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*NOSE CRACK* COMPILATION - Dr. Rahim Chiropractic

basically the septum is the very tip it's cartilaginous it's the cartilage that is connected to the bone and the cartilage is what deviates so not the actual foam just the cartilage yeah so it goes to the right side this is the right side this is her left side so it kind of deviates to that right side this way okay so the way we correct it is I'm actually gonna be taking it over all the way I'm not doing it right now sure and the set is gonna be this way Oh like that okay I mean I'm gonna go harder that's it that's it thank you come up slowly please one two three walk it off we'll see in a couple of days okay your septum I'm gonna be adjusting your nose today might yes ma'am there's a deviated septum here and we're gonna work on that that's also gonna help with your breathing and it's also you may change your voice let's look at the septum it does this it goes to her left and goes right so the high side of the rainbow is right there okay on that left side so we're gonna take it this way and set it left to right well set there we go all the way over there gotcha that's the worst of it deep breath in exhale through your mouth in through your nose out through your mouth yeah that's we're clear thank you for three to sit up front of this breathe in through your nose and out through the nose breathe in and now let's set it that's it thank you okay you are a lying down my friend I can breathe better I look better you see how it curves that way so we're going we call it the high side so what we're gonna do is we're gonna bring this over we're gonna set it this way that way now I'm not trying to straighten his nose out on the first adjustment I'm just trying to get him business right now I've straightened out up maybe half of that you're in for a treat today you ready for your treat oh yeah that felt weird tingle in my lip for a minute walk it off please now things will drain thank you now the nose this one gorgeous I know Lisa thank you sure first is it her it doesn't really hurt that's it done done I start like 20 voters coming out my nose right now does that affect the way I breathe you'll tell me when you get up okay what an adventure my nose does feel better that's why I was asking you like doesn't affect the way I'm breathing it does affect right absolutely cuz when you when you would see my nose from under you could enough nostril is smaller than your right I'm gonna fix them I can see it also okay yeah I was wondering you know like so many people like people would tell me that there was a difference like from under and like I'm so glad you notice so it's curving this way high side of the rainbow is on the left side so we're gonna come in from the left side oh gosh still right here my name okay okay so we're gonna come in get gonna take the nose all the way over we're gonna set it that way you okay yeah oh gosh that says awesome [Laughter] it was inaudible mmm Oh gotcha I don't know ask mom we know Mom look from top how does it look good book it on my heart no jokes no daddy's okay jokes aside yeah I love getting a nose job every day okay pops you're gonna hold them in and I'm gonna be setting you can see if you come on top this way I want you to chin down look down look down I want you to see this it's still better already than what it was now we're gonna get in right here his heart's a little fast okay yeah come hold him down there we go yeah we're just gonna sit no what is your G from the west side walk it off it around walk that nose adjustment on I say lucky it out you like walk it out I know I startled you a little bit but you're okay dude walking have a seat over here please and let me recheck come over here please that actually said nice nothing hurts right when I do that little tender yeah okay you're gonna continue look at it and face on look straight ahead this way take a nice deep breath in breathe in and out it's clear breathe in and out it's clear yeah you're all set

33 thoughts on “*NOSE CRACK* COMPILATION – Dr. Rahim Chiropractic

  1. Lol love this I sleep with my right hand pulling my face from my nose towards my ear so I can breath my right side get no air just naturally. Also I can't hear out my right ear properly after a hearing test they said it was my sinuses but medication does not clear it . One day I will knock on your door x maybe you will knock on mine . Take care and bless your kind heart .
    Take care everyone 😉

  2. When he said inhale through your nose and exchale through your mouth
    who else did it alongside with the patient 😁

  3. Doc, can you explain how people get a deviated nasal septum? Is it hereditary or accident or sleeping in a wrong position? Thank you

  4. Pure amazement!!! Is there anything you can’t fix 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 I absolutely love how you make all your patients feel special. I have never heard nor read anything negative about you. You really are a special individual yourself, stay humble and please make a visit to Houston, Tx one day. I will be waiting 🤗🤞🏽

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