Laughter is the Best Medicine

No Excuses Needed for Laughing | Rambod Javan | TEDxTUMS

Translator: Behdad Khazaeli
Reviewer: Ali Saadat Ara We have a tradition in Khandevaneh,
we laugh all together for 25 seconds. Are you ready to laugh together? No we count, breath please, ( breathing ) Second. ( breathing ) Third. ( breathing ) Hold the forth. One, two, three, ( Laughter ) Three seconds passed. ( Laughter ) More, more, more, more, ( Laughter ) Exhale ( Laughter ) Ten seconds passed. ( Laughter ) ( Laughter ) More ( Laughter ) Five seconds. ( Laughter ) ( Laughter ) OK ( Applause ) I want to tell you about my experiences
in Khandevaneh. The T-shirt I’m wearing
was never in Khandevaneh. These are elements of René Magritte,
the Belgian painter which I love’m a lot. and it’s a new design with them
on this T-shirt and I’m very happy that
I wore this painting elements of Magritte. Magritte has an expression: big war. He says, whatever is there to see, Is blocking another thing of being seen. Meaning, there is something behind
anything, for sure. And these two are always in contrast
and war. To find which one is better,
and more to be seen. I guess, we, our lives are in a way that always, What we present of ourselve is different
from things that we really are or want to be. And because of that, we feel bad, and because of that, we are depressed,
and because of that, We suffer from physical diseases, and because of that our behaviors
actually could be, harmful, to us and others. We sometimes accept this great war,
meaning, The thing, behind us,
we let him live and the thing in front
transforms to be something as if real. However we need, most of the times,
to take what is inside, out. I, personally, am an energetic person, happy person, creative person, a social person, a money making person, I’m a person who never had a project that, not seen by people. My projects always, either film, TV
or theater, always were the blockbusters of
their times. I am saying that because,I want to explain how I’m trying to look
at life and work. and I think these results,
at least, in parts, becomes what I love,
becomes my work. For sure, it’s not all about my work. I was not born a happy person. I haven’t had an exciting and
racy childhood. When I was kid, I was ordinary
and calm. In school, I remember
when other kids making noise, or doing mischief.
Doing unusual things. Pestering teacher,
Pestering each other. I was only watching. Because I was a coward. Because I beleived,
if I do something against what they say, of being a good boy, It’s a disadvantage for me, and I always should be, confirmed by teacher, schoolmaster,
principal. But as I grew older, I found out
it’s a big joke. They just want to civilize us this way. That it’s necessary
to be confirmed by others. I totally don’t need to be
confirmed by you. But I like a lot to live by you. I want, you love me too but, If, you don’t force me
to do odd things. Or not forcing me,
live in a way I don’t like. I learned through life, I need to be happy if
I want to live. because world and life could bring
you lots of terrible things. lots of sad things, until even taking one step forward
will be a dreadful thing. This kid that I’m telling you his
story was calm and observing. Soon understood that by making others
laugh, could have their attention, And could get the confirmation. You may find my words
a little contradictory. but if you be patient and not judging me, I think I can reach to the point, that I have in my mind. This kid started to play and act and make some performances, for example
one of the things I remember was I was four, and relatives were coming to our home,
to see me performing. To do a show,
really. And, I was doing funny things,
one of them was this: My dad gave me a stick with two,
I don’t know what I think they were empty cans. It was compote can
I think. He made it like barbells. on those days, Mr. Nasiri became
world champion, you should remember. My enterance was,
I remember the act was like I was entering, powdering my hands, Never understood in my childhood
what he was murmuring. ( Laughter ) Ya Ali, Pop, this was one act.
I remember another one also, in clean and jerk type. This,
and this. And to elevate the excitement
sometimes I wasn’t succeed. ( Laughter ) I was dropping it. with such experiences as they laughed,
I realized how wonderful is it, it’s so cool to make
others laugh, But those days, making others laugh
was a confirmation for me. meaning, love me please. Be kind with me. Yes, I realized, laughing and being happy in a society,
make it safe. I understood that, a very
important thing I learned from childhood. As I grew up, well
When I decided to come to showbiz. When I decided to be an actor,
a director, till then, I selected comedy, and I’ve really
been able to make differences. I did it, when for the first time I had a
serious act in a TV series, Khaneh Sabz, It was quite successful. Because the casts were
all first class. Mr. Khosro Shakibaee, Bijan Birang,
Masoud Rasam, Ms. Mahin Torabi, Ms. Nadereh, those
were best of the bests of their times, and I believe, still even after,
everybody think the same. TEDx, from the moment I entered, was
so regulated, making me nervous not to break any rules. Oh, my feet is out. ( laughter ) I should drink tea in a special way. I should eat that chocolate
in a special way. And I was worrying if
I shouldn’t eat it by mouth. ( laughter ) Really. The thing is …
let me continue for you. In few minutes …
Oh my God, I forgot to keep the time. I lost the timing. Was very important
for me to keep my timing. Let me go faster. The thing is, I was
a person as I grew older I understood that, I need to choose
to be happy. If I give up, I could be depressed.
I could be addicted. I could be alcoholic. I could be totally unmotivated. I could, I could, collect many bad
and negative things around me. But in reality I decided,
one day, When I understood, the way I want to live, and realized what to do,
in the world I want to live, I decided to be happy,
