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Nothing Will Change Unless YOU Change – Motivational Video

one of the great lessons of life is that nothing will change unless you change nothing will get better unless you get better it’s not about circumstance it’s not about luck we all get the good and the bad we all get the challenging events that arrive in our life that’s a normal part of being human I’m talking about what you choose to do with those circumstances if you were waiting for the economy to change if you’re waiting for your paycheck to change waiting for your relationship to change waiting for something to change nothing if you would change you must change when you change everything will change for you if you want better you must be better and when you get better your life will get then you must work on yourself more than you work on anything else you must add more value to others than anyone else does take a step back and look at your life closely what can you improve be honest with yourself in every area of your life what can you improve if you’re being honest there will be many areas you can improve if not you’re either not human or you’re lying to yourself commit to work on improving those areas remove everything unimportant in your life they could get you sidetracked from your goals and purpose anything that takes you further away from the life you want eliminate it might be TV it might be people in your life it might be unhealthy habits you know what it is look within be honest with yourself this is your life we are talking about nothing is more important be honest with yourself be strong have the courage to live the life you want to live regardless of what anyone else thinks nothing will change unless you change nothing will get better unless you get better it’s all about you the road to success is hard but it isn’t impossible unless you quit stick it out suffer through show your character and one day they might speak of you you the winner you the champion the one who didn’t quit the one who fought back but with heart with courage if you’re like most you’ll take the easy path you won’t take action you won’t decide right now to make a change you won’t take action right now on changing your life but you’re not like the risk you wouldn’t be listening to this if you were decide right now this is it I will take action right now the second this ends I’m going to set up my life to win all things that take me further away from the life I want out positive daily habits rocky working on myself daily lakhtin reading more learning more committing to be better every day lock it in I will receive better because I will be better I will get changed because I will change [Music]

100 thoughts on “Nothing Will Change Unless YOU Change – Motivational Video

  1. Most of the times i'm in deep depression and anxity pressure but i listen to all your videos and over come to all things in my life …thank u sir luv from pakistan❤

  2. First god. And then we. Be positive Faith in god for everything. Energy good attitude .in what you want to do to be thanks. Congratulations brothers and sisters to share this beautiful video. God bless you guys and sisters. More and more. Cheers. 👏🙏🤝

  3. just want to say thank you.
    ig gives me more courage to take one step to be better. 😊Change for the better. You give us inpiration and motivation to lift up ourselves 😊 More power and God bless!!!

  4. I would not like to thank you because we never thank to big brother or friend. And You are like my big brother as i haven’t , but i have now who advices me , guides me, motivates me etc. I would like to wish that may god bless you.

  5. Si quiero que las cosas sean mejores o cambien, yo tengo que cambiar y así las cosas cambiarán para mi, no puedo controlar lo que pasa fuera de mi, pero si puedo controlar lo que pasa dentro de mi, el detalle es saber ¿cómo hacerlo? e identificar el problema

  6. I will Never give up to my dream never . I will change to become a better person 👩‍🎓👩‍🎓👩‍🎓👩‍🎓👩‍🎓

  7. Thank you so much for this video, I have definitely gained the motivation that I need go get back on track. Something that I couldnt admit before, which was "change starts with YOU", i can definitely admit now. It maybe be a 4min video but it sure is quite powerful.

    Thank you guys again. ❤❤

  8. I will take action. I want to stop animal abuse, child abuse,global warming, vilonce, homelesness, racism, Bullying, world greed and people on there phone every second! I will be the person I am and be proud of it😁🙆 I want to change the world for the better!👍 I'm not looking for likes or comments I'm looking for someone anyone who wants our world to change and will make our world change! We need to open our eyes and see what a state our world is in, We need to listen with our ears here the people calling for help! we can CHANGE the world🌍But I'll need your help so who's with me?❤💙💚💛💜✌

  9. I wasn’t know know ur real name I been heard about you while was sitting near my at his shop listened to your motivational speech and messages it’s impressive and and beautiful.

  10. Thank you so much to 'Team Fearless' for this video especially. Others also awesome. This video inspired me every time when I feel down. Everyday I listen to this and get motivated myself. Your words are very true and real. 🙂Tq

  11. There IS no GOd. There is only ME. My super intelligence created me. I must live up to my super image. I will

  12. I lost everything in my life and I stopped completely but now it's to restart my life, I want to getback what I lost.

  13. Let's try our best to offer 5 times Salah regularly! Dont Spread hate! We Muslims should try to love every single person in the world! We don't need to care whether the person is Hindu,Christian,Buddhist ! Allah(S.W.T) told us to help others Religions are not mentioned! Please just put an end to this! Just stop hating others! If we love others,others are bound to love and respect us! !
    BANGLADESH to all the people who read my comment! !

  14. Much love for team fearless…….life has got ups nd downs no matter what!…….nothing will get better unlesss u change that is where iam……..success iam coming for u….Team fearless love from somalia

  15. I have no problem because I m always do good and always good happened with me but always I have a fear I know that's nothing I always fail to deal with that plz help me

  16. 902 people have nothing to improve in their life
    The dislikers
    May there no. Will increase when you will match the no.of dislikers with the no. I have mentioned

  17. There are too many ignorant people who enjoy indulging others. Author should disable commenting. We love our religion and and we are not obliged to listen to all the ignorant of the world.

  18. Team fearless i just subbed and liked so i can use this video in my you tube channel and i will mention team fearless in the description and thank you very much for this great video.
    I also filled out the first name email form and did confirmed it in my email.
    thank you from dubzbodykit.

  19. Only Gods can tell me who I am,,,,
    I am really honest to my self for who is the person I love,, but if he go away from this,, I let him go,,,!!
    I will not purse him,,,!!

  20. I lost my best friend who was everything to me ..I’m in my 50s stuck in bad marriage neither can get out stand on my own coz of my kid n age where I will go ..emotionally I was depending on my friend who left me alone in this world 😞even I wanted to change come out of this depression nothing is helping 😞

  21. Tnq u sir
    Iam Networkar this video more Useful in my life
    Distributor Oxigeno International Biz pltd
    9544798458 watsp

  22. I listened to this I went & applied this at work now my supervisor relies on me I am concitred a crew leader and speaks of me thank u I didn't quit my job I could have

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