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36 thoughts on “Nine dots one line solution.

  1. Unfortunately a line only has length and not width. So whoever thinks they solved this problem with a big 'wide' line is and idiot. A line only has length not width dumbshit! We aren't connecting the 9 dots with a freakn plane!!!!

  2. Or the dots could be microscopic (Micron Size) therefore a normal ball point pen would seem like a paint roller =)

  3. A one line solution is to draw a straight line next to the 9 dots and hold up the paper to view from the sides. Holding it up is really just to help those perceptually locked up.

  4. i did that:
    me: can you let me eat that ice cream??
    me: please please please
    uncle: ok, but only one bit
    (then i eat the whole ice cream with one bite

  5. A line by definition has no width and goes on forever connecting an infinite number of points on a plane. There is no such thing as "One Big Line".

  6. That's not a line. A line has no width. That is a rectangle. A line travels on one axis (X,Y,or Z) and does not go on the other two.

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