Laughter is the Best Medicine

Next On Stage: Laughter on the 23rd Floor

so left on the 23rd floor is about Neil Simon's time on the Sid Caesar show since these are being made into max prints in this show Max Prince is the head of the biggest live comedy sketch show in the 1950s but it's got a bit of a temper punching it in thanks Neil Simon was a writer Mel Brooks of course famously got his start there even Woody Allen was a typist for the show the whole thing is just so many wacky personalities that it's hard to believe that they were real people but they are and personally I think this is Neil Simon's finest and it's immensely well-written it's funny it's insanely funny you can't be a US citizen until you say go keeps my nights a realization Pepper's okay not a lot of people think of swears when they think of Neil Simon however there's a lot of swears on this one I love where's I think this might be the most time times I've been allowed to swear on stage I never spoke a crude word in my life before I came here and now I go home to my house and talk to my husband like a sailor it's all right so I don't mind if I lived in France for five years I'd speak French but I'm not in France I'm here so I speak

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