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Oh No, This Restaurant Is Too Fancy

(lively techno music) – Hi.
– Hi! – Hey.
– Hey! – How you doing?
– Good. – [Woman] Oh, have you
been in this place before? – No, but it’s close to my office. The menu looks good online. – Good evening, welcome to Une Vert Debe. Do you have a reservation? – No.
– Hmm. Okay, I’m not sure we
have room for walk-ins, but let me check. (soft piano music)
(electronic whooshing) When you walk in here
and you act sorta like– – It’s only 5:30.
– I know. (sudden gasps)
Oh no. Are we at a– – Way too fancy restaurant?
– Way too fancy restaurant? (ominous music) – Okay, hey, we can just go. – Yeah, okay.
– Aha! I found a table that can
accommodate the two of you. If you left now, it would reflect poorly. – Huh?
– Huh? – I said that your table’s just on your left, follow me. (ominous music)
– Okay. You can move it, okay. – Yeah, okay. Maybe this place isn’t that fancy. – Here’s our wine list. Good evening ladies. My name is Hozier. I’ll be your server. Tonight’s house specials are a sauvignon of regiis caviar- (muted distant talking) Is filled with watercress pinot. – Sorry what was that last one? – Oh it was a fleur–
(distant muffled talking) Over roasted–
(distant muffled talking) (loud electronic static beeping) – That sounds delicious,
but I think we’re good. – Yeah, we’re good. – Can I get you started
with anything to drink? – Oh.
– Just water? – Water.
– Sparkling or still? – Excuse me?
– Sparkling or still? Sparkling or still?
– Tap? – Yeah.
– Of course. I’ll be right back with your waters. – Shoot, tap isn’t even
one of the options. – Hey did you take a look at the menu, there’s a $100 fixed menu. A $200 tasting menu and the apps are $30! – Crap, I think I was looking
at the lunch menu online. – Would you ladies like
anything else to drink? – Yeah maybe…
– Excellent. – Good evening ladies. – Oh my god! – My name is Fjord, I’m the sommelier here at Une Vert Debe. – You just appeared.
– Yeah. – Like a ghost. – I’m so sorry to alarm. We have a series of hand
signals that we use here in the dining room to insure
that all of our guests are always attended to. And that they have to heavily tip us. – Huh?
– So that our guests are always attended to. And they have a heavenly visit. – Oh.
– Oh, okay. – Now for a wine, what sort of flavor profile are you looking for? – Dry?
– Okay. Do you prefer an earthier
or maybe a fruitier profile? (peaceful classic music) – Earthy.
– Wonderful. Well then I would highly recommended one of the Chateau Beaucastels, for the barn yard aromas. – Okay and the Chateau Beau– – Beaucastels.
– From 2012? – Oh $2,012 is actually the price of that wine madame. – Oh my God. And I see that you don’t have glasses, it’s only by the bottle.
– That’s correct. – We will just do a cocktail.
– Yes! – A cocktail.
– A cocktail. – A cocktail for you ladies? – Okay, yeah. Yes, yes, okay. Just a quick question
about the ingredients, what is mandrin ado? – That is an herbal liqueur from Italy. – Then what is the nocino? – That is an herbal liqueur from Italy. – So the omergreena is the same? – No, that is an herbal
liqueur from Portugal. – Yeah of course it is. I will take that. – Excellent choice. – I don’t like that.
– Wow. – Thank you! – I’ll say, impressive. – And I’ll leave you two with the menus. – I feel like since we’ve got here we’ve not had a moment to ourselves. – We haven’t, this fancy
restaurant is exhausting. – Complimentary bread for the table. – Oh okay good. Finally something we can eat. Don’t mind if I do. – Yum.
– Yes here we go. Stop, no, okay! – I’m fine, you know
what, I didn’t eat mine. – Okay, I am officially more stressed out being here than I would be
if we just left right now. – Yeah, I don’t want to touch anything. Let’s just go. Let’s just get the check. – Yes, okay, the check. – Here is your check. – Why do you keep doing that!
– Shut up, shut up. – Every table has voice recognition that gives us a shock to the neck every time a key word is muttered. Your bill comes out to $52.02. – Huh?
– Huh? – You heard me correct this time. That’ll be $52.02. – No, no, no. Lily, c’mon, Lily! Let’s go, come on, Lily. – Hashtag, get your lob on. (hearty laughing) – It’s a whole–
(hearty laughing) (ominous music)
(hearty laughing) – Hey it’s Lily! If you like college humor
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  2. I did this once and the worst part was I was ALONE! Have you ever accidentally gone to a fancy restaurant by yourself in a tie dye tee shirt and sweatpants only to realize the place is WAY too high end for you but being too awkward to leave? It's the worst, i wanted to crawl in a hole and never come out.

