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once upon a time || season 3a || part 1 [humor]

your magic doesn’t exactly have a gentle touch Regina use it on the map it might blow up in all our faces that’s a risk I’m willing to take I’m in the story yeah they made a movie about you it’s actually pretty good what’s a movie sadly I agree with the pirate I know he doesn’t like apples it’s a family thing this nature hike was for nothing hello Rumplestiltskin my apologies go ahead you don’t want to see ID who’d claim to be that it wasn’t Hansen it had to be me you got that from scribbles name your spell was wrong Regina yes blame me again swamp what are you gay I care because I’ve been camping with the Charming’s for a week and getting nowhere maybe you didn’t notice the sign no shirt no shoes no service but maybe it’s a tiny colander yes because preteen Baelfire probably made lots of pasta I suggest we go this way we’ll go this way but now you got a dress code but I seem to recall some movie outfits for ceiling this is a waste of time this kingdom doesn’t belong to hurt belongs to us who is ready to stand beside man fight for what’s rightfully ours we don’t have any kings in Neverland just me that’s funny did I forget to introduce myself I’m Peter Peter Pan you’ve got fire my fire I think we’re gonna handle a few children with pointy sticks did you really think you could hide the oh yeah sure yes I’m now the sheriff of Storybrooke that election was a sham okay I’m complaining I thought we decided that using magic was a bad idea for once I agree with the prince I told you about getting along do you think a lost boy is gonna put a bad thanks for the advice I can feel the smugness any luck with the map don’t hold your breath but that’s us to me think of Macy’s finally starting to see me for the man I am what a 100 part with a drinking problem you can’t see the future here is such a pathetic waste of ability and you’re a monster smell what without a threat and here I made you your favorite breakfast smoke well if you ain’t to eat then right well my happy ending looks like snows head on a plane no give it to me guys we don’t have time for this I wouldn’t give for another sleeping curse you

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