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New York Values (Sense of Humor)

it was only a matter of time with you Josh that New York sense of humor was just married no ease they think there's so much smarter they think it's smart talk but nobody else does I'm actually from Connecticut but that's neither here nor there the point is Mary I she meant Jewish what she said New York sense of humor she was talking about you and me you know what Toby let's not even go there I spent an apology let's move on

11 thoughts on “New York Values (Sense of Humor)

  1. Why did you cut out when Toby fries her?

    “I don’t like what I’ve been accused of.”
    “Well I’m afraid that’s just TOUGH Mrs. Marsh!”

  2. Other GOP code words for Jews: "Coastal Elites," Hollywood Elites," " East Coast Elites," "West Coast Elites." "Media Elites," and "Liberal Academia."

  3. The comments section needs some troll spray..trolls turn up at every opportunity and bask in replies. There is no response to a troll-let them whither and dry up.
    Great clip, BTW

  4. So Cruz was being anti semitic?
    Well his intolerance of Jews is added to an intolerance for Gays, women, teachers, Mexicans, Islam and a shit load of other groups.`

  5. In case you don't speak "Christian-Right Dog Whistle"
    When you hear "New York" substitute "Jewish"
    When you hear "San Francisco" substitute "Gay"
    When you hear "Chicago" substitute "Black"

  6. It's obvious. Cruz is taking shots at New York jews. As well as jews in general basically. It's clear as day. And no I am not jewish. These republicans are a menace & danger to everything we the USA were founded on. Far right wing Christian bible freaks. Trump, Cruz, Rubio, etc. all these bastards are disgusting. Anybody reading this, wherever you are please, vote democrat. No matter what candidate it is. I urge you. (P.s. I kinda know what I'm talking about, I have 2 degrees. 1 in political science. 1 in international relations. From a top university).

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