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Nigel Farage insults Herman van Rompuy, calls EU President a “DAMP RAG”

You have the charisma of a damp rag, and the
appearance of a low-grade bank clerk. And the question that I want to ask, that we’re
all going to ask, is “Who are you?”. I’d never heard of you. Nobody in Europe had ever heard
of you. I would like to ask you, President, who voted for you, and what mechanism… oh,
I know democracy’s not popular with you lot, and what mechanism do the peoples of Europe have
to remove you? Is this European democracy? Well, I sense, I sense though that you are
competent and capable and dangerous, and I have no doubt in your intention, to be the
quiet assassin of European democracy, and of the European nation states. You appear
to have a loathing for the very concept of the existence of nation states – perhaps that’s
because you come from Belgium, which of course is pretty much a non-country. But since you
took over, we’ve seen Greece reduced to nothing more than a protectorate. Sir, you have no
legitimacy in this job at all, and I can say with confidence that I speak on behalf of
the majority of British people in saying: we don’t know you, we don’t want you, and
the sooner you’re put out to grass, the better.

100 thoughts on “Nigel Farage insults Herman van Rompuy, calls EU President a “DAMP RAG”

  1. Farage says it well. The EU president was not elected by the British and probably does not like the British. Belgium, Greece, Italy and Ireland have done poorly economically during the last 10 years. It seems the EU has not helped those countries.

  2. Great brittain has often been an annoyance in Europe for the special treatement it required and these kind of politicians send to Brussels did few to increase Mutual respect. As a European i too am kinda happy now that the UK will be out of it. best of luck to the Uk but i hope we never have to suffer a member state like this again.

  3. All the dislikes are from people who have the charisma of a damp rag and appearance of a low grade bank clerk.

  4. Nigel Farage epitomizes the man US President Andrew Jackson envisioned when Jackson thundered at his critics:

    ONE Man with COURAGE makes a MAJORITY

  5. Rompy is Coudenhove-Kalergi nwo stooge. Read his policy to create a subhuman race that is easily controlled…put him out to sea. Save the grass.

  6. The British have now become a laughing stock around the world all thanks to Farage. He hurled insults around the EU Parliament for years whilst simultaneously pocketing a fat salary. An odious man who has helped to unravel the UK and turn it into a joke. The irony is that his hurling of insults is now how the rest of the world view the UK. We are a joke now and we did not need to become this.

  7. It is time that we in the UK got off our high horse and started to recognise just how we are viewed as a joke around the world now.

  8. Every aspiring politician should take lessons from Farage in how to nail your opponent with accurate and scornful verbiage. Van R looks like he'd like to crawl back under his rock.

  9. The bigger question is, who is Nigel Farage? I had no idea who on earth he was until John Oliver discussed him.

  10. Disgracefully rude, unrelated to any purpose; when I heard it I was ashamed to be English. The fact that some of my countrymen are supportive is even more shameful.



  13. Mr van Rompuy receives a big slice of 'humble pie' with a generous helping of Farage sauce saturating every morsel of the feast . Come to think of it I'd never heard of him either…….. until now !

  14. Wow.
    Wow….. Seems to forgot how did the UK faring back in 80s and 90s before EU, eh?
    Well, sod off UK. See how ya like it when EU treats you like a lepper that you sod are. (Minus the Scots, and Northern Ireland….because they'll leave you wanker arse!)

  15. Well, now I know the name of the EU president. Still don't understand why a customs union needs a president though, seems more like the kind of thing a sovereign nation state would have…

  16. this was the first Nigel Farage video I ever saw back in 2010 and couldn't stop laughing. Voted for him every single time since. Hero.

  17. Heath crawled on his hands and knees to join the Common Market. That was when you had Iron & Steel, Shipbuilding, Motor Industry, Aircraft industry and last but not least COAL INDUSTRY! What does the UK have today to build British Empire No 2. Fucking nothing. I would like also to know where the UK is going to trade after fucking off from the EU. I would suggest that you thick cunts who support this Thicko to read a book called 'A Case for India' by Will Durant in the 1930s I would suggest these thicko's read this one book to see what I am saying oh I forgot only if these thick cunts can read I doubt if many of the cunts can. Also one last point are the people gaurding the new EMPIRE BUILDER. CARRY ARMS. Again going back to the 1939 a German leader had thugs called 'black shirts' that no-cunt started World War 2. Remember 6 June 1944. Enouf said!!

