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No Shirt, No Shoes, No Dice – Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1/10) Movie CLIP (1982) HD

Hello. Get outta here, Bradley. Dave. Cookin’! Daddy’s home, boys. [ Brad ]
l shall serve no fries
before their time. This one’s on you, dude.
Who’s got the beducoup
dolares t___y_ Uno dinero. What have you got,
Mr. Buck Man? l got uno ”nickelette.” Hey! You guys had shirts on
when you came in here. Somethin’ happened to ’em, man.
[ Laughing ] Come on, Spicoli,
just put the shirts back on. You see that sign? [ Together ]
”No shirts. No shoes.
No dice.” Right. Learn it.
Know it. Live it. – Whoa.
– He’s the full hot lawyer.

100 thoughts on “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Dice – Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1/10) Movie CLIP (1982) HD

  1. lol….i totally agree dude…and when i saw this movie opening night in 82 …if someone told me the dude playin spicolli would win 2 oscars and become one of the best actors in the 25yrs …i wouldve said ……yeah….right …no fkn way ..but sean penn u are the man …

  2. The guy who wrote "no shirt, no shoes, no problems" for Kenny Chesney says he got the idea while watching this movie.

  3. Spicollis(Sean Penn) two best buds were played by then unknowns but futures stars in their own right Eric Stoltz(some kind of wonderful, Pulp fiction) and Anthony Edwards(top gun, E.R.).  Wow

  4. if the sign says "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Dice", shouldn't they be required to remove their shirts and shoes?

  5. This was when kids were alright back then. Today, there would be a huge problem and a fight breaking out. LOL come to think of it, usually morons take their shirts OFF to fight! WTH….

  6. I was late getting back to my hotel for dinner time in Spain 2 years ago and I got rejected into the dinner hall because I had three-quarter shorts on. So I went back to my room, washed my face combed my hair, put on my best jeans n shoes and a special t-shirt with a zipped up jacket. The same dude let me in again. As soon as I walked in I took off my jacket. The shirt said National Pornographic with two rhinos fucking each other.

  7. It's, like, the beach culture thing, in a place where there's a strong surf culture. Here on a certain Florida Beach community with the strongest surf culture on the east coast, it ain't Cocoa Beach but it's nearby, it's so laid back, except for R.C.s on a good swell, that you see groms like that in taco bell, McDonald's, BK, etc. with no shirts and totally barefoot, just being totally silly, but not disruptive. Many look stoned and like it, but they're really just so surfed out, salty eyes, had a great surf, tired and hungry, and just giddy from surfing great waves with each other. But, that happens on the Beach side near the "Great Ocean". I spent, as well as others, considerable portions of life with the standard surfer uniform, baggies, and that's it. That's what local surfers in surfer beach communities call them here. Others call them board shorts. Sean Penn played that part well. I think he grew up on the beach near Malibu or Santa Monica, road his skateboard through the school halls, was involved in learship activities, one of them being leader of some school surf club. But, in this scene, he sounds a little like he has an early 80s valley accent, and that's a drive from the beach to be able to make it to school after an early dawn patrol session. But, I'm not an expert in the California scene. In all cases this is a movie, so there's fake stuff galore. An evil movie at that, making light of abortion and perpetually stoned dudes as something okay with deep psychological and spiritual consequences. I know guys who were red hot surfers, but they got stoned too much, and know they're hearing voices, fat from psych meds, institutionalized etc. Girls get real messed up and mean after abortions.

  8. The most interesting aspect of this scene is that three 15yo guys enter a fast food restaurant, take off their shirts, light cigarettes, and are promptly told to put their shirts back on. Not a single word about smoking. Of all the differences between being a teenager in the early 1980s and being a teenager the 2010s showcased in this film, this one stands out the most to me.

  9. I wanted to eat at Jack In The Box to get a Sourdough Jack or McDonald's to get a Big Mac and I will not take off my shirt and shoes.

  10. If you cut out all the parts without Spiccoli, and just put together all the parts with him, it works as a movie on its own.

  11. This was filmed at 11698 San Vicente Blvd in Brentwood. The same building that would eventually be Mezzaluna in Brentwood.

  12. "What's the secret sauce?"
    "Thousand island dressing…whats the secret sauce at Bronco Burger?"
    "Mayonnaise and Ketchup…"

    Lol, seriously the best line in the movie!

  13. Bit of Trivia: This scene was filmed in the space at 11698 San Vicente BLVD that Mezzaluna Restaurant would be located in come 1994 and the OJ Simpson case.

  14. I thought that was different than usual. They usually say no shoes no shirt no service. Even if it was a movie, I thought that sure was different.

  15. This is one of the few 80's movies that actually showed exactly what it was like being in jr. high or high school back then.

  16. Anthony Edwards is so different looking with a full head of hair. He had hair in Top Gun but there was signs that he would lose it eventually.

  17. Oh, I remember this when I first saw it as a little kid.

    “Hey, you guys had shorts on when you came on here”

    “Well, something happened to ‘em, man”


    These two characters – the carefree stoner and the level-headed popular student – took different paths throughout the multi-layered storylines, and met up at the end after the school season, where Brad was working at the mini mart. Boy, I feel nostalgic!

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