Laughter is the Best Medicine


Cemile, get out! (Picks stones from the ground, throws them into the open window) (Music) My fahter… He misses my mom… Uff… Don’t talk stupid Did you look at Osman? Sleeping… (Imitating) Sleeping… Marry! Let me have a day without care My one day! No, let’s be an hour-free One minute, carefree, one minute! Where did you get them? Did the surprise egg? Don’t make fun, Cemile… Don’t make fun!.. Don’t make fun Cemile What is she doing here with a wedding dress? She’s going to the funeral! Cemile, don’t be ridiculous! Did something happen? No, it didn’t Is something gonna happen? No… I just came… No offense… I see you when you have something or you will So I’m surprised Idiot… Idiot Ali! I feel suspicious, I don’t know what to do… Maybe you know something… I came to you in case you saw someone in the hotel You’re an idiot, Ali! So… Nihal is then… Who else… How should I know… You better know if you’re in love, Ali Captain (Imitating Caroline) What does it mean? What does ‘my dating’ mean? Oh mom…I can’t believe you … The girl you’re seeing is what you understand… So his grilfriend Golly! I’m too lagging behind Why is Jale coming with you? Up to the door… We hugged you and thought you were coming home. You exaggerated, mom… No one can replace you in my heart, mommy.. Go away…Smarmy Your place in my heart is special Our television is the best Has twelve channels! There is only one channel in the country alone Neriman… What are you gonna do with the remaining eleven channels? Cemile, the man is hitting on you, don’t you realize? Am I an idiot? You are idiot! Trouble, my other name is mommy Obtrusion! Really? Really… What are you laughing?.. What are you laughing at? You calm down now… You were just attacking (Imitating) Spit it out…Spit it out (Imitating) You tell… You tell… (She says something meaningless) Ottoro zottoro huh?.. Why are you waiting here?.. Didn’t I tell you to go in home? You didn’t say go in home… You said go home Go home! Thank you… For what?.. You know how I missed it? What? Husband and wife quarrel… Go, quarell with your wife then Silly… (Imitating) Silly… You come, Grandma Cemile It’s coming to your head now! Aren’t you glad, Cemile? You’re an idiot… Golly! Cemile… You’re an idiot. You’re all idiots… All men…

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