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NMAT : Must Watch 1 Month Preparation Schedule To Crack NMAT

All right high guys welcome Back to the CATKing NMAT series Today we are going to have very important video for you guys to talk about the last mile to your NMAT. 30 days to crack NMAT If you are at position where till now you have not started anything specifically to your NMAT preparation. And you just work up and no I want to crack in the exam this year itself. Well thats honestly a case for alot of people I studied only 40 days for my exams. So lets make sure this 30 days plan of action to keep in mind that we have to crack in this year exam itself only What I want you all to do is, daily you are going to follow this. 50 questions of the reasoning to be done every day. The source for your reasoning questions very important Pick up your basic books, finish all the questions every chapter wise. Once you are done take out the NMAT official guide and complete that. These two book sets are are more than enough for you to complete your entire syllabus for NMAT exam. Your advance books will be focusing for your CAT. Focus on the basic book of CATKing and your NMAT official guide for sure. Start with 50 questions of reasoning. Once you are done with that, then move to 3 DI sets on daily basis. Remember they should be calculation intensive DI sets. People who do not understand what is calculation intensive data interpretation sets. Then first thing you need to do is go give a mock for NMAT. You will understand what do we mean by calculation based DI, because that is what comes in NMAT. They are not tough questions. They are questions with very close answer options. Like you know decimal ka difference khali hoga so you have to practice calculations alright. So make sure you are doing that along with that 2-3 sets of RCs. Good thing this will help you in every exam. Not just NMAT all the exams so practice 3 RC sets Then we come down to vocab based questions. So you get directly synonyms antonyms questions in CAT and in NMAT and also you get the close passage questions. Which is nothing but paragraph with 5 blanks so easy vocabulary So for that your vocab should be good . So make sure your vocab is done Where do you do it from, the CATKIng 555 word list NMAT official guide and also your Norman Luis book. So every day 100 words has to be read thoroughly. Good way to practice it is to start using it in conversation. Your whatsapp chatting with your friends on Snapchat, instagram. Try to use atleast 5 word every day that will make you use to vocabulary words as well also. Lastly we come to our quants Because this will need little bit time little bit more patience. So every day pick up 50 questions of quants. In this also I would suggest first do always arithmetic then do your geometry then comes algebra and lastly do modern math. So make sure you guys are doing that If there is anything that you guys do not understand like all of these things and any particular topic you guys wish to focus on. Or what should the next video be so as to ensure your NMAT is cracked up So drop in your comments . I’ll make sure we take that up for or next video definitely and keep going keep practicing and very very importantly this which I have marked in red colors so want you all to remember it separately… every 3rd day you give NMAT sectional test time and again repeat it. Time Management which yoy have to learn if you end up going directly on the day of exam. the most trouble something is on you mock or exams the time left up there so don’t trouble your self At the end of the day what happens in your section is probably your verbal section is there 10 minutes are left which kind of makes you panic. And the best part is 2 minutes left and I have 10 questions left That is some thing which we are all not used to it.But if you are giving mocks you are not having trouble right. So every 3rd day give a sectional test with NMAT time strategy. Every 5th day give a full mock. And ensure you analyse the full mock completely end to end so that we make sure after every mock we are improving our scores. Keep improving the scores, to understand how to improve how to make your plan of action post that drop in your mock scores. Mention there which mock is it full mock score. Like quants this much verbal this much reasoning this much. I’ll make sure I take care of responding to each one of you guys in terms of what and how you should improve Because we have to make sure we are improving our scores from each and every mock. Alright. So keep practicing study well looking forward to see you all in the upcoming session for interview preparations all the best so lets crack NMAT

12 thoughts on “NMAT : Must Watch 1 Month Preparation Schedule To Crack NMAT

  1. I gave this nmat mock test and I scored 138 with the lowest in English that is 27 quant 60 and reasoning 51 so what should be my approach when I move ahead

  2. Mam can you help us in solving input output questions? I have given three mocks till now and in each mock there was a set of input output.

  3. Hello ma'am, thanks for the video.
    I took a Career launcher mock.
    Overall – 189
    Eng – 54
    LR – 87
    QA – 48
    Please tell me what should be my strategy and also how to increase my quants score significantly? I have my exam on 17th October.

  4. Must watch for CAT prep –

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    Preview YouTube video CAT exam – CAT Preparation Schedule (Must watch – 2 months schedule to CAT ) ( Crack IIM A, IIM B )

  5. Ma'am I haven't given any NMAT mock till now. In CAT CL mocks I am getting 60 percentile. My NMAT is on 30 October
    I am so confused as to what to follow this daily nmat prep or Rahul sir's 2 month Daily cat plan

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