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Norm MacDonald - Professor of Logic Joke

every day I meet somebody new you know this city is great because of the neighborly people you know but I didn't meet one neighbor interesting story you know huh that I had this guy it just moved in you know next door to me so I'm always one to meet the neighbors you're you like to chat with the neighbors yeah because you know so uh I I went over to the guy knocked on the door next door to where I live and I say to the guy today I'm your new neighbor you know and I said good to see ya you know nice to nice to run into you you know I welcome to the neighborhood you know answer the guys I said what do you do for a living there sir you know if you don't mind me ask you know what do you do for a living I'm a I'm a nightclub comic I tell the guy so he says to me he says I'm a work out at the University of Science there he says I'm a I'm a um yes that's a good school by the way I can't remember the exact place sure he says I am a professor of logic oh so he says the guy says logic now what the hell is that I never heard tell of that he says oh well he says it's a kind of a pattern of syllogistic Vol he says it's hard to explain he says uh well I won't I give you an example mm-hmm so I said fair enough why don't you do that so the guy says well he says let me ask you a question he says do you own a dog house so I go yes I do he says well then that means you'd probably have a dog I said yes he says well that means you're likely you have a family if you have a dog I said yes I do he said well then that means that you got the kids you're married I said yes yes I am he says well then you're a heterosexual man I said yes sir I am he says well you see that's logic there I I asked if simply from finding out you had a dog house I made this series of inferences and I found that you're a heterosexual man simply from the fact he had a dog house well I said good God isn't that something okay hi so I said well I won't waste any more of your time there neighbor and I said I'll see ya see you later see you around okay hey I said come on I come back one day and have a chicken with me same as I left so I left so I go I gotta get a bus you know to the bus stop and I walk down to the bus stop and I still thinking about this thing that happened to me now and I'm standing at the bus and a no bus coming at all you know five or six of us standing around and one guy lights up a cigarette there and he goes he goes as soon as you light up a cigarette the bus comes and he smokes the whole damn cigarette no bus count yeah right so I said to the guy well that theory really worked yeah yeah then the guy goes well sometimes it works anyways the guy goes what's new with you I go well I had an interesting thing happened to me today I said I met my neighbor hmm and he goes oh yeah I go he had a hell of an interesting job I said he's a professor of logic down at the university of science and so the guy says is that so he says la professor of logic he goes what the hell is that logic I said well it's a series of Susilo something or other night right I said I can't remember exactly but I said I'll give you an example if you want to hear an example so the guy goes out right repair enough so I said let me ask you this I said uh yeah deal let me ask you a question do you own a dog house and the guy goes no I don't own a dog house so I says the guy says oh yeah you're one of them gays it worked

34 thoughts on “Norm MacDonald – Professor of Logic Joke

  1. You've cut the video this exactly when he was about to say that the gay guy invited him over to have a chicken with him.

  2. I love the audience reaction on the last part when the guy says "No, I don't own a dog house." because they all know what's coming.

  3. I was talking with my neighbor the other day and all of a sudden a weird smell blew in on the wind. We both tried to describe the smell. My neighbor says "It smells just like moth balls" To which I replied "You know what moth balls smell like…how'd you get his little legs apart?"

  4. But the genius part was left off, when he nonchalantly adds that the guy at the bus stop invited him for chicken, so you get the punchline you were expecting which still worked because of the timing and delivery AND the punchline you didn’t expect which completely alters the joke because the point was that norm didn’t understand what logic was, but the added line implies that the syllogism still worked. So brilliant.

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