Laughter is the Best Medicine


Rita and Jitu are coming from abroad and the arrangements are not yet done… The first thing they will say is… Bhabhiiiiiii… Undhiyu (Gujarati Delicacy)…. Chill Mom! Everything will be managed Hello Mr. Chill! You use to say the same thing during exams Everything will be managed Handle your kite properly don't know when they will arrive! Actually Mummy… Jitu Uncle shared his Live Location with me… But the location is showing our house… SURPRISE ! ! ! How are Y'all? Sister in Law (Bhabhi)… Undhiyu (Gujarati Delicacy)… Undhiyu will be served in the evening… Ok? OK But I am very thirsty Can I please get some H2O What's that? H – I – J – K – L – M – N – O H to O She is asking for Water, Mom! Oh! Have this… Eewww! Can I please get some Mineral Water? Try this water from an earthen pot This will quench your thirst. *Santushtti* SANTUSHTTI? Is it like the tush of the sun? Oh Aunty! You help me fly my kite It is not that windy either Roll it buddy Roll it! Roll it buddy! If you would have drank Indian water Then only you could have shout out loud! HEY ROLLLLLLLLLL ITTTTT!! YOU ARE GONE GONE GONE GONE GONE GONE GONNNNNNE!! Big bro… Do you know what happened today? No! First listen to me … Call me Big Brother first then we will talk! Big Brother Yes! Was there a bike marathon in your city today? Because a lot of Handsome guys were riding on their bikes wearing Orange uniform Vroom! Vroom! Oh Aunty! They all were Swiggy's Delivery boys! It was not a bike marathon! Got it! Now help me. Hey Big Brother! That's not how you do it! Let me teach you! Watch and learn! Really? Yes, Watch! You measure one palm from here, And measure one palm from this side And exactly in the center You Give 20% Pressure Very Nice! Actually I have applied sunblock so the pressure slipped away! You want Sun Block buddy? No! No! I have a natural filter And part-time Mosquito trap too Damn! Sunrays! Can't see anything because of sunlight.. I am going to lose this kite fight! Don't worry I got you a gift! Gift? Sunglasses! Ray-Ban! Wayfere It's even better. Oh Sh**! *Roll it* How should I roll it? I can't see anything! Where should I go? *Bittu Falls* I broke my Friend's Speakers It's ok son! nothing happened. Hey Bittu! Bhagwatchandra Trishulbhai Upadhyay That's alright! Why do Swiggy boys ride on their bikes? To deliver the food! But why everyone is on a two-wheeler? BECAUSE!!!! Uncle… How will they do lightning fast delivery? Should they run? Are they Hussain Bolt? You help me fly my kite before the wind goes away! What should I do? Go to the edge, And then JUMP! OK! *Jitu Yawns* Big Brother! I am feeling sleepy, I'll go and sleep! What? You don't want to fly kite? I'll fly at night as per my time-zone. Jetlag you know! Oh Stupid! everybody here will be sleeping, You will fly the kite alone at night? Uncle! We need T-series to fight Pewdiepie Who is this Pudipie? Foreigner's Carryminati! Minati? Keri (Mango for Gujarati)? Is it like Totapuri Mango? No! It's like a sour mango! You please fly the kite… Before the wind stops! Right Buddy? Not a single kite has taken a flight till now.. We have visa for this kite! This will fly for sure! Ok Uncle! You guys go ahead! Where are you going? Hey Bittu! Let me fly this kite! You know how to fly a kite? Hey Bittu! You loser buddy! Do you know she is an expert in kite flying! When she flies kite in our country nobody dares to fly a kite! Thanks Jitu! It's ok Ritu! Gimme that kite! Show them what you got Ritu! OH! The Fight is on! The Fight is on! Pull the string Ritu… Pull it! *Ritu Screams* Aaaahhhhhh!!!! *Jitu Overreacts* Aaahhhhh!!! Oh my god, Ritu! Injury! She is critically dying Call 911! Call Paramedics! Yes! Yes! Yes! I'll get the tetanus vaccine Listen Son! You give her CPR. OK! Get Lost! Who uses tetanus injection for finger cuts? I have many friends in Foreign Land But no-one acts like these two I have to go and cook Undhiyu for them Or else… Bhabhi… Undhiyu… Since morning she is shouting BHABHI UNDHIYU BHABHI UNDHIYU They have pissed me on this UNDHIYU She shouts Undhiyu one more time and I will… *Ritu Screems* BHABHI UNDHIYU Oh no! What happen? We need to talk! That Idiot Ritu shouted … and the vessel slipped from my hands What will we do now? I'll make it again! Wait! I have called Sadabahar restaurant Hello Bhadresh bhai *Bhadreshbhai: Yes tell me!* Please parcel 5 plates of Undhiyu at my place *Bhadreshbhai: Can't deliver today, it's festival time… Sorry Bye* He disconnected! Dad! May I help! Let me ask Lata! You stay quiet, you won't understand the situtation! Ask Lata once! Hello! Hi Lata! You have also cooked Undhiyu at your place. Can you please give me some? *Lata: Bhabhi actually Rinki's father had a gas issue* *Lata: So we didn't cooked Undhiyu today* *Rinki's Father: Lata! Pass me that delicious Undhiyu* Undhiyu? *Lata: No actually…* You Liar Kamolika! *Lata: No actually what happened…* *Lata: Hello! Hello! Hello!* *Disconnects* She is of no help! I'll get it myself from Sadabahar Restaurant It's Uttarayan! Very risky to go out on a bike Dad let me… You shut-up! Nothing to worry about! I'll drive safely! Just chill both of you! Pin drop silence! Let's order Undhiyu from swiggy! They will deliver from FSSAI approved restaurant That too with an amazing offer Swiggy Installed undhiyu selected Coupon Code TCF50 YES! Hello Sir! Your Order! Thank you big brother I am so excited to eat this! I just love Eggplant Hey! there are no eggs in this! It's Pure-Veg Big brother, he means to say AUBERGINE Hell No! There is no Gin in this! Mom Dad They are talking about Brinjal! Please select one final name for this HEAVEN! This is the real taste of Gujarat brother Frankly speaking… All my senses have opened up From the tip of my tongue till the bottom of my stomach Everything is on fire! This is just amazing brother! You are absolutely right Jitu I have travelled all the way from my country only for this food The bread in my country can never take this food's place Ritu just Attack! Attack! One Minute! Where did their NRI accent go? Which literally wasted our Uttrayan this year! Accent? This is our accent! Our Actual Language You talk the same way in America too? What America? You are guys are NRI? Yes! Then from? NEPAL! Very Nice! Stop eating my Undhiyu! 911 in Nepal? Jetlag? Just Get Out! Brother! Yes! I want to have 2 Jalebis too Bittu Installed Swiggy on my phone too! We'll Order from that! Swiggy order for just 2 Jalebis? These Swiggy guys provide an amazing facility NO MINIMUM ORDER So be it just 2 Jalebis or 1 glass of lassi from Farki It will be delivered!


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  3. 9:10 Ojas = Accent ? Aaz to se 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. Manan sir ….jordar sir ….ojas sir no to vat j kaink jordar che ….pan tame bhale junu Karo ….pan dpisod mukta raho yaar …Amara gharna zagda shan't karva hu Tamara comedy video batavu chu …

  5. બહુ કંઈડયો લા બેન્ડ કેર હોવએ…

  6. It's good that you've tried different technique in cinematography and direction, this feels like the "Arrested Development" Cinematography and direction and edit 😍

  7. Awesome… Jordar video… Manan bhai rocks
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