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once upon a time || season 5a [humor]

you with the mop will help a patient with a mop loves to talk and I hear that you have very watery tearing up that little girl’s hard to break your son’s kudos I get antsy when I don’t know who I should hate your answer tation missin pieces yeah sound like she wrote off on a unicorn she got sucked up by a vortex of evil Mary Margaret any tale of guard duty oh I think I lied Oh cat that’s a nun you pregnant if that good lord this is lesson being myself thank God I’m absolutely famished anything this one seems to want at the Lotus please one rings excuse to ask your girlfriend out on a date girlfriend what girlfriend she’s not my girlfriend it’s not your girlfriend I think a dance is exactly what we need Henry this girlfriend this house I’m pretty willing to listen so tell me what kind of trouble to get into a few moments later now you sure was her Gina Roby come on in I thought you’re gonna use the singing shake are you forgetting I’ve got magic I can just proof into Arthur’s bedroom what well if you’re going to make a scene he might as well make noise Henry my god he’s growing up so fast sometimes I can hardly OD they need another doctor in this town what’s not the dye job also so Emma changes her hair no one makes fun but I get ridiculed no come on you know you like what you know would you mind please giving us a minute didn’t I kill you the last time I was here no you just threw me across the room I hope that doesn’t happen again this time a few moments later Kelly hunter pistachio you’re lucky you’re not locked in granny’s freezer it’s a little scary oh my god I just realized it all for you guys like a baby name it’s a picture from up inside Zelena well mate no no a baby buy more of a kick first ask questions later kind of love I’m afraid one of us is gonna have to dig down deep and find the courage to see what happens over that line I did not it no don’t be

31 thoughts on “once upon a time || season 5a [humor]

  1. Amazing video – i loved every moment,except Hook and Robins and especially Zelenas moments – shes so hilarious! Love your video ! <3

  2. OMG!!!!! This is my new favorite video of all time!!! I loved the music, emojis, cut scenes( as in "a few moments later.."), and the "???????" over the characters heads. It was sooooooooo funny!!!!!! My favorite part was Merlin's ":)"!!!!! I need more of this for the next half season when it comes out in the future!!!!!!!

  3. Season 5A is my favourite season of OUaT, thank you so much for making this beautiful humor video about it ! 🙂 Really, I laughed so much !

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