  18. Farge should be Prime Minister of Britain. He is the best political figure this nation has had in living history. He truly is a Great Briton.

  19. Trump demanded Federal Express to steal 5G technology from Huawei. So there were 4 packages so far were stolen and sent to USA at different times and places without Huawei ‘s knowledge. How could USA sink so low without merits and ethics?

  20. charisma is irrelevant. Charisma is basically 'halo effect'. Discerning and insightful people are not swayed by charisma. Charisma is not necessarily intelligence or knowledge. In fact, that's rarely the case. Having more charisma is not a sign of being a better person. History abounds with examples of charismatic people who were the worst people ever, for example cult leaders, mobsters, dictators, etc. History also abounds with the most awkward looking people being the most eminent minds, such as philosophers, writers, people who used their brains. Charismatic people are capable of manipulating the crowd, the ignorant, and the weak minded, who are unable to really see through things, because of their lack of knowledge, i.e. ignorance. Preferring charisma to intelligence and knowledge is an irrational choice. It's like saying that someone who's taller or better looking is automatically a better person than someone who's uglier or shorter. Not necessarily. And ultimately, the world isn't a Hollywood stage, i.e. a fictitious and artificial environment, which it might be fun and adventurous (or more accurately, it appears so), but certainly not real.

  21. He is right we appoint MEPs to the parliament but have no say when people like Tusk, Juncker Verhofstadt, Selmayr and co are shoehorned into these jobs on the commission without any consultation from European citizens.

    It's always Verhofstadt, Tusk or Juncker running their mouths off. I wouldn't mind if we had a chance to vote them in or out.

  22. Nigel is a true Brit and he has the balls that the UK needs and should start growing a pair as well. Your allowing your kids to be raped by Muslims that should never have been allowed to be in the country to begin with. These people only know hate war and of course raping little girls and boys. Like Canada and many other countries, the government and the fake media is covering up everything these savages do. I'm glad i don't watch these fake networks anymore because i would still be a dumb democrat if i did.

  23. Farage is an absolute disgrace to this country. How dare he say he speaks on my behalf! I am ashamed of his behaviour. What? Is he 12? It’s not big or clever. He’s a mouth and he’s only looking for a place in history. I think he will have it, beside Hitler Stalin and Tommy Robinson

  24. What a charismatic character Nigel is. I mean, of course he drop a lot of shit from his mouth, but he drop it quite well, with quite great sentences. In the end he can talk about any stupid thing and the poeple will support him not because what those words means, but just how he expressed it.

  25. "Who are you?"
    The question that can be posed to the entire Hebrew people. Seeing as how the Exodus lied about the Hebrew enslavement in 1446 BC under Ramses. It was recently discovered that the Hittites, not the Hebrews, were enslaved in 1446 BC by Thutmose III, not Ramses.

  26. It's amazing because you could copy and paste this speech and it would apply perfectly and exactly, to this new unelected EU commissioner Ursula Von Der Leyen…


  28. On behalf of all English people who are embarrassed by this dreadful little man, who presumably knows full well how European institutions work but pretends not to, my heartfelt apologies to our European friends

  29. Mr Farage has all the charm and charisma of Pauline Calf. All he is good at is annoying other MEPs and ranting on about the EU.

    He should calm down and have a milkshake before he busts a blood vessel.

  30. That is all Farage and the tossers in the Brexit party have. Insults and pathetic obvious lies. They are a disgrace. I presume they are not taking the dirty Euro?

  31. Get him told, people shouldn't have to rely on a person they know nothing about, you could want the destruction of everything for all we know.

  32. Jean Claude Juncker ruined Europe for letting in millions of undocumented muslim migrant! Him and his criminal gang Tusk, Verhofstadt, Sargentiini, Timmerman ect… should be ready to take full responsibility for any negative outcome!

  33. "The question that I want to ask, that we're all going to ask, is…."

    Speaking on behalf of everyone in the room is a tactic to manufacture a fake bandwagon. I've seen street thugs do this. I consider it childish and rude.

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