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NFL Best/Funniest Referee Moments

Third down and ten, as Manning with that patented shoulder shake throws and it’s incomplete We’ve got our first penalty of the game Champ Bailey With the coverage and not a very enthusiastic flag either almost apologetic Champ Bailey didn’t get his head around on the play. I think’s the reason he got the flag. Yes, there are penalties in the Pro bowl pass interference, Defense number 24 the ball is placed at the 666-yard line first down Unnecessary, after the play was over unnecessary roughness on number 52 excuse me a minute, okay? (NOGODPLEASENO) There are multiple fouls on the play unnecessary roughness on the kicking team, number 92 52 unnecessary roughness on the receiving team number 57 those fouls offset. There’s also a Holding number 92 on the return team all those fowls offset at the spot of that foul the first down kicking team dumbbo xddddd offense throwing the football, you can shut down any offense The penalty flag has now been thrown from the back As there was the confusion if that was a catch or the incompletion It was initially marked the completion and going to be a first down and then from the back. There is no delay of game We didn’t let the team go because we were switching out balls It is fourth down. Reset the play clock to 25 seconds It’s a good thing his microphone works tonight because he’s given us some great interpretations Finally in New York the Jets, against the bills Marty Lyons give it to Jim Kelly after the incomplete pass a fight breaks out and after everything clears the referee gives the official call and Folks it was the ruling of the day personal fowl on Number 99 of the defense after he tackled the quarterback he’s giving him the business down there, thats a 15 yard penalty How about that giving them the business out 15 yards for giving it to them the Jets won his football game 14 13 Marty Lions had a little cut there were two fouls by the defense, offense, that, do ah, correct me i’m sorry He’s a lawyer, offside defense that penelty is declined. There’s also personal foul face mask that penalties of course half the distance to the goal first down objection overruled the scoreboard that you would marry that with the play From the 30-yard line. This is Tomlinson theres a flag as ledamian gets knocked out of bounds ya know John, as a coach And I heard, I heard Jimmy Johnson say today that you know he’d heard about that a bunch of years ago From a Kansas City Scott and really it wasn’t worth anything to him I mean What do you think is as a Hall of Fame coach is what’s it? Wasn’t worth anything to me either because I didn’t like to be distracted because here’s the thing is Offensively there was no foul on the play, there was not a hold that the defender was just overpowered The defender was overpowered so much it looked like a hold Tony yes and way to get those papers out of the playoff That listen nobody says Richard Nixon has made things as perfectly clear as Bend rice does here On the white bean Ivw on a red team that will follow after change the Bulls in his face right there Most creative call is he ordering lunch is perfect Jolt so time for michael vick and company to come up with some magic whoa everybody took off except the center False start everybody, but the center Needs the urge down, thanks, Walt Yep everybody pulled the trigger except Jason Kelsey All the official fell down It will make it I’ll be the crowd here Ruben Bauer who fell He was running hard to get there this field slippery though We’ve seen about four or five people slip today every coach and every player in the league wants the regular reps This is a prime example right here. We’ve got coaches on the field and Nobody seems to be taking control We have fouls by both teams during the camp we have illegal shift by the kicking team after the kick The other rep is yelling both on the kicking team then after the kick we have a 15-yard penalty Chosen to we kick five-yard penalty did you write that down? Of that defensive line and the Raiders made a concerted effort to get bigger up front their Underside had an undersized front last season they got pushed around too often They’re bigger and more physical inside I’m assuming your nickname was not jelly that any time in your career so if I look at the base pass defense have to be sensitive are automatic first down moderator Penalty Nellis actually that was jelly roll two through fifth grade Say we cannot hear We don’t have a chance to execute the play. I haven’t seen this it both by the quarterback in a long time But he’s going to tell the crowd to settle down Here Ross Directing from one side line and Parcells now down by three the other getting quiet so we can get a play This is a good job Annie little tunnel And now the Lions defense motioning to the crowd we have asked the defensive team for assistance If the noise persists the defense will be charged with a timeout The crowd was not that loud they can take you gotta make the quarterback stay in there, and if possible

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  1. I get that last one was probably a loooooooooooong time ago, but apparently the concept of "fans" didn't exist to whoever made that an actual rule back then.

  2. According to a collective bargaining agreement the NFL Referees Association reached in 2012, the average NFL referee salary is $205,000 this year.
    $205,000 a year. You're looking at it.

  3. The crowd was too loud? 😂 That’s an expectation in our LSU stadium! Still gotta play ball..😂😂

  4. You'd think that some of these refs got their officiating experience at the nearest five-and-dime store! Some goofy, funny, and insanely hilarious stuff here. Good times!!!😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆!!!!!

  5. These NFL officials are top shelf. A few funny moments perhaps, but they are by & large- incredibly top notch. Period

  6. Crowd too loud??? Howabout the fucking Lions themselves fucking suck and like it matters????????????? The Lions should be thrown out of the league for being the shittiest team in NFL history. Fucking imbeciles from that shit pit of a city.

  7. 2:30 There were two fouls by the defense: offense, number #15, fear and surprise… excuse me, defense, fear, surprise, and a fanatical devotion to the Commissioner… I'll come in again. Still first down.

  8. Noise is going to be a factor in these games, but I think I'd actually boo my own QB if he tattled to the ref like that

  9. I don't know from football but will someone explain to me why the ref demands the crowd be more quiet? It's the older gentleman in the last play. Just curious. And then the crowd gets louder. ?? Songs

  10. Hockalee (spelling??) was the worst ref in the NFL.He hated the Raiders after A.D. called him out and won a bias complaint.

  11. That last one goes completely against the art of home field advantage. That's why it's called HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE. To ask paying fans to NOT MAKE NOISE is a slap in the face to them and to the sport itself. I can't believe that actually happened 😂😂

  12. 😂😂😂😂 …..Think if those calls for the Crowd being to loud were to happen in Todays Ball…Bahahahaha!!!! There wouldnt be any Football played..Especially in Kansas City Mo…Chiefs Kingdom….Go Chiefs…!!! John Elway did that one time and was cryin cause he couldnt hear to shout out the plays to his team..LMAO!!! Of all th penalties…

  13. And I thought I watched a lot of football. I know many of those were probably during one of my many other lives, but still you would think I would remember at least one of those. Some of those were….. o _ O

  14. I just saw an ad for leasing an Aston Martin Vantage, for get this, as LOW, as $1799 a month. I don’t know who the hell thats aimed at but it sure as hell ain’t me.

  15. You cant charge a timeout because the crowd is too loud lol, what is this kindergarten? If nobody admits to stealing the chalk you all get a time out!!

  16. 2:40 😂😂😂 the smart alleckist thing John Madden ever said, also maybe the least rhetorical and smooth lol just slipped it right in there…like a lawyer lol

  17. 2:18 classic! i hate to be the one to say it but now deadpool fans can finally get the reference (oooh give him the business!)

  18. Fuck u refs if u mother fucken rig the cowboys game vs the Patriots game I'll pay y'all to leave. Y'all probably work at mic Donald's

  19. Nothing but nothing will top the NHL ref who sent some one to the sin bin by saying
    " He was giving him the business !!" .😶

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