and to radiate this happiness. So because of that, I built khandevaneh,
Big things happened in Khandevaneh. The big things were,
people came to the studio, and peoples in the street, stopped me. and said … Does it mean my times is up?
Yes? No. Tell me the rules,
what happens when time is up? it explodes? a hole appears here?
and I will fall in it. Aahh!! ( Laughter ) Somebody stopped me and said:
” Mr. Javan, my daughter was depressed for a year and she didn’t
came out of her room after highschool and we, me and her father didn’t know
what to do. One night she watched the show
and laughed, started to be happy and to laugh and
as she comes out of the room, and sits and laughs with us ,
we were surprised. told me, she’s going to mountain climbing
with friends every Friday someone who didn’t come out of room
a year ago.” Someone called me in studio.
A very, very slim lady. Very skinny.
Called me: “Mr. Javan.” — without any hesitation
if others hear — told me: “I” —
It was a silence then almost hundred people were hearing — She said: “I committed suicide with
bleaching liquid, It damaged my lung, my stomach.
They rescued me, I wanted to do it again,
from the moment I watched your show, I don’t feel I want to end
my life anymore. I will stay with you till the end, my
husband, kids, pray for you every night. We celebrate. learned how to make
ourselves happy.” A girl came forward one night and said, We were,… I wanted to start the show,
and audience were sitting, she said: ” Tonight is the anniversary of
Khandevaneh.” I said what? She said:” Khandevaneh started
last year same time.” I asked my colleagues, they said we don’t
know, then confirmed, it’s true. I said, how careful we are, it’s our
anniversary and …, Got a cake and we started the show
and we celebrated that night After the show, the girl told me
I have something to tell you. She came and sat and said: “Do you
know how I knew it’s your anniversary?” I said: “No.” She said: ” When your show started,
I love happiness, when I watched it I felt,
It’s so cool. When I watched it’s ads. When I watched the first night. I really
enjoyed it. I felt like it’s my show. I had a two month baby, the day after
that, hot water killed my baby. and with the help of your show,
for almost six month I was able to survive.” then I said: “OK, another baby,
marriage,… I got mad suddenly” I wanted to do something for her. I said: “try for another baby
do other things etc.” She said: “Nothing to do with you,
it’s not your concern?” I said: “Nothing, excuse me.”
( Laughter ) She said:” I have an older kid,
and I’m very good with him etc…”. I said again: “No, for you to forget it.” She Said: ” See, tomorrow is my baby’s anniversary I’m here now, means that I’m OK and been able to pass my condition,
and be on my feet, and in my baby’s anniversary night,
I’m with you in studio, for six hours, I clapped, sang, laughed.” We in Khandevaneh, what we do is
to teach people to, be happy, and to live happily,
it’s completely a choice. Nobody can give you
your happiness, this way. Like all other aspects of life,
we should work hard for it. ‌By any means,
with tricks we know about ourselves, With the ways we know,
to keep ourselves happy and to radiate this happiness. With Khandevaneh, I say —
it’s not about confirmation anymore — With Khandevaneh, I’m trying
to make my society happy, So this society, feel more relaxed.
At least this much. To start thinking of what is the
difference between being happy and not. When I’m looking inside, and search around
and I want to shop or walk, Want to say hi to others,
to look at each other, I feel, that it’s much much better.
At least it happened to me. When they see me,
they smile. And this smile at least could
trick me to beleive, what a cool and healthy society. And it makes me really happy.
it’s not asking for confirmation anymore. At least I transformed my society for
my self to a place, I can feel slightly,
that people did’nt forget to smile. People did not forget that they
could be happy, they could feel good. I think my time is over. No? Somebody tell me, where are
your rules? Two minutes? So, we researched on happiness
and laughter, on two thousands papers from clinics and
hospitals and research institutes published worldwide,
by great peoples and great groups. There are registered and official
findings about the laughter and happiness, saying it’s like magic, like miracle,
it’s like fiction. they are un-imaginable
but true, Khandevaneh for me is not like to produce a show one night
that you like it or not, Khandevaneh for me is like a club,
to remember being happy. Unfortunately, our rage is too much,
on many things, Sometimes we could make mistakes on our
resolutions, reactions. Mistake on my work, to my audiences,
also audiences to the show, to me, and also other things. I’ll conclude it with this
as I could not go longer. And that is, I chose Khandevaneh,
and my life style myself, completely. As anybody who has a choice. And I’m sure with happiness and laughter,
we’ll have a safer place to live, We’ll be more creative, also I think,
as much as we live, We can enjoy more …
Just want to say this before I finish. From five thousands elder men and women
close to end of their lives — I think it was 2005 — they asked a question.
From five thousands elder men and women. What is sorrow of life? It’s interesting, they responded on
hundred things, but five of those, were common between all responses. I wish I worked less,
I wish I was less greedy for money. Worried less for money. I wish I lived more with my friends and
loved ones. I wish I traveled more. and I wish if I was more happy. We don’t know how long we live. But I think, we should
enjoy this life as much as we could. It’s totally not important how
great or important people we become. It’s important to be happy, joyful,
and to enjoy. We’ve been born to enjoy. Everybody should enjoy the way he can. And to be able to radiate this enjoyment. for others to learn, and remember, Happiness,
is the most important thing to do. Love you. ( Applause )

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