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Olympic Champions React to MEN DOING WOMENS GYMNASTICS | Funny

– ‘kay this is like
depressing watching this. Because these are like
skills that I could never do. I’m at a loss. – He’s better than– – [Both] Oh my god! Oh! – That was actually
something of that was insane. – [Shawn] That was insane. – [Nastia] Oh my god, yeah. (upbeat music) – Hey everybody welcome back
to our channel, I’m Shawn. – I’m Nastia. – And this is men do women’s gymnastics which I feel like we’re
going to be humbled because I’m guessing they can do it better than us but, I don’t know, I hope not. – Not too bad, is it? – Can you edit this video super choppy like his?
– Yeah. – It keeps all the dead
space away, I like it. – [Nastia] This is Men
Doing Women’s Gymnastics by Sports Everywhere. – ‘Kay, here we go. (clicking) This is Simone’s routine. He’s doing Simone’s routine. – What? Oh my gosh. – [Coach] Come on! – The Biles, oh. – Didn’t do the Biles.
– Okay, that’s okay. – Casual double layout, I mean. – [Andrew] Who can do the Biles? – Biles. – Simone Biles. – [Andrew] That’s it? – No, I saw, was it Levy, Don on Instagram the other day? I feel like I just saw her do it? – What is this? – Wolf turns you guys I just can’t. I hate wolf turns – My knees, my knees would break in half – They’re just so ugly! – [Andrew] Oh you don’t like them? – No, I go on and on about them every single time we’re on air I just. – Wait, this is a man doing Simone Biles’ entire dance routine and routine. This is amazing. – Oh, oh. – Oh god. – Oh my gosh. – He’s still going. Holy crap! – Wait what the heck? (laughing) – Nice save. (gasping) What? – Who are you? – Is that a wider beam? – Oh my god stop. Okay that’s like the one. – You just did an aerial.
– Skill I always wanted to do. A side aerial back layout
and I could never do it. – That was. – Who are you guys? Like this is insane. – Why are you competing
in women’s gymnastics? – I couldn’t do a back flip on the beam. – What is this? – [Both] Oh! – Casual cartwheel. – It’s the same guy! – Shaposh. – Oh my gosh, seriously? – Stop. – Shaposh half! I couldn’t do that. – ‘kay this is like
depressing watching this because these are like
skills that I could never do. What? – It’s just three in a row, casual. What’re you gonna do now, Shaposh full? – What you got, bruh? – [Andrew] What’s a shaposh? – Wow. – That’s crazy. – I mean we could work
on the form a little bit. (gasping) – Oh my gosh! (laughing) Was not expecting that. What was that? I just missed the very end of it. – A fail. His–
– I. – Okay. – How, he’s so flexible. – What? What? Oh. – I, I’m at a loss. – He’s better than– – [Both] Oh my god. (laughing) – What? Wait a minute. That was like my dream connection, a Nodie front aerial side flip, I did it when I was 10 and then I grew and I couldn’t fit it on the beam. You’re all the way to five-two. (gasping) Ouch. – Oh don’t slow-mo it. (shrieking) Oh gosh. – Ouch.
– Oh. – Okay, you got it. (exhaling) That’s why I didn’t really
want to ever do a Shaposh. – Oh, okay. (gasping) – What. – I just snapped my groin in half. Is that a thing anymore? – No, because look how close the bars are. – Oh my god! – No. No, no, no, no, no. (yelling) I’m sweating. – No. – No. How is a man doing this? – Whoa. How is this, oh my god. – [Both] Oh my gosh. – [Shawn] No, oh okay. (gasping) – Whoa, oh my god. Okay, wow. That was Nadia’s routine I think maybe. Maybe not, I don’t know. – Who’s routine is this now? (upbeat music) – This is Alicia. No it’s not.
– No. – Can’t quite hear the music. – Casual. Laurie Hernandez. – Laurie. – I love Laurie’s routine. – Me too, it was so good. (murmuring) Wow.
– Okay. Better splits than I have, well, I mean. – This is crazy.
– Anybody could do that. Anybody could have better splits than me. – That ain’t true. (laughing) I mean that’s like a very great layout. That’s so impressive.
– Oh my gosh. Oh gosh.
– Oh no, oh no. – Why is it slow mo? – This guy’s dabbing. – Triple? – No, just a beautiful Arabian double front into a split jump. – Okay, that’s just like not fair. What like. – [Woman] Yes honey. – I did a single. – I can’t. – Are you.
– Done. – Kidding me. I’m glad these men didn’t
compete in our day against us. I don’t know if that was, are you kidding? – Cas. Oh my god this is so good,
watch this, I’ve seen this. This is insane. – Holy beautiful. – Kenzo he’s like, like how? – Beautiful. – I don’t get it. – I wish, I mean. – Triple turn, no biggie. – Didn’t you do a triple? – Mm, no. (laughing) I mean like on the low beam. – Oh my gosh. Okay, Chellsie Memmel. – I’ve always tried to do that. Watch this. (cheering) What? – I can barely do a full split let alone grab my leg. – Oh you should have done that. Switch leap to a back full. – What was that thing where–
– I mean not, what? – What, okay. – Switch leap to back
full I don’t even know. – I worked sheep jump back full. – Sheep, you did a sheep jump? – I did a sheep jump. – Whoa! – My back is the only
flexible thing about me. (laughing) – Wait not at the Olympics though right? – No, no, I just worked it. Come on man, they’re
making us all look bad. – Yeah, I don’t. – Especially you, okay. – Wow. – That’s a wide beam. – I was just about to say he
needed a little help there. Oh gosh. – He’s concentrating too hard. – I mean, that’s a lot though. – That was–
– That was perfect. – Very nice. – My toes would always get
caught on those back turns. (laughing) – Yeah.
– Like my pinky toe! – I broke my pinky toe doing that. – I hated when those became like a thing. – Oh he’s wearing a leotard. He’s wearing a multicolored leotard. (gasping) – He did it. (laughing) – Okay. – That was in my routine. (laughing) – That can’t be comfortable. Okay, okay. He looks nervous. – Yeah very. A little timid. (laughing) Cute. Point your toes bruh. – Oh, that was rough. Oh, oh. (laughing) Okay.
– That was insane. – That was. – Crazy. – Humbling. – Yeah. – Very humbling. Because a lot of them did gymnastics, our own gymnastics.
– That we couldn’t do – Better than we did. – That’s like, that’s wrong. – That is men do women’s gymnastics which as you can see they do it better than us. – Crazy. – There you go. (laughing) Thank you guys for watching. If you have any other challenges
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