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Octodad Funny Moments

Hey, buddy. Nice ass. BOW! You gotta be kidding me. Oh, you gotta be kidding me. Ohhh, you gotta be kidding me. You get back here, you bitch. You get back here, you bitch. You get back here, you bitch. YOU GET BACK HERE YOU BITCH! You…you’re gonna die tonight. You, and your taut chest and your… Lovely butt You look good sailor! SMACK! Good Job Let’s go. Oh what’s that over there! ♫(rock music)♫ Ahh kids? Aren’t you a little concerned about this? PUT YOUR ARMS IN THE AIR! WAVE EM LIKE YOU JUST DUN CARE! ♫(dancy music)♫ Captain on deck! All Hail…. Nice ass there, ooh nice face too… How ’bout you, do you have a taut buttocks? SMMACK! Good job. UUrrrrrr kay.. Normal human… Ohh God… Normal human… Normal everyday human!! Ooohh! Normal! Normal! Normal! Normal! I’M NORMAL! I’M NORMAL!! Sorry I’m normal! (roaring) Normal! Normal!! NORMAL! I do not want! To grope this shark can! [Erotic Music] Puuurrrrr… Fe-EGH! OOHH NO! NURRH NOH NOH NOH NOH NOH!! NO NO! Just a normal… Human being… Grinding on… Shark tank…. Errgh.. Oh No… Ooh No! Oh no… Oh no…. NO!! NOOO!……… [LAUGHS EXCITEDLY] [INDECIPHERABLE BLUBBERING] [MARK LAUGHS] I just BEANED my kid in the back of the head with a gallon of milk.. perfectly normal dad stuff! I know you have camouflage, but I didn’t know it was THAT good! (Mark’s evil laugh) ♫(dramatic funeral music)♫ “Would you care for a dance?” [INDECIPHERABLE BLUBBERING] I’m gonna lose my MIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNND! Did I wanna go over there? DID I WANNA GO OVER THERE? How about NO? Raise arm! Raise arm! NOOOO F@% F$£µù% F$£µù% F$£µù% Come.. COME on!! YOUMOTHERF—– GRAAAAAB IT! MOOOOVE IT!! Okay, thank you for doin’ that Pump it up!… oh yeah! You like how I puuump it baby? You like how I puuump this fish?! Uahhhh ~~ F#%§$&~~ If I could juuuuuuust get up heeere F…@@@ $3%%^ JUST PULL IT! ♫(drums)♫ Oh get the damn fruit! NO!!!!!!!!! Rewind! That never happened!Rewinding soundsHey yeah! This is definitely the first time I ever did this one GA! @#%^^#@ FA!!!!!!!! #[email protected]$ GET BACK! NOOOO!!!!!!!! NO!!! I… We go NO!!!!!!!! And.. there we go. NOOOOO!!!!!! Alright NO!!! Muna-(Gibberish) AH!!! AH!! It’s ok! Think of the Kittens! Think of the Kittens! Just think of the Kittens! Keep the kittens in mind! It’s gonna be ok! Think of the kittens! Think of the kittens! Ok! NO!!!!!!!! Whoa! Whoa! Aren’t you something? AH!!!!!! NO!!!!! FA! $#@

100 thoughts on “Octodad Funny Moments

  1. I love this and always come back. At the time I remember watching a video he put out after the series and he had no voice since he had screamed his voice away.


    (I heard that in Alex Spider’s videos!)

  3. i wonder how many times mark said FAAAAAAAAAA during the entire playthrough XD edit: or any swear word in general XD

  4. i dont know why but all of a sudden i starting thinking of mark yelling at a stupid af prostitute when he screams just pull it and it has made it 1000000X funnier then it already was lmfao XD

  5. Mark is a great dad he bought his son and daughter everything they asked for from the store and he stole a pair of sunglasses while he was at it

  6. Come to my brothers YouTube channel he is trying to earn money so he can get a cumputer to make his videos better and get more views he played on Xbox1 he recordes Fortnite and reacking vids it is cold Hayden’s game show him some love plz 😊😊😃😀🙁😯

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