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*   NOBODY HERE   *   (HUMOR) | Dave Oshana

The mind and thoughts – they’re not really
happening up here. Some of them are: you get headache you get it up
here. But actually, when we relating to each other for the most part we’re not
doing it up here. What we do up here is a bit like, if you’ve seen this scene of
Peter Sellers in the Pink Panther, I think it is, I’ve only seen the clip. He gets into an elevator with a bunch of mafia guys with pencil moustaches and
really wide shoulder pads on their suits and he gets in there and he squeezes in
and they’ve all got really big shoulders. I think he’s got really big shoulders,
you know, and then one of them – and they’re looking at each other like from
the side of their eyes – and then one of them farts! And they’re doing this again
right … So the thing is what normally happens. I’ve experienced this in
some cultures, I won’t you pick any cultures out, is that when some people
get together in an elevator in some societies they’re actually
saying a mantra. Right? Wonderful, you know? Saying their mantra in
the elevator. It’s very spiritual you know going up to God, right. And they’re
actually saying “I’m not here. I’m not here. I don’t exist. Don’t look at me.
There’s no one here. Nothing’s happening. Move along.” They don’t want
other people to know that they’re there they want to become invisible. People, you know, do that from time to time. So when people relate
they’re not really relating from their mind but in their mind, they’re using their
mind a lot that’s why their minds get hot and their head gets painful because
they’re saying “I’m not here” yeah? And look at the person really “Don’t look at
me. Okay? I am not here.” but they’re not really relating up here this is just radio
signal jamming. This is just to distract a person. It’s like can you feel what’s
going on down here. I don’t want you to see it. I don’t want
you to feel what’s really happening with me so
I’m going to get your attention up here to look at my eyes and send you some tough
mental energy. That’s what is going on, yeah? Now where life is really happening
and when we meet each other it’s really happening down here in the abdomen and
it’s interesting that people have just started, I guess in the last few years,
talking about the intestine. How the intestine is like a second brain. How the
intestine is intelligent. I don’t think people really understand it yet
what they’re talking about …

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