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Nice! Not Nice! – The President Show – Comedy Central

-Mike, you’re a nice guy. Thank you, sir.
Thank you very much. But not everyone is
as nice as you. -That’s true.
-I think it’s important to let the audience know
who’s being nice and who’s being not nice in our very first desk piece,
called “Nice! Not Nice!” -♪ ♪
-(applause, whooping, cheering) Nice! Marine Le Pen. She’s French, she’s blonde, and she hates Muslims. She’s a triple threat. Not nice! -Marine World.
-Mm. The whales are sixes,
the dolphins are fours, and the only tens
are the penguins– -and they’re all married!
-Mm-hmm. Tough. Nice. My lovely daughter, Ivanka. Her skin is like Italian marble, and her hair is like… really great hair. I don’t know. Not nice! The German people who booed her
when she defended me at a conference in Berlin. Disgusting! This is the worst thing
the Germans have ever done. Ever. Ever, Mike. Ever. Well… Nice. Nice. Clam chowder. Thick, creamy, hot. I could drink it with a straw. Not nice! Corn chowder. It’s fake chowder. Fake chowder. You’re taking jobs away
from hardworking clams. This American “cornage”
ends now. (applause, whooping) I’m gonna mix it up.
I’m gonna mix it up, Mike. -Oh, okay.
-I’m gonna mix it up. Are you ready? Are you ready? -I’m-I’m Ready Freddy.
-We’re mixing it up. -Ready Freddy.
-Not nice! Press Secretary Sean Spicer. -(ooh’ing and oh’ing)
-He’s a muttering slobbermouth with a taste for his own foot. Why… why don’t I fire
this guy? Nice. Sean Spicer’s TV ratings–
I can’t fire this guy. His ratings are tremendous. We love ratings,
and Spicer brings ’em in.

100 thoughts on “Nice! Not Nice! – The President Show – Comedy Central

  1. Oh boy! We haven't had a president show like this since "That's My Bush" which centered around George W. Bush. And yet they didn't make one Obama. I'm starting to think that these liberal ass clowns are running Comedy Central. "Oh sure we made one for Bush, but we're not gonna make one for Obama cause we think he's amazing. So our next victim will be Donald Trump". Fuckin liberal bastards. 😠

    (And let the cry-baby liberal and Femi-Nazi comments pour in. 😏)

  2. liberals so salty over Trump winning the election they have to make a fake talk show mocking him every week, pathetic

  3. This is why we keep losing as a party we keep jumping behind dumb stuff like this. Instead of fixing our own glaring flaws we just shrug, it off blame other people, and laugh, blind to why we aren't in control of the WH or congress. We (Democrats) are becoming the obnoxious drunk at the party who keeps repeating the same joke thinking its still as funny each new time. I give i'm going to join the green party :/

  4. I am so happy for this comedian. I remember just a few months ago when he was not even heard of until his spot on Trump impressions.

  5. I could not be more proud of my fellow Germans. Bootet by Trump for showing his daughter what we think of the President 🙂

  6. Nice – but Pence is not creepy enough. For this to be realistic, Pence would have to put on this stupid "impressed" facial expression, slowly nodding his head when Trump speaks as if he is listening to the most precious pearls of wisdom.

  7. Nice – but Pence is not creepy enough. For this to be realistic, Pence would have to put on this stupid "impressed" facial expression, slowly nodding his head when Trump speaks as if he is listening to the most precious pearls of wisdom.

  8. I'm a Trump supporter and I hate all the impersonations and jokes made about him, mostly because they're just lazy. But this guy has always been amazing.

  9. "This is the worst thing the Germans have ever done. Ever." That's so something Trump would say. 😂

  10. Seriously though, Spicer only keeps his job because 1. nobody else wants it, and 2. the White House revels in the fact that Spicer's blunders distract the media from Trump's own actions…

  11. He is a great Trump impersonator, and he did a hilarious debate with a Bernie Sanders impersonator…But this show is garbage along with the rest of the shit cc puts out….The only cc shows worthy of watching are tosh and south park….

  12. Who is he? I went to the website, and couldn’t find the answer to such a basic question. USELESS WEBSITE!!!111

  13. Tell me, Andrew Dice Clay does a WHOLE series in black face depicting Obama. How'd you assholes react? No time in history has a bunch of whiney pussies rioted, caused damage, and tried to restrict free speech.
    Deal with it you tree luckily, bark fucking libs. You LOST….for four years. Fucking children.

  14. You people are fucking ridiculous lmao, but if we did a show like this about Obama we would all be racist right. fucking disgusting bunch of wine ass pussys now a days.😡

  15. jeez….How terrible is this show? terrible Trump impression, decent Pence impression, but, this is just a network banking on the "Trumpoversy"

  16. he's not good unless he practices over and over for most of the stuff he's not getting much time to practice his lines so he goes in and out of sounding like Trump

  17. This brilliantly panders to my way of thinking, and I'm too stupid to distinguish that from "comedy," so I think it's funny

  18. Take notice of this one: Trump said it during his conference on illegal voting.I quote President Trump verbatim: "…Any form of illegal or fraudulent voting, whether by non-citizens or by the deceased…"  Non-citizens voting is bad enough; but the dead voting, wow!  Would it be the Walking Dead?  Zombies?

  19. Our president, a walking punch (douche) bag. Beween this guy and Steven Colbert, they have material for dayzzzz son!

  20. give the people what they want…evidently this fuckstain piece of dung being portrayed is just dandy with nearly half the folks on the block…scary? not one bit. just sad.

  21. Hey people!

    This is what passes for comedy in 2017. Not actual comedy, just this bullshit. Because you know, political agenda, political bias, and the inability to accept other peoples opinions to being as valuable as your own. And we have this.

  22. Rather than doing a bunch of sketches, it would be much better to do this show in a sitcom /episode format like the short lived "That's my Bush" which was done by the south park guys.

  23. This is really a bigoted & biased attempt at mocking the president which has an undertone of hatred! It’s like that dumb cunt trying to roast Sarah Sanders at the corespondents dinner!

  24. ThIs man has done everything good for this country that politicians have been trying to do for years but the puppeteers didn’t allow em! How about mocking the Democrats that want to murder babies and don’t like Border security anymore!

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