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Offensive costume or not? – Girls Comedy (S1 E1)

Yo man, she’s late again! I really need to pee! You could’ve gone at home. Have you ever tried peeing with overalls? Let’s just go in. TADAAA! Ninmen hao! Right? Right? Right?! You’re kidding right? Your costume is so offensive. What do you mean? I’m a Chinese girl! You can’t It’s cultural appropriation! It’s borderline racist! I don’t know what cultural proposition is, but something is off. I mean you’re a cowboy, maybe I find it offensive as a white person. I dont’ think that’s how it works. And you’re what? a rapper? Yeah! I mean that is stealing from African-American culture. She’s Asian, it’s fine between minorities. I’m not Asian. Plus, she asked for my permission and I said yes. Oh my god I stole the Minions’ culture! I’m a terrible person. I have to go. Use the key!

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