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Ocean’s 8 → Humor | “she must have the sun”

So at first I thought banks because you know- That’s where they have money. Exactly. It’s kind of boring so then I thought 10 banks? Then I realized that would be, maybe, coming from an angry place. Good you realized that. Yes. Nine Ball. What’s your real name? Eight Ball. I’m sorry, I don’t speak Ukrainian. Holy crap! You- you look- Recently incarcerated? The eskimos shove their elders out on an ice float. Just saying. Stop it. Stop it, it doesn’t help! Was there ever a time you two were alone while you were wearing the necklace? No. These are all Russians. They’re hackers. Are there no hackers who aren’t Russian? No, there’s barely any Russians who aren’t hackers. Can’t we just go to this? Do we have to steal stuff? Yes. Unhand the man. You’re sweating. Yeah- loo- I sweat. Don’t. Why are you doing this? I don’t have that many close female friendships. And book clubs are the worst so I just thought, y’know… could be something fun to share. That would have to be a much longer discussion. Uh….yeaahhhh. I- I- I don’t- I don’t have a metro card. You don’t have a metro card? I don’t have a metro card. What are you, a tourist? You said she was a relic. I meant iconic. So you can go ahead and just- add them to your list. What list? That list. That’s not a list. You’re becoming a criminal because you’re lonely? Who isn’t sometimes, right? You poor thing. No I must- I must- I must have the sun. She must have the sun. Are you journalists? Absolutely not. God, no. And we’re following the queen. Where that bitch at? This is the Met Gayla after all. Gala. Met Gala. Is- Gala. Gala. It’s a Gala. Yeah. Okay. Yeah… That your brother? Mm-hmm. He’s hot. You sure he’s dead, or? No. I’m old. And I’m going to prison. And then I’m going to be really, really poor. The Ego has landed. Oh My God- Taylor Swift! You’re so white. Some days I love my job. I love my job too. So these are the crown jewels from eight royal families of Europe. That’s probably why there’s mote. How do you explain all this to your husband? eBay. Oui. We realized a few days ago that Miss Kluger- was not a total freaking idiot? Now, it’s a New York State law that no cameras can be mounted in a public bathroom. Apparently it’s a privacy violation. Unless you’re into that. We steal 50 million dollars, I’ll buy everybody metro cards, how’s that? ‘Kay. Debbie, I’m with my family, I told you- I’m outside. What? I’m in your garage. Chilly. “Hi Daph, welcome to the team.” Let’s not all high five at once. He liked you back, he likes you too! What do- what happens now? What happens now? So, you can message him. Okay. And you can say, maybe like, the eggplant emoji or maybe the girl that does this. Somewhere out there is an 8-year-old girl, lying in bed, dreaming of being a criminal. Let’s do this for her.

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