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One line amateur comic Michael Wells telling offensive jokes

Oh cause you'll be there but now you know you have nothing that shooter based [Applause] on Thursday all nature play on Friday shower on Saturday admit of any fucking weed name is Mike on the French call me Michael I'm not talking delicious follow that she's a classy or three introduce all different races to an area native Christmas looks like her valves on she retail version of joy in the world only friends with benefits but what I really want is friends mental benefits I'll pop you better get down for 1k out of this they say on your bottom so she is my dad in the wheelchair coordination skills and educate our industry and that's unpredictable sword fighters dolkar's weird don't first one card you have forever these shitty life situations but it down invading homeless and sessions shirtless bore net that may be booming for sunday toddler when she and she deserves a beating all got messy because you got left maybe pretty petty haunted it's impossible not to draw an anorexic stick to hear the water remain on them fingers toes her hair ok you can't play the keyboard have a normal sense of house and it's going through chemotherapy you're bailing on a flick on the same way again that is my tensions as kids and they all have Louise not real donate attention with a la composes phrase chat at bookie with literally out of this world and she's for Jeb JEB you off any number waiver my god oh my god this is locked out the White House is bearded the philosophical studies NASCAR [Applause] favorite alcohol enters driving around the circle for three hours for the king of beers really is I'm not a religious person by you take LSD right inquiry five healthy literally slowly O's with a scary shitty person but so in this series is oh yeah I'm not so weak I'm gonna be in rock paper scissors I have one strategy I play people no hands I always throw up and then grade this bum be bombs are great a mother owned sidewalks and there is present in college again streams that SPL sweet seven person with the penis popping attention my job self-worth that people with a lot of time at work not helping anyone which is still I'm a competitive person I want to try heroin to see if I can mediate I just want to do in heroin and I can't stop because the fucking Harold joke I have ever read I'm a competitive person I want to try heroin I do inheritance joke I've ever ridden already calves in April that business is here comes you ready or to kill myself on the inside I like to do one-liners to make of us cocaine into 17 comics my parole officer yo-yo stimulates the further condition a long-term abusive relationship not only throw it around always come back here the changes the 808 one of the world what I'll fuck you Paul Ford assaulting your jokes dressed now or what if you tell them s information I know the Batman symbol so I never learned how to write shit y'all really better have it because Kevin's infinity for just like my father if you think about it everybody to be fun participation trophy it's called a tombstone Polly kids are miscible cocaine trouble as a really bad yeah he just needs a blind person can rely on that you need my imaginary friend uncomfortable the Nazis for my song I see a roommate have an imaginary friend straight system off to show up and kill the time on / fuck your own that wasn't imaginary friends you're probably going this year we're just candles hit keep being a people person along so I take it you're only 18 up a little bit she uses mentally physically exhausting for my friends and family there they like during hard times for a welcome Tina Herbert is on July 14th when the zodiac sign is I'm a cancer survivor [Applause] on the data wheel for a little bit I was very many cops do things Leah woman woman fuck all right there's always all my dreams as a puppet dreams so here were the first raindrops to date all blame social acceptance I quit not all but I'm here to stay and we're customer service people have a rock music look they same yet with their head really incredibly evil Parkinson's always look like they're saying no that's our name is great let's show our hands – puppies you're in sign language now it is all synchronized top oh yes

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  2. Hard to understand what you say. I like your style though from what I could hear. We need more comedians like you…or for you to get more popular!

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