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Nick Jonas Reads Hilarious Thirst Tweets

– Nick Jonas is literally my daddy. Yes, he’s so hot and he
sings so good fucjajsj. I can tell you this, I’m
definitely not your daddy. I’m 100% sure of that. 100% sure. (upbeat music) Hey it’s Nick Jonas and today
I’ll be reading thirst tweets. Let’s get to it. This is the LOL Bucket. The first tweet of thirst is: Dear Nick Jonas, you literally
make me want to set myself on fire from your immense sexiness. So if you could dial it down a bit. K, thanks. Listen here. Can’t dial it down. That’s bananas. I want Nick Jonas to star
star star the absolute star star star out of my star
star star star star star. Star. What’s a star? I’m gonna get Nick Jonas’s face tattooed on my left ass cheek so I can say I sit on Nick Jonas’s face all the time. That’s pretty clever, actually. Which facial expression would
you like to have tattooed? This one… Please hold. Or this one. I think the second, cause
then maybe the other thumb will come up depending on
what you’re doing back there. Gab says Nick Jonas could
choke me on any holy day. Into choking, huh? Makes two of us. Nick Jonas, eat bacon off my naked body. I don’t know. It might not be the cleanest
surface to eat bacon off of. Usually I go for a plate,
or perhaps a cheeseburger. Maybe after a shower or
something we can talk about it, work something out. I have this recurring fantasy now where Nick Jonas puts
me between his thighs and crushes my body. (laughs) I do have very strong thighs. Probably not strong enough to
crush your entire body though. But we can give it a try,
if you really want to. Nick Jonas can bite my
nipple and snatch it out of my body and I’d say thanks daddy. That’s an odd… Bite my nipple and
snatch it out of my body. That makes no sense whatsoever. Nick Jonas is so hot I can feel
it radiating in my kneecaps. My dad used to say that about the weather. He’d say oh I think a storm’s coming, I can feel it in my kneecaps. But not about you know, Farrah Fawcett’s hair or something. Used different lingo regarding that. Nick Jonas could literally
rip me to shreds. Interesting. I think I know what you’re talking about. I’m pretty sure I get the innuendo there. Rip you to shreds. Interesting. That’s all the thirst tweets. I have a few more in my direct messages that I could show you at a different time but that’s for the R-rated version. For now this has been
thirst tweets with me, Nick Jonas. Peace.

100 thoughts on “Nick Jonas Reads Hilarious Thirst Tweets

  1. “Into choking huh? Makes two of us”

    Me :🤰🏾🤰🏾🤰🏾🤰🏾🤰🏾🤰🏾🤰🏾🤰🏾🤰🏾🤰🏾🤰🏾🤰🏾🤰🏾🤰🏾🤰🏾🤰🏾🤰🏾🤰🏾🤰🏾🤰🏾🤰🏾🤰🏾🤤

  2. Omw Nick jonas used to be my ultimate crush when he was on Disney channel and i was still like a pre teen and now i find it so weird we're adults now and my "Omw Nick is so cuttteee i just wanna hug him so much". Turned into "fml Nick is so hot Hubba hubba"

  3. He is actually quite clever because he is trying to answer thirst tweets and at the same time he is trying not to insult people

  4. How is he even hot tf like are u guys blind shut up and it’s like he likes it his ugly ass cause then he will be like no thanks eww

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