Laughter is the Best Medicine

Ngakak! Tukang Es Krim Turki Prank Kei Dan Kai | Turkish Ice Cream Man Prank Kei And Kai

[Kei] I want mix chocolate and vanilla. [Kei] Catch it, here you go. [Kei] Take it. [Seller] Where is it? is it fall? [Seller] Take it! [Kei] Take it! [Kei] Yeay, my turn. [Kei] Enough, hold it. Could you catch it? [Kei] I don’t know. [Kei] hand. Catch it! [Kei] Haa.. [Kei] No…i don’t want it. Come forward. [Seller] Come forward. [Seller] Take it. [Seller] Thank you. [Seller] Thank you. [Kei] Hihi..enough. [Seller] Take it. [Seller] Give me high five first! [Seller] Look at that. He’s about to cry. Shake hand first. I’m shocked! [Seller] Thank you.

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