  3. this has happened to me before and it was the most stressful thing ever. we planned on going to a pub and dressed in shorts and tshirts, got to the place and thought it was weird that everyone was dressed super nice. the waiter came by and started listing out a bunch of fancy specials we couldnt understand. we couldnt understand anything in the menu because it was all in italian and the lowest price was like $120 at that point we just left lol

  4. So are we just ignoring the fire-extinguisher that's not in the kitchen and the cafeteria style stools? Yup? O…Okay

  5. Once ordered cups of coffee and a slice of orange dark chocolate cake slices each with a buddy of mine at this bourgeoisie cafe we came across. Without checking prices first. Big mistake. Had to ask which currency the bill was in. Even after waiter confirmed dollars we still had to make sure he meant actual Benjamins.

  6. Holy shit, this is actually too relatable😂This same thing happened to my friend and me when we were craving Italian while just driving around LA for fun. We caved and I ended up spending like $70 on literally like 3 small strips of steak and some tiny green lasagna. Food was absolutely amazing, but damn did the bill hit like a truck lol

  7. I once went to a fancy Italian restaurant.
    They write ingredients of dishes in their menu instead of a simple name of the Pizza.
    I appreciate dominos a lot now😆

  8. Uhh….. I did this at a Brazilian restaurant once. We could afford it fortunately, but we were dressed as slobs and only stopped in because it was across the street from the place we had planned to eat. It was embarrassing, but it is now one of our favorite places to ear and we go a few times a year. Hopefully they didn’t recognize us the second time. I’m too chicken to ask.

  9. I'm not American. And I hate some habits that are common in most restaurants. 1) Forced tip. I understand that waiters get their money mostly from tips. But I like when they are paid salaries, that are their main income. So if they are outsanding then you tip then because you want to, not because that their salary. Think about that, when you see the prices on the menu they don't include tips or taxes. In the end everything cost 25% more and our ape brains can't deal with that.
    2) Forced checks. When you order a beer and they bring the check, every time you order something. It makes checking out quicker, but if you stay chatting after your meal, they basically kick you off.
    3) "Something to drink?". I just get into a place, even didn't looked into the menu, and they already ask it. Hold on! If they do that I may order a soda or something, but if I have looked into the menu I may order a beer or a wine!

    Those things look so rude to me that even I'm an experienced traveler, but I still get very annoyed by them.

  10. It’s even worse when you are already seated, and you open the menu after they served bread… then your heart sinks as you see the prices.

    And 5 minutes later, the place fills up with people in suits and dresses while you are wearing shorts and a t-shirt…

    Been there, done that, and now I suffer from PTSD

  11. This sketch was too real, it honest to god set off my anxiety, so cudos to the writers! Sorry I couldn't finish it XD

  12. I dont understand, just say you think this is a bit too expensive and leave… when you stay and order water then drinks, you're only digging yourself deeper. I mean ideally you could just say you changed your mind before you were shown to the table, changing your mind is allowed

  13. I recently went to Apropoe's in Baltimore, MD. It wasn't quite this fancy, but I was out of sorts to be at such a fancy restaurant. The BLT was $12.
    It was pretty good at least.

  14. “I’ll have the wine from 2012”
    “No actually that wine is $2012”
    “…and I see here that you only sell wine in bottles”

  15. Fancy restaurant food always suck, they just bring any foreign dish that no one knows about and the people who go their are one of the most annoying people out there.

  16. As an introvert those waitors terrify me. They are so great at their jobs though! Even if they're being shocked for the utmost catering 😂😂😂

  17. You should do a second part to this where a person accustom to fine dining gets invited out to a restaurant like applesleez

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