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Obama's Hilarious Thanksgiving Jokes

I-I-I will tell you though Turkey's don't have the best looking heads **Men Laugh With Audience Intensely** Y-You know what I'm sayin' You guys wanna pet him? Nah Heuheuheuheu Thank you [INAUDIBLE] **Seinfield Theme Plays** Thank you [MAN'S NAME] Good to see you I appreciate you Alright, thank you everybody Happy Thanksgiving! **Crows applauds sarcastically** **PAT PAT**

47 thoughts on “Obama's Hilarious Thanksgiving Jokes

  1. I now know why I like you thiojoe. You're a conservative and feel the way I do about Obama.
     I can read between the lines.


  3. Oh man please get into politics joe!! You have a unique sarcasm that is needed for these pricks! Maybe a "how to double your congress speed for free" video? Either way I'm sure you'll be great at it bro

  4. Obama is swag. His jokes are so funny that even the turkety started laughing at 0:06. I died watching this video. I was buried by Gaben.

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