from this scandal. Of all the felonious slime buckets Ford associates with, Lisi is the only one who not only never betrayed him–but got himself implicated for extortion on his behalf. And Ford beat him up. He beat the man up. Still think he's a lovable buffoon now?

  8. Are none of you idiots aware the the beloved President Obama admitted to doing cocaine "whenever (he) could afford it"? He openly admitted to that in his book, "Dreams of my Father." No one cares about that, but lets all get on Ford's case about crack! Even without this so-called video proof that they wont release to the public..

  9. Cenk, you may wanna mop your brow before taping segments.  Looking sweaty on camera is only good if you're Kylie Minogue in a leotard.

  10. I hate these videos with the thumbnail and name of a video, and it's just this group of people fucking talking about it..

  11. "we have, apparently, a second video of him smoking crack in his sister basement which by the way is a classy way to do it" CTFU!! 


  13. Conspiracy theory time. Remember when Randy Quaid was going on about the real powers that be in Hollywood and their hit man team call "Starwackers"? Maybe Chris Farley isn't dead. Maybe he is in witness protection and Rob Ford is his cover. The look alike, certainly act alike, and they are about the same age. Things that make you go hum.

  14. 0:54 you know its just such a weird clarification cerk, why did you feel the need to make it known that you don't smoke crack?

  15. I desperately wish YouTube would allow me to block channels. TYT videos are the absolute WORST, and your channel is right among the top of the list.

  16. How many Mayors, Senators, Congressmen, etc.; Drink a fifth of whiskey or vodka a week?  Being "drunk at a party" and taking a hit of 'crack' isn't much worse than being drunk at a party and taking a shot of Tequila.  Some might even say that Tequila is worse than snorting a line of coke…

  17. Where are the facts folks ?? Where's your information coming from other than the news?  Where are your sources? 
    TYT = unintelligible waste of time. 

  18. Not only do you not have the alleged video but you go on about it without even having the alleged pictures? I'm not pro crack, I'm pro truth. Somebody show some evidence! All I hear is that everybody's seen the video but not how to be able to see it!

  19. So, Rob Ford has a "mass" in his "abdomen" according to his doctor. Translation: He's fat. He pulled out of office but now his brother is running instead… And you know what's funny? His brother stood behind all that time he said lies and told the media that "Rob was getting help for his problems"… Nope. Not gonna help. Although, most presidents in America have only ever snorted cocaine. 😉 gotta love those americans.

  20. I live in Toronto and YES I DO MIND!!!  I hate this guy he has to go.  I already voted against him.  Yes people do like him but they are all crack heads or just stupid and have no idea what this is all about.  The mayor in an emergency situation needs to be thinking clearly and not high on crack.  Just imaging Toronto has a major emergency that needs to be taken care of and he is all [email protected]#$ed up NOT GOOD!!!!  Not only that what he is doing is illegal and needs to go to jail for his behaviors.  Now he is still there working like what does a Mayor have to do to get fired???  Anyone else would have lost their job already and had legal action taken against them.  Also a guy like him doing that is the tip of the Ice Burg he is a criminal and is involved in criminal behavior and has criminal connections, now what does that tell you about him and his family.  GET HIM OUT OF HERE NOW!!!!!

  21. I call bullshit on it being crack. You dont smoke crack outta a copper pipe. Its a general rule you dont smoke crack/coke on a metal pipe.

  22. Young Turds continue to suck.
    PEOPLE! Stop telling these people that they're cute or somehow funny.
    They are mentally ill.

  23. Liberal media sucks, it is so skewed. Rob Ford is a good guy and the liberal media is using him as a distraction from the atrocities created by quite possibly the worst president in the history of the United States. Young Turks, get off your soap box and report real news.

  24. Cenk, I am tired of your sarcastic tone too. I am sure other politicians have done MUCH worse, but the liberal media is reporting only what they want. 

  25. Im from Toronto, people actually loved the american attention and the comedy. He didn't get re elected, John Torrie did, but man, wild and funny ride. He did do some good things, but overall, like any politician, the poor got screwed. Other than that, it was hilarious. Hoping he pulls through his cancer.

  26. the sad part is ever since he left office the new mayor has been very corrupt most of us Torontonians feel that Rob Ford was actually a very good mare when he wasn't smoking crack

  27. Don't knock it till you try it

    Crack um good especially when you push it back

    And the girls slob on your knob yeah

    Thamk you god for this

    If your still reading this your a loser. And should smoke crack

  28. If you can preform your job well then it shouldn't matter what's your vice of choice.
    He's obviously a very good mayor or Canada wouldn't have kept him.

  29. Cenk, he was using it to think outside the box on how to fix the road with our budget…… cmon….

  30. Here's the thing. Rob Ford, as crazy as he was, was a fantastic mayor for Toronto. He saved the city millions and millions, lowered taxes, made the city more livable. I live in Canada, and I know many people who live in Toronto, the consensus being that he was an amazing mayor, with one person (a liberal) calling him the best mayor she'd ever seen. If he had not gotten cancer, it's likely he would have been re-elected. How about instead laughing at him and criticizing him for lying, how about feeling sympathy for him, and applauding him for getting help? Yes, he lied about it, isn't denial one of the classic symptoms of addiction?

  31. "now, I'm not a crack addict so…" What kind of addict are you, Cenk?  You're a Jew-News Regurgitator addict.

  32. Smoking crack is bad and all. But this guy in the video is just a huge judgmental prick… To cool for school buddy?

  33. Cenk, aren't you the one who is in favor of illicit drug decriminalization? If drug use is not a problem why are you so upset?  3:55

  34. uh, uhhhh, uh uh…spit it out, uh, uhhh, uh, c'mon, uh, uh, spit i t uh uh so, uh OUT dang… I like the topics but listening to this guy is making me crazy. hard to follow even though he's a nice guy… just stop adding your opinions in such a low voice or mocking voice. just report!!! MAN sounds like he's on crack…or needs to be lol

  35. you should really research on rob ford man. he fought for the people. yet again, you hate people like that. and if anyone who stereotypes Toronto is a bigot. just like you.

  36. I love when Americans say “Toronto, Canada”. It’s in Ontario, you dolts. That would be like me saying “just got back from New York City, America. It was lovely”

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