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No laughing matter & God as his witness!

(mid-tempo music) Armando Perez. Good morning, sir. Good morning, Mr. Perez. Mr. Perez, you’re charged with going through a stop sign. Yes, I’m guilty of it. You’re guilty. Yeah, I’m guilty of, yeah. I always trying to be careful when I’m driving and I was checking for a address and I assume I cross that street. I was checking the number and a few, it just took me a few seconds and I missed a– I mean, it sounds like– What number are you checking, the lottery number? What number were you checking? No I was trying to visit someone in some of the houses around there and I was checking for the number because the numbers aren’t clear so I was checkin’ to see if that was two and I was checkin’ the number of the house. And by seconds I missed a stop and I just stopped right in the middle of the street. And by my luck, the officer was right there. Did you find the number after that? Yeah, I did, I did, I did. (laughs)
Well he was successful, he found the number. (laughs) Did you have a nice visit? Yes, yeah. Well, you know, that’s good. (laughs) No, it was worth it, it really was worth it. It was worth it? I mean, I’m a pastor and I was trying to go and counsel some people there and it was good, it was good. So I mean, I know I made a mistake, I got the ticket, but I did what I had to do. You’re a pastor of– Of a Christian church, evangelical church. And you were making a visit to one of your parishioners? No, it was a family that they need me to visit there because they have some problems in their marriage so I try to go there and tried to talk to them. And I mean, I know I make the mistake with the stop sign but it’s really worth it. I mean really worth it to see them and try to talk to them and it was good. Oh you’re to be congratulated on your efforts. I think that’s a very noble thing. I’m not sure if noble is the right word, thing for you to do, but it’s part of your mission. Yes it is.
To help people reconcile, help them work out their differences. That’s what it is. I’m not interested in who the people were, but what is the most common issue when there’s that type of marital discord that you would have to address when you talk to them? Well it depends. Most of the time it’s like… I would say like communication. Lack of communication? Lack of communication, that the people don’t communicate, they hold the stuff for so long and sooner or later it’s like a bomb. You know, hold it there until something really bad is a trigger for it and they just explode. And they lash out at each other. And sometimes they call me out ’til they cannot deal, not before, you know. I’m sure you had a very calming effect on them because you have that very wonderful demeanor, you’re very calm, you’re not excitable, right? Inspector Quinn, what do you think? He almost put me to sleep. No, he didn’t put you to sleep. I’m only kidding, I’m kidding. Believe me– That’s all, Judge–
You don’t want to hear me preaching, you won’t be asleep. What I would rather have happen is have a couple of these couples or whatever that we’re having situations with call you before they need to call us. That’s what I would like to have happen. I mean, it’s my job and I thank God for letting me do that because I can help people. Because of the nature of your mission, which hopefully you accomplished– Thanks. I’m gonna dismiss the case outright. Which means you still have a good driving record and you don’t have to pay the $60 court cost. Thank you very much. With the hope that you will continue with helping others. ‘Cause at the end of the day, right, we’ll be judged on the difference we make and the lives that we touch. And you are touching many lives in a very positive way. Keep up your good work. Thank you very much and God bless you. Hi. Alexandra?
Yes. What do your friends call you, Alex? Lexi. Lexi? Mmhmm. It’s better than Alex, right? Yeah, I don’t feel like an Alex, I feel like more of a Lexi, you know? Lexi, good. Very sophisticated. (laughs)
Thanks. What terrible thing did you do? You parked your car during an emergency. Yes. (laughs) We were at the farmer’s market– Was it a humorous emergency? ‘Cause I see you laughing. I don’t know, actually. We were at the farmer’s market, we saw some signs, and we were trying to be diligent about it so we parked up the street where there was no more signs but still got a ticket. I’m sorry, I’m really nervous so I just laugh and it just has gotten me in trouble before, laughing in inappropriate situations. So I’m sorry I’m laughing. Take a deep breath. (breaths deeply)
Let it out slowly. (laughs) We’ll go through it. Slow. Okay, all right. Who’s this, is that your friend? That’s my roommate, yeah. Get up here. Oh no.
Get up here. All right. Let me get my bag. Over here, this way. Oh man. You know I was there for the incident, so. You have your own mic. This is fair. We set that mic up especially for you. Thank you. (laughing) What is your name? I’m Mary. Mary? Yeah, my friends call me Mary. Mary. What do your enemies call you? (scoffs) You don’t wanna tell us.
Mary. Mary, everybody calls you Mary. (girls laugh) Are you complicit in this parking ticket? Well, I was there, yeah, but we did look around for the signs, I don’t agree with it. Oh, you did not look around for the signs? No, we did look around for the signs.
We did look around for the signs.
I don’t agree with the ticket. Now let me see now. If I was your lawyer, and Inspector Carrigan is the prosector, see– We’d probably be outta here. (Judge Caprio laughs) Probably be in jail. (laughing) If I were your lawyer I would say that if there were signs, (laughing)
they were not the prescribed signs, right? I mean, yeah, I agree. What kinda signs did they have? They had signs but they weren’t, we were looking at them, ’cause it was my fault.
There were paper signs on the trees.
There were paper signs. So we now ascertained they did have signs. You have testified they have signs. Yeah, yeah, but I was lookin’ at the signs and where we parked it didn’t appear that the signs were like, I was looking at those telephone poles that have the signs on ’em, and we really did look, you know, I don’t want parking tickets, I can’t afford it. So we looked around and it seemed like we could park there. You shoulda left her home. She should have. I should have.
She wanted me here though. I wanted to stay home. She just convicted you. (laughs) Classic. You were supposed to say, they had paper signs that were not the prescribed signs. There’s an event going on, they put these paper signs like this and that’s why you got ticketed. And you’re supposed to say, we don’t look for paper signs, we look for the regular signs. Well that’s true too. (laughs) Is that what you wanted to tell me? Yeah, that’s exactly what I meant to say. I’m just nervous like her. (laughs) We get all squirrelly. All right, Mary, you almost convicted her. (laughs)
Almost. Matter’s dismissed, good luck to you. Matter dismissed.
Thank you. Thank you, sir.
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100 thoughts on “No laughing matter & God as his witness!

  1. This judge is clearly a fair, understanding, but most of all a decent human being.. It's evident All judges weren't created equal

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  13. To everyone who does not understand the meaning of the yellow fringe around the united states flag know that, that is in fact tyranny as that such yellow fringe signifies that the Republic is under maritime time admiralty JURISDICTION. Not The Law of The Land. It's directly eliminating the common law of the land hence the living constitution. Basically,, it's telling us ROME is in fact the owner and the citizens are subject matter under jurisdiction.
    Wake up peeps research the Republic's flag and see the difference…. We are unlawfully violated daily.
    Know thyself…

  14. Confession is good for the soul. I used to work in a prison and I never saw so many "innocent" people in one place

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    I subscribed 😁

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    Judge: That was very Nobel of you.

    Me: Thank you sir , it was worth it.

    Judge: I’m dropping the charges, keep up the good Noble work & the helping and what not.

    Me:..( snorting & clinching teeth) YES SIR